90 Day Challenge – Half Way Mark

Today marks our 45 days on the 90 day plan. First half – done & dusted. It seemed so far away when we started back on the 15th January. Time flies anyway, it is how we use the time we are given. And, I really made sure I wasted none this year in efforts to get in shape. First two months of the year are probably the toughest for us as a family because we have four family birthdays in a space of less than six weeks. And, yet, both my husband and I celebrated all of them in style and cruised through it without a cake, simple carbs or alcohol whilst allowing everyone else, right before our eyes, to enjoy themselves with all the food and drinks that were not on our plan. I think we surprised ourselves even. Where was this resolve last year? I do not know, but, I certainly found it this year.

My mother, who fasts each year, has always told me about how good she feels mentally and spiritually doing it and going through the disciplines of cleanse and abstaining from food, drinks, anger and all the habits that were accumulated during the year, teaching her and millions others who commit to fasting during the month of Ramadan discipline and self-control; it is a time of spiritual reflection and improvement. Well, I have not understood it until now. This has not been nowhere as hard because eating 6-7 times a day is not exactly fasting (thankfully), but for the first time in my life I have persisted in abstaining from adding salt to foods as well as most forms of sugar/ carbohydrates (which includes at least 60% of the foods that people eat every single day: think cereals, potato, rice, pasta, bread, alcohol, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, salted nuts, crisps, all fruits (not that they are bad for us at all) except berries, juices, etc). I had to turn to doing more personal development more than ever to keep myself strong and anchored, especially on social occasions. It is so easy to just want to fit in. This time, I found it surprisingly easy. And, the more I did it, easier it got.

Everything I did so far, made me rethink the way I support my clients. This has been an eye opener. Actually walking in their shoes and realising how much effort one needs to go through and challenges that can be thrown in on the way made me realise that whilst we may have the best tools and mechanics for helping them get into the best shape of their life (in terms of meal plans, 1-2-1 support, supplements and education), most of the work that needs to happen is the work that we work on in isolation, on our psychology, our mindset. Sometimes it is as easy as making a decision, but sometimes, it is a whole journey getting just to the point of making that decision and acting on it.

There has been a lot of reflection past 45 days and I really believe to be a better person for the whole experience to date. My husband is too. I can not even begin to explain how proud I am of him. He is strong because this takes strength. He stopped smoking too. He is taking sometimes 4 meals from home when he has long days. He wants to stick with it. For himself. Not me. Because he feels good. This shows the character strength and this has been the most important lesson I learnt about us. He has not been able to follow all the exercises and, apart from shifting body fat, whilst keeping lean muscle, he is yet to build more muscle, but he will get there.

So, here we are… half way though it. I learnt that preparation is a mother of success. I have new habits that are life (and health) changing. I have a belief that I am strong and I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I learnt that change starts from changing one’s mindset and through inspiration, taking an inspired action. I even have a bit of six-pack just slightly showing, which made me ecstatic although it really has not been the reason for doing it in the first place. What means more to me is that I am now a better coach as a result. I became a better story-teller inspiring my clients to find the power within them to achieve their wellness goals. I understand their challenges now. I really do. I can help them cross the bridge from a lapse to making a progress. Finding the fire within them.

Here is to a final 45 days. Although, this journey is not finishing for me. I will be re-doing 90 day challenge again in May this year after my well deserved trip to Washington, USA, in April when I am visiting my very best friend and meeting clients, most of whom I have never met to date, but who I already regard as friends as we have worked for one to even three years together on ther results. Who knows, maybe some may join me too in the next wave. I am working hard on myself because it was the incredible results of other coaches that inspired me to join. So, I hope to be someone else’s inspiration. I want to stay engaged and I hope even some of my very own clients will join me too.

So, if you, the reader, are someone who is keen to get involved, contact me or feel free to fill in the form to get in touch:


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