90 Day Challenge That Can Change Your Life & Health Forever!


For those who wish to get the best possible results in the shortest period of time – The Six Pack Revolution 90 Day Challenge is the way to go! It is a nutrition and exercise programme that has been finely tuned by the experts in both fields so you get the best possible results one could get in just 90 days. Many participants who have a long journey ahead of them keep repeating challenges until they get to their goal. Those who decide to embark on this journey are given daily nutrition programme that includes set meals and recipes throughout 90 days as well as an exercise programme to follow for the duration of 90 days. Exercise programme includes daily and weekly challenges that intensify with each week and help build strength and stamina. You go with your own pace and the only competition you are against is yourself.


Throughout the challenge, you would be given lots of advice on how to live a healthy life that will serve you and your family well beyond just 90 days. There is an online closed support group (facebook) that you would be assigned to, which would give you further support and motivation each day. There you will meet other participants on the same mission as you and you would encourage and support each other throughout the challenge. I have seen some great friendships come out of this. Each support group assignes coaches that are also there to answer any questions you may have.


Now, this all sounds great, but rest assured, The Six Pack Revolution 90 Day Challenge is a strict programme for 7 days a week for the whole duration of 90 days. Many participants with already existing healthy habits can find it challenging as clean eating is taken to another level. Those with bad habits may experience withdrawals from sugar and other additives body has been used to. But, all that is for a great cause. Every single day will be planned out for you, you just need to make sure you stick to the plan and plan ahead your meals and exercise. You will know exactly what you are doing and eating each day for weeks in advance so that you can work your diary. And, if you stick to the plan as it was designed – you will achieve an incredible results and gain a lot more than just a six pack, if that is what you desire. The Six Pack revolution is truly a mental challenge too, it is a personal development journey as well as a body and health transformation.


  • Nutrition Plans
  • Exercise Plans
  • Instructional Videos
  • Health & fitness knowledge and guidance
  • Personal development
  • Live inspirational videos
  • Incredible daily support from coaches, fellow participants and new friends
  • All of the above for the Special Early Bird Price, if you get in early) of £99 or a regular price £129

So, having done it myself three times, I offer my clients 4 Week Fit & Healthy Challenge as a Pre-Challenge to 90 Days, so you can have a taste of what it might look like before joining as 90 Days can be a long time.

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“My motivation is my goal and my results. I have already come a long way in the past 10 weeks and I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal so this is not a 90 day fix for me but a long term commitment to get back into good shape and better health as per my pre-pregnancy… My son is now 10 1/2 years old and all this time I have really struggled losing my baby weight although I was careful with my food intake and was on 2 Herbalife shakes most days… However, it would appear I was actually not eating enough and my body was refusing to shift any fat and instead of storing anything I was eating. I have tried lots of different diets over the years and the SPR programme is by far the best and easiest thing I have ever done. I am so glad I have decided to join and I can’t wait to register again for the September wave but one thing is certain, I shall carry on with the food plan after day 90 and until my holidays in August.
Thank you so much to all my fellow participants, coaches and of course Scott for putting this programme together, it has changed my life for the better, much better in fact.
And the weight and shape are not the only positive results so far… I also sleep better (no more insomnia since starting the programme), feel much better in my body and head, I have had no cravings, never felt hungry and I have not suffered from my usual monthly migraine since March! I feel like a NEW person! “, Karine, London


Below are results of some of our fellow participants who are also my colleagues health coaches and I am super proud of them as much as I am of myself and all other participants .