Brand new to Herbalife Nutrition or considering it? Here is what you need to know…

Thousands people every day start or are planning to start some new diet. Some choose Herbalife Nutrition. I don’t know about you, but, majority of my clients start because they were inspired by a friend, relative or colleague who had great results and can not stop talking about it and they wanted to give it a try. So, we meet up, or have a chat over the phone, start a 3-6 Dat Nutrition Trial most times and then on to a fully personalised plan with regular coaching and follow-up. I know there are many questions at this stage and a lot to take in although it is all made really simple to follow, so, I hope the following might help as it comes from personal experience as well as experience of many existing clients.

It is not a diet. It is a way of life. Start as you mean to go on.

This is the first thing I try to get everyone to get their heads around. Diet is derived from a Greek work “Dieta” which means “a way of life”. This says it all. This is what it needs to be. Diet, the way we perceive it, has a shelf life and going on a diet just to lose weight for many people actually means doing some plan (sometimes even resorting to crash dieting) to reduce weight, so no wonder weight goes back on for most people, and sometimes even more that what was lost, because a lot of times we lose our lean muscle that effects your metabolism directly. We also fail to ask ourselves “What happens next?” “What do I do when I lose weight?”, “How do I maintain?” and so on… We can not go back to old eating habits that created problem in the first place, this needs to be a lifestyle change from the root if you want long-term results.

Herbalife Nutrition is a balanced way to lose or maintain (or even gain) weight as it is personalised for everyone’s body composition to ensure optimum nutrition in terms of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. While losing weight, your nutrition will not be compromised. You will not starve, you will not lose lean muscle as you do when you do traditional dieting. We do not focus on weight – but body composition. We care what weight loss consists of and losing fat alone is the name of the game. Because protein and nutrients are personalised – you will not be hungry despite the fact that you will have an opinion in the beginning that you will starve. You will eat more than you ever have eaten. With body getting more nutrition, energy normally goes up and you will feel the benefits on many level within a week. If you follow the plan.

This is not High Protein Diet. This is a balanced nutrition plan. Protein we drum about a lot, but it is personalised to your body needs so it is optimal and in balance with other macro and micro nutrients. We support balance of plant and animal protein as too much animal protein causes other issues. There is undeniable science proving that plant protein, especially from sources such as soya (our one is GMO free) that is complete protein (unlike proteins in plants that are not complete) with protein quality rating that is equal to the ratings for egg or cow’s milk, but even more digestible, making it the best source.

There is no magic bullet. Again, if you follow the plan – results will happen. It is not just Herbalife Nutrition – it is what you do and eat the whole day. Try not to reinvent the wheel on your own, especially not at the very start. Your plan, they way it is, with all the products including supplements, was created for a reason. Yes, you do need to eat 5-6 meals a day and take supplements drink water, increase your activity, get optimum sleep… The moment you try to skip a snack, as an example, in order to lose more weight – system breaks down – you lose muscle or there is no weight loss. Truth is, with skipping a snack – too many hours pass before each meal and science shows you will overeat on the next meal… Talk to your coach or me if I am your coach, if there are any challenges with certain foods, timings, hunger, etc. But, essentially, follow the plan and we will keep fine tuning it to fit your lifestyle.

Be prepared for trial and error. Be patient. Sometimes it all fits and I am amazed how well it works for someone from the word GO. Sometimes, we need to tweak it. Sometime because of existing lifestyle, work commitments, etc. Just be patient, Rome was not built-in a day, sometimes we need to keep assessing and tweaking so it works to your advantage considering various circumstances in your life. Work with your coach, they will bend backwards to find a solution. We do not judge you, we just activate and facilitate the process of a lifestyle change.

Measure it. Journal it. The best success rate is with those who journal their journey with foods and drinks they consume daily. We can then see exactly what is going on. Our 5 Day Eat Clean support groups are created on this accountability principle and is a great addition to journaling.

Commit to learning. Remain teachable. Going back to “don’t reinvent the wheel!” Check with your coach changes you wish to make before making them. Herbalife coaches offer education based support, use it. Knowledge is the king and our knowledge comes not from articles on the internet and various nutritional opinions, but directly from the world’s leading medical and nutritional experts who dedicate their life to pushing the boundaries of nutritional science, science that our products are based on and so are our plans and support. So, you may use Google, but check with us too.

Involve a family member or a friend to be your Challenge Partner. Those who reach success are usually those who are doing it together with a friend (s) or family member (s). Again, it is science that proved to us that having a support of a group will ensure your success is three times more likely. We have a support system, our advance support groups, that can be created around you and your accountability partners to help each and every one of you whilst you keep each other accountable. This by fat has proven to be the best addition to our support.

Develop immunity to the opinions of others. Sometimes we are so excited with starting on the plan and then someones gives us their opinion how this is a fad diet, how your arm might fall off or something and we give up on the opportunity to really change our life for better. If anyone challenges you and tells you things that question your decision to do this – check with me. I may be able to send you to credible nutrition and medical source rather than you looking though the Google Jungle of even more opinions. My aim is not to convince you, but to give you the tools to make up your own mind and make an educated decision, so don’t deny yourself that. Most will tell you it is full of sugar. Well each Herbalife shake contains under 10 grams of sugar, which is fructose found in fruit and considering apple has 10 grams and banana around 20 grams – well, of course our shakes are not full of sugar. So, please be strong and immune to the opinions of others and brave to have an open conversation with me instead for your own greater good.

“… Final advice, don’t listen to negative comments. Herbalife is easy and convenient. It is proper, balanced nutrition to help you achieve perfect nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it. You do this for YOU, no one else!”, Maida D, client from Washington, USA (read her full story)

Work with your coach. We do not charge for our time. You get that support when starting on Herbalife Nutrition plan, it is all built into the cost of products. We were never meant to offer the product that you take home and are then left with to figure things on your own. Work with us. Do not deny yourself a support that is yours to have so you can have better results. You need support, otherwise you would not seek solutions, but whilst products are the best you can get, they are not magic, there are too many variables for it to go wrong and not work in your favour. So, stay with us. Let’s work together. Two heads are always better than just one.

Don’t ever give up. As I said above – Rome was not built in a day. The only way to fail is to give up or never to start. So, be prepared for a journey of ups and downs… It is all very simple and you have your coach to support you, but it will not always be easy. Things that are easy are usually not worth it. Good health is earnt through learning to consistently make good choices. And developing good habits take time. So, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it. This is not a quick sprint, this is a long marathon. Are you ready for a ride?

Here is to you and your health!

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