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So, why go through a whole trouble of replacing food staple such as bread and putting, instead, grilled sliced aubergines or courgettes instead? Simple, bread makes me bloated, as it does quite a few people I know. Also, 1 slice of bread happens to be the recommended Government serving of carbs per mal, so, two slices needed for a sandwich just makes the whole meal go out of balance. Yes, even if you use wholemeal/ whole grain (and I hope you doo)… You see, any excess carbs will be stored as fat and anything more than one single slice will pretty much put majority of people in exactly that kind of scenario and we do not want that.

So, finding a way to enjoy sandwiches whilst being pretty smart about it, is quite cool and, as I found, even more delicious. Breadless sandwiches are a great way to enjoy your light dinner or lunch with a difference. Grilled aubergines and courgettes filled with egg omelette, tomato, spinach and feta cheese,are above pictured. I sometimes even put grilled chicken and vegetables. Absolutely delightful, balanced and delicious with added fibre and nutrients.

Alternatively, have an open sandwich, like the one pictured below. My option for that is usually rye bread. Or to avoid highly processed what bread – use spelt bread… still one slice if you want your meal well-balanced. I wont apologise for this advice, you may actually thank me for it 🙂 as it may revolutionise your weight management efforts. You are welcome.


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  1. […] am a firm believer we need to eat more aubergines, I absolutely love this veg. Grilled Aubergine sandwich or a Baked Aubergine filled with cottage cheese or yoghurt is another great high protein […]

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