The Six Pack Revolution – First two weeks

I have been coaching clients into a better health since 2004, however, despite all the trainings and education, I have never had a health coach myself to guide me and make me accountable for the choices I make in order to achieve my wellness goals. Despite my own best efforts, while I was in what is considered a pretty GOOD shape, I have felt for a while that I needed to take it up a notch and get to the next level so I can inspire more people that we can all be fit at forty, fifty and beyond. Of course, I wanted this for myself too.

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Crustless Quiche with butternut squash, sweet potato, spinach, mushrooms and eggs

I have found an inspiration for this gorgeous Quiche online and have made it my own by adjusting few ingredients and balance of macro nutrients. It is as tasty as it is pretty when you look at it. Preparation is very simple and it represents a fully balanced, but low-calorie meal ready in 30 minutes or slightly more if cooking for 2 or more people.

You will need the following ingredients per person:

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Crustless Quiche with Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Spinach, Mushrooms & Curd Cheese

Formula 1 Ideal Breakfast Ideas (video)

It is a common knowledge these days that having a breakfast is a must. Preferably, having not just A breakfast, but a healthy, balanced breakfast. There are many healthy breakfast options around that will leave you fuller for longer, but it still does not mean they are nutritionally fully balanced or that they fit into the optimal nutrition concept, the one that, ideally, we shuld all be aiming for. That is why Herbalife, for over 35 years now, has been pioneering Formula 1 Healthy Meal that has been used initially for weight loss, but, it also ticks all the boxes of an Ideal Breakfast Meal suitable for the whole family:

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Pancakes with a difference… for any day not just a Pancake Day

The tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday has been around since the 15th century, when certain produce, especially perishables like eggs and butter, had to be used up before fasting began a day later in Lent. Saying that, anything else could go in, therefore, pancakes could possibly be made with anything, not just eggs, butter and flour. And I like that idea a lot. Hence, I had an idea of spicing up my pancakes a bit and, when researching for savoury pancake ideas, I could see I was not the only one.

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Poached Egg Parcels

Eggs are a great source of protein, around 6 grams per egg, and all nine essential amino acids. They could also be an excellent source of choline and selenium, and a good source of vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus and riboflavin. Poached eggs are a great way to enjoy them. I have never attempted poaching them until recently, however, have not done very well as they need to be very fresh and freshly bought does not necessarily mean fresh. I even got a special pan, but did not like the fact that eggs were sticking to it. Then some swear by adding vinegar to the water – I can not think of anything more revolting then for my eggs to taste of vinegar.

So, I am forever thankful to the maestro everyone knows, called Jamie Oliver, for coming up with poached egg parcels idea. By adding some veggies to it, they are quite an exquisite experience. I tried them today for the first time and they are a winner! I made egg muffins before, but this was even quicker and less messy.

  • place a piece of cling film over a glass, cup or a small sieve
  • break an egg into it
  • add some chopped veg (I used spinach and red pepper)
  • add salt, pepper and even chilli flakes to taste
  • close the parcel and place in hot water
  • for one egg alone – they are perfect at boiling for 3 minutes; 4 minutes or longer with veg
  • take them out of a wrapper once done and enjoy on its own as a snack or as a part of a balanced meal

For more protein, I would suggest 1 egg and 2 egg whites per parcel (around 16-18 gr protein) and extending cooking time to 5-6 minutes.

My boys already ordered some today after school with cuts of turkey rushers in it. I bet it would go great with some smoked salmon too.

So, they are fun to make and delicious to eat. 


Soups – winter’s little warmers

Soups could be a great healthy meal or a snack at any season, however, they really “hit the spot” in cold winter days. I personally enjoy them throughout the year especially as my children do not seem to like all the vegetables that I normally eat and I would like them to have in their diet. Soups are a great way to disguise them so boys get their fair share of “unloved” vegetables regularly through soups, whether they know it or not.  And they happen to really like soups, which is a bonus.

Home made soups are a much healthier option compared to canned soups that are usually high in sodium and some in sugar too, like tomato soup, as well as a chemical BPA. They are easy to make and cheaper too than store-bought ones. So, win on all counts.

I always make my own and I alternate between vegetable soups and chicken bone broth soups. Bone broth in particular has been found to have incredible benefits on our health:

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Salmon with Spinach and Asparagus

I saw this recipe at Tasty and really fancied making it as it was incredibly simple to prepare, literally it took a few minutes and once it is baked, all one had to do is to enjoy it…I can see this dish being great for one person but also to impress a few guests too as a choice when entertaining… It was very tasty, simple and did I mention also quick to prepare? The link to Tasty explains the recipe in full, but, if you prefer to stay on this page, here it is:

  • Oil the baking dish and toss in it some spinach and asparagus and add some salt and pepper and mix it all together.
  • Put fillets of salmon over it, break one egg per person over the spinach too and add more salt and pepper to the fish and egg (Next time I may add some chilli flakes too)
  • Bake on 200 C for 30 minutes and then serve with some lemon juice over the salmon
  • Enjoy, it is an order!

I added some asparagus for better balance of veggies and fibre as there isn’t much in spinach unless we eat a huge amount of it…I used ocean caught salmon from Waitrose as we all know the dangers of farmed salmon by now. Now you just have to try it yourself!


Going for my Personal Best

I have been supporting individuals to help them achieve healthy, active lifestyle for over 12 years now and I believe that my work starts with personally committing to achieving my own personal best health and body. I am a Herbalife Member, after all and I do believe that being an inspiration by leading by an example to others who are striving to change is the key to a successful business too, on top of being true to my core value of nourishing your body right as it is, indeed, the only place we have to live.
I am in a pretty good shape as it is, but, if I am honest with myself, there is always work to be done when it comes to our health, shape and general, wellness. Work is never done, there is always room for progress. Thanks to popular demand by some of my clients, here is a typical day in how I nourish my body daily and keep my energy levels high as well as keep body fat low. This plan would help with maintenance of lean muscle, help with reduction of body fat whilst provide nourishment at the optimal level, which helps with energy levels as well as slowing down the aging process. The key to healthy eating is BALANCED nutrition that help with boosting your metabolism throughout a day by stabilising your blood sugar levels to avoid fat storing as well as providing enough water, fibre, personalised protein and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, to your body throughout a day. So, we begin with breakfast…


Formula 1 Healthy Breakfast

Formula 1 Healthy Breakfasts

BREAKFAST is a family affair in our household. My children were as young as 6 months when they started with the shakes and I have taken shakes throughout pregnancy too, so this is something that we ALL do and enjoy and understand the nourishment value we get from it. My children will have a smaller shake with some fruit and a honey on whole grain toast or an egg or some whole grain cereal such as porridge as an example, my husband and I will only have a 350ml shake in soya milk or greek yoghurt OR even made in water with some of our Protein Drink Mix to help with protein, but without the sugar present in milk. I also add some of our Oat Apple Fibre too to keep my fibre level high from the start of the day. I also add some fruit or even vegetables to my shake and this breakfast. It gives me 25 grams of protein per shake and over 10 grams of fibre. I add more protein for my husband, so kick starts his day with 30 grams, which is optimum for the man of his built.

My healthy breakfast is between 250 – 300 calories which is just perfect for anyone wishing to lose weight or even maintain.

This nutrition powerhouse keeps me full for hours to come, 3 hours minimum. I also add my Multivitamins (Herbalife’s Formula 2), Fibre & Herb Tablets, Herbalifeline Omega 3, Xtra Calcium and FloraFibre to all my three main meals, together with 1000mg Vitamin C once or twice a day!

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How to turn your meals into balanced, nutrition powerhouses, and burn fat all day long

I have been a Wellness Coach since 2004, so nearly 13 years to date. I have, in that period, conducted well over thousand wellness evaluations, judging from all the files I still keep of everyone who walked through the door or I spoke to over the phone/ Skype. Most wanted to lose weight, some just more energy and vitality, a few who actually needed to gain weight. Some already knew that something was wrong with the balance in their nutrition. There were a few of those who came absolutely sure that their diet wass healthy, so they wanted me to confirm that was the case, in order for them to perhaps seek doctor’s help and investigate if there is something more sinister going on that would explain their lack of energy and weight gain.

One thing was sure, absolutely everyone who came to see me could benefit from more nutrition and better snack/ meal balance, some with just a few tweaks, some with major changes to produce the results they were after.Once this was addressed, everyone got a result they wanted, as long as they stuck to the plan, which is another story entirely.

One thing that always stuck out was that most who came consumed in between 25% to no more than 60% of the protein they should have. This alone would be a major reason why many had difficulty with weight management, cravings, energy dips, tiredness, slower metabolism and many more issues at a deeper cellular level.

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Stuffed Squash

Here is another great and simple idea for a main meal that is high in protein, fibre and nutrients. You will need 1 small squash, 200gr low fat cottage cheese, 1 egg, salt pepper and choice of veggies for salad. I used samphire that I just lightly turned on heat for a few moments in olive oil.

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Crustless Quiche

Crustless Quiche is really just another fancy word for one of my fancy omelette apart from the fact that it is baked in the oven. Mix 2 eggs and two egg whites (per person) with some salt and pepper and pour over some straight-from-the-oven roasted vegetables (such as carrots, sweet potato, squash) in a small tin. Serve with some salad and low-fat yoghurt. And, of course, enjoy! 🙂

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Chicken & Vegetables: Cooking does not need to be complicated

Cooking does not need to be complicated. What is important for any meal is for it to be balanced. I am not a cook book kind of girl, I have no interest in following long complicated recipes as life is too short and, while it seems that lot of my life revolves around food because I talk about it, help people with it, cook it, take pretty photographs of it (as photography is my second passion) and then talk more about it – I actually do not enjoy it when process is too lengthy. I cook completely the opposite way most people do. Most people might think what they will have or what meal they would like to cook after they see a recipe, get ingredients and then cook. I, instead, buy food making sure I have dairy, meat, meat free options, grains, fruit and vegetables (so, all major food groups)… I open up a fridge and it almost as if talks to me: “Have this!”, “Try this”, “Have that!”. I like my meals to be delicious, I strive for balance and high nutritional content, but also I aim for as little cooking time as possible. In my world – this is a true WIN WIN.

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Breadless Sandwiches are the way forward…

So, why go through a whole trouble of replacing food staple such as bread and putting, instead, grilled sliced aubergines or courgettes instead? Simple, bread makes me bloated, as it does quite a few people I know. Also, 1 slice of bread happens to be the recommended Government serving of carbs per mal, so, two slices needed for a sandwich just makes the whole meal go out of balance. Yes, even if you use wholemeal/ whole grain (and I hope you doo)… You see, any excess carbs will be stored as fat and anything more than one single slice will pretty much put majority of people in exactly that kind of scenario and we do not want that.

So, finding a way to enjoy sandwiches whilst being pretty smart about it, is quite cool and, as I found, even more delicious. Breadless sandwiches are a great way to enjoy your light dinner or lunch with a difference. Grilled aubergines and courgettes filled with egg omelette, tomato, spinach and feta cheese,are above pictured. I sometimes even put grilled chicken and vegetables. Absolutely delightful, balanced and delicious with added fibre and nutrients.

Alternatively, have an open sandwich, like the one pictured below. My option for that is usually rye bread. Or to avoid highly processed what bread – use spelt bread… still one slice if you want your meal well-balanced. I wont apologise for this advice, you may actually thank me for it 🙂 as it may revolutionise your weight management efforts. You are welcome.


Vegetable Omelette… when omelette is more than an omelette

I love the simplicity and nutritional density of a simple omelette, but I also love colour and vibrancy in my meal and sometimes, I just don’t want a cold salad on the side with my omelette, so, here is an idea… Just chop up as many veggies as you have whilst your whisk a couple of eggs with a couple more egg whites on the side (two eggs are just not enough for a protein requirement, unless you serve an omelette with some cottage cheese or a low-fat thick yoghurt) with some salt and pepper… Just lightly saute vegetables on a little oil for a few minutes, pour eggs mix and voila, within minutes you have a delicious omelette worthy of a king! Enjoy!


Turkey & Mushroom Mince Burger

For change, here is a burger with a difference… 500gr of turkey mince and 300gr or mushrooms finely chopped up with an onion and the whole clove of garlic and spices (salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, turmeric, steak spice). 10 burgers per mix with 32 grams of protein and 200 calories per 2 burgers. Kids adore them as they are soft, juicy and absolutely delicious! Add vegetables/ salad and enjoy this meal under 350 calories and enough protein and fibre for sustained energy, no fat storing!

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Egg and Vegetable Salad

If someone told you “egg and vegetable salad” I don’t think you would be able to picture that it can actually taste as well as look good. This is one of the salads I made over the summer and, as I love all the vegetables on there (sprinkled a bit with some salt and pepper and a little helping of olive oil) and included one whole egg and two egg whites (so that I get decent amount of protein that main meal should have) – it was absolutely delicious, it has an insane amount of fibre combined with decent amount of protein, which makes it a simple, delicious and yet clean and balanced meal that will stabilise your blood sugars, keep you fuller for longer and really make you feel good about the choices you are making.

Bon Apetit!

Quorn Egg Omelette

I have really enjoyed this lunch today. When I need something quick and delicious for lunch or dinner, if I am not planning to having a shake, I straight away turn to eggs and I love them in all kinds of ways. I have never used quorn until recently trying some sausages. I was dissapointed with how little protein they had compared to some other vegetarian options, however, I could see that Quorn mince has got quite a decent amount so decided to give mince quorn a try, in my seemingly never ending efforts to find more vegetarian options in my diet.

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Get Spiralising

This was a very simple lunch today… I spiralised 1 courgette each for my husband and myself, mixed in some peas that were left after dinner last night, vegetarian sausages and red Thai curry sauce into it. Very, very delicious. 20gr protein under 350 calories.

Spiralised courgette can be used instead of pasta as courgette are very low in calories (well, it is a vegetable afterall), high in nutrients and moderate amount of fibre. Just add some protein, perhaps another one or two vegetables and perhaps some clean sauce and you are getting a deicious meal that, if pasta was used instead in the same amount it would be in hundreds of calories.

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