Day 60 Out Of 90 Day on the Challenge

Two Thirds of the way is under the belt.

60 Days. 1440 hours. Almost 9 weeks.

Hours of exercise in 9 weeks: 30 … way less than 5% of those total hours. 30 Minutes per day. Not even that. The RIGHT kind of exercise, that is. (I could have done more, many participants have done more, I am sure).

Meals: 370, out of which 120 are Formula 1 Meals and 10 are Herbalife 24 Recovery Shakes after exercise (and a lot more as a Snack No. 3 one hour before bed time).

Birthdays: 5… Cakes eaten: 0. (Even I can not believe this, but it is true… not a tiny slither!)

Total Lapses: 2 (discovered Almond Butter… not buying it any more).

Total Pounds Lost: 10 lbs, 4.5 kg.

Lessons learnt: 5 …

  • If you feel inspired to do something – do it! As you never learn from the book you did not read – you also never know if something is right for you if you don’t give it a go. I mean REALLY give it a go. Three months minimum. Anything below it, in my opinion, is you just trying and not really committing. And remember Yoda: “Do or don’t do, there is no try!”. He may be fictional, but, behind this quote, is an absolute truth. If you decide to do something – give it your best! Uphold your Integrity. Your confidence will grow as a result. And the results will follow.


  • Stay teachable, open to learning. Even as a health coach of 15 years with over thousand clients on the record and huge amount of successes and transformations – I saw this as a way to get my own results and see what else I can learn and apply to my every day coaching so that my very own clients benefit. This is not just about me. The ripple effect has hardly even begun.


  • Share your progress with others to keep yourself accountable. Share your ups and downs. Showing that you are vulnerable is a sign of strength. Hiding it – is not. Hiding it is a sign of lack of confidence (so, knowing this, let it inspire you to seek help and share your challenges). Being open is a sign of strength, trust, being teachable. Also, when you are up – people need your inspiration; when you are down – pick up the inspiration from others. That is why we ALL need to share.


  • Plan everything. Failing to plan is planning to fail! I planned our meals, slotted in my exercise, planned the next day and the day after that. I work from home. I am flexible. But still did not want to be under any illusion that I can be casual about it. If you are working 9-5, you have to be even more organised. Use Sundays for meal prepping. Weekends for exercise. Or get up early. That is what I did. 5:30AM  and I am already finishing my daily exercises and abs challenges.


  • Be prepared to have lapses on any journey you take. Don’t focus on them, focus on the bigger picture, what lies ahead. If you lose control of your vehicle and are heading towards the tree – you will hit it if you focus on the tree. Focus on the way out. Apparently, this is supposed to work in reality, I hope to never find out, but, you get the picture. Just stay focused on going ahead. If you fall, pick yourself up and continue.


  • This week was a bit of a reality check for me. I heard many news of my old friends from my generation dying or being ill, some terminally. We never know when our time is up, it could be in an accident, in which case it does not really matter how healthy we are or not. But, looking at their latest pictures, one can really assume the lifestyle they led. The biggest lesson is to take care of yourself. That is the best you can do with this one body you were given. If you were given one suit or one pair of shoes for the rest of your life – boy, you would look after it. Treat your body as sacred. Many use excuse that life is too short to give themselves permission to indulge, probably thinking this is way too cool too. I encourage you to think of it the other way – life WILL be even shorter if you don’t look after it. It is not even about losing a life, but about quality of life, something we, when older, have or we don’t. Being sick is hard. Being healthy can be hard too. Every day you are choosing your hard by the choices you make. There is no gray area. You are either feeding health or a disease. And, it is not about having a perfect body on the outside, it is all about what goes on the inside. There are no shortcuts to health. I would have not chosen this plan if it was about the body and getting six-pack alone. I chose it because it is the cleanest health plan I came across and fits with my knowledge and Nutritional philosophy. It is science based. Because, I want to be in the best possible shape for as long as possible so I can continue to make impact for a long time. I am not one of those who lives life on the edge. Not THAT kind of edge, anyway. But, call me for an adventure in the wilderness, I am first one there!


  • Enjoy the journey, whatever that journey is. OK, that was sixth lessons, although, this last one is an honest advice that applies to everything. I knew this already. Whatever you do – be there. Be present, open to joy and lessons it gives you.

My husband is doing great. Not sure what his take on all this exactly is, but, he is holding with the progress photos until the very end. He is keeping it in suspense. I told him, it better be good! 😉 Well, I already know it is good!

30 more days to go, although, journey continues after my trip to the States. Until then, I am loving the journey and anyone who wishes to find out more – contact me for more information.

Until then, Happy Day and thank you for reading 🙂

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