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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Maintaining your gastrointestinal health is important as 80% of our Immune Health is situated in our gut as it helps extract and absorb nutrients from food for the body to use for energy, growth and cell repair.

The gut microbiome is the bacteria found in your intestines that influences your overall health, especially your skin health. Healthy gut also plays a role in an effective weight management.

Therefore, keeping our digestive tract healthy is paramount to good, overall health.

Increasing exercise, eliminating processed foods and toxins in your diet such as alcohol and smoking, reducing animal protein and increasing plant foods is a sure way to increase your digestive health.

On top of that, ensuring optimum hydration and fibre intake of minimum 25 grams of fibre for women and 38 grams of daily fibre for men – is essential component of healthy digestion.

Herbalife Nutrition has a range of products that can support your healthy digestion and elimination, and help relieve occasional indigestion, helping to ensure your internal system runs smoothly every day together with overall positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Suggested Herbalife Nutrition Digestive Health Solutions

Herbalife Nutrition Core Nutrition
Herbalife Nutrition Core Nutrition – Plant Protein, Fibre, Vitamins & Minerals – 100% of Daily NRV
Oat Apple Fibre – blend of 6 fibre sources: maize, chicory, citrus, soya, oat, apple – 5 grams of fibre per serving

Of course, Herbalife Nutrition product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, they are just great nutrition that can help maintain & support good health in conjunction with regular activity, rest and hydration.

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