Formula 1 Healthy Breakfast with a creative difference

When people ask me how can I have the same breakfast every single i.e. our Formula 1 shake, I look at them not sure what they mean. obviously, I keep forgetting that people who ask don’t probably know much about Formula 1 (otherwise they would not be asking this question). Of course, I will put aside the fact that their own breakfasts of toasts and cereals is probably what THEY have every day, but, no, I will not go there! (Unless they want me to! LOL)

So, this post is a collection of creations of my breakfasts that all include Formula 1 Healthy Meal just to showcase rather interesting notion that, apart from doing the right thing for the body and giving it all the nutrients it needs every single day, this thing is not just delicious (delicious enough for my boys to love it from since they were tiny for their breakfast, snack and drink before bed time), but they are so versatile – I can go though several months without having the same shake… well, below are whole month worth of them…

Fetured above is made half with spinach and half with berries, even when you mix them up – it is still delicious.

I make them with soya milk (personal choice as I am lactose intolerant), or with water and then I add a very handy Protein Drink Mix, in yoghurt or home-made kefir, or add to the porridge, make thick pudding by adding some chia seeds and let it stay overnight, add fruit (a little goes a long way) or some veg (even tried red cabbage and, whilst might not be ideal as a breakfast option, not for the light-hearted anyway – it could work for lunch)… the list goes on and on…

Undeniable fact is – your breakfast needs to be a source of protein (plant ideally), fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and water… Formula 1 with its Core Nutrition supplements provides all that in perfect balance, which is not the case with most breakfasts I know of, they will have one thing, but lack in the other, and so on and I am not that kind of girl… I want it all, because I am worth it!

So, here are some yummy creations that worked really well… enjoy!

Until next time,

Yours in Health,

Sanela x