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Here is one I did last night for this mornings breakfast… Formula 1 pudding… 200ml water, 3 scoops of F1 and 1 scoop of Protein Drink Mix… I added some chia seeds, 1 teaspoon, topped with frozen berries that thawed nicely overnight. Very delicious. Great for those who would love some bite to their morning F1. … how lucky are we to have F1, so much delicious nutrition, it has never been easier to do right by your body.

Mny people think that Herbalife Nutrition is all about shakes (and there is nothing wrong with shakes) and dieting, but do not realise that it is ALL about good nutrition, every day; feeding your body right, in the right balance, in ways that food alone is no longer able to, which anyone worth their salt in nutrition profession would agree with. It is about supplementing already healthy diet to really get the nutrition to the next level as well as your energy, prevent premature aging and manage weight better.

This simple Formula 1 breakfast is also an example that shake is more than a shake and it can be made almost into porridge or pudding consistency and eaten with spoon, but offers body all the nutrition in balance and in optimum amounts, unlike regular breakfasts does.

This one was truly yummy.

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