Easy Recipe Formula 1 in Yoghurt

Formula 1 Healthy Meal is very versatile and, while it can be consumed as a shake, cold or even hot, it is fantastic when made with yoghurt.

Yoghurt is already great in itself for our gut health and, by adding our Formula 1 Healthy Meal to it – you also increase protein to an optimum amount, fibre as well as 22 other nutrients. It is also much fun as you can, depending on Formula 1 flavour, also spice it up with fruit or spices.

Add 2 x Scoops of your favurite Formula 1 to 250 ml of Low Fat Greek Yoghurt and mix until Formula 1 is fully blended in. Add a little bit of soya or regular milk to reduce the thickness and you can add hndful of berriesand even sprinkle with teaspoon of seeds or ground almonds for some healthy fats.

Making Formula 1 with Kefir

Kefir is all the rage at the moment in the natural health community and many consider it even healthier than yoghurt. It can be made at home and. whilst some health food store sell it, it is not as common as yoghurt. Reason why it is so beneficial is thanks to the cultures present, is is high in nutrients and probiotics and, therefore, very beneficial for digestion and gut health. Many people consider it to be healthier than yogurt.

Formua 1 is delicious equally in Kefir nad, as kefir is more liquid compared to natural yoghurt, it makes it perfect for use with Formula 1 with a bi thicker, but not too thick, consistency at the end. Delicious and healthy too.


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