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I have been supporting individuals to help them achieve healthy, active lifestyle for over 12 years now and I believe that my work starts with personally committing to achieving my own personal best health and body. I am a Herbalife Member, after all and I do believe that being an inspiration by leading by an example to others who are striving to change is the key to a successful business too, on top of being true to my core value of nourishing your body right as it is, indeed, the only place we have to live.
I am in a pretty good shape as it is, but, if I am honest with myself, there is always work to be done when it comes to our health, shape and general, wellness. Work is never done, there is always room for progress. Thanks to popular demand by some of my clients, here is a typical day in how I nourish my body daily and keep my energy levels high as well as keep body fat low. This plan would help with maintenance of lean muscle, help with reduction of body fat whilst provide nourishment at the optimal level, which helps with energy levels as well as slowing down the aging process. The key to healthy eating is BALANCED nutrition that help with boosting your metabolism throughout a day by stabilising your blood sugar levels to avoid fat storing as well as providing enough water, fibre, personalised protein and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, to your body throughout a day. So, we begin with breakfast…


Formula 1 Healthy Breakfast

Formula 1 Healthy Breakfasts

BREAKFAST is a family affair in our household. My children were as young as 6 months when they started with the shakes and I have taken shakes throughout pregnancy too, so this is something that we ALL do and enjoy and understand the nourishment value we get from it. My children will have a smaller shake with some fruit and a honey on whole grain toast or an egg or some whole grain cereal such as porridge as an example, my husband and I will only have a 350ml shake in soya milk or greek yoghurt OR even made in water with some of our Protein Drink Mix to help with protein, but without the sugar present in milk. I also add some of our Oat Apple Fibre too to keep my fibre level high from the start of the day. I also add some fruit or even vegetables to my shake and this breakfast. It gives me 25 grams of protein per shake and over 10 grams of fibre. I add more protein for my husband, so kick starts his day with 30 grams, which is optimum for the man of his built.

My healthy breakfast is between 250 – 300 calories which is just perfect for anyone wishing to lose weight or even maintain.

This nutrition powerhouse keeps me full for hours to come, 3 hours minimum. I also add my Multivitamins (Herbalife’s Formula 2), Fibre & Herb Tablets, Herbalifeline Omega 3, Xtra Calcium and FloraFibre to all my three main meals, together with 1000mg Vitamin C once or twice a day!

SNACK TIME… Few hours later, mid morning around 11 AM, I dip into Herbalife’s Protein Bar, which provides more nutrients, including 10 grams of protein, and I am ready to bounce back to my work full of energy. I also enjoy our special blend of metabolism boosting and antioxidant rich – Thermojetics Herbal Beverage. Beverage is enriched with some fresh lemon juice and is a refreshing way to pause for a moment and really enjoy the goodness of it all. Our fat burning beverage helps my liquid intake, which I try to keep at 3 litre level daily, starting from the moment I wake up, finishing 1.5 ltres by lunch and the rest later, in regular frequence. It i a combination of Herbalife beverage and water, usually enriched with some lemon or infused with fresh or frozen berry fruits.

TIME FOR LUNCH? IT MUST BE 1PM! For lunch, I will either have another Formula 1 Healthy Meal if I am in a rush and really busy with work or I will have a balanced lunch. My cooking is simple, meals are prepared within 10-30 minutes and my main aim is to see lots of colour on my plate with 1/4 of my plate being lean protein and carbohydrates are also not more than a 14 of the plate. I open a fridge (I make sure I am well stocked up with vegetables, lean protein sources such as vegetarian sausages, chicken breast, fish filets, turkey breast, tofu as well as complex carbs in my pantry such as lentils, wild rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat or soya beans in the freezer.) Cooking should be made simple and, once we learn how to balance plate right – then we can get a little more adventurous with adding more versatility and adding new vegetables to our meals. For my lunch, I also aim 25-30 grams of protein.

PM SNACK TIME… Around 3 PM is a time to pick up the boys from school and mid afternoon is a time for another snack, around 3 hours after lunch. And I do not want just ANY snack! I want something packed in nutrition again and that would take me to my dinner time. This is the time when energy drops for most people and is a crucial time to eat to replenish the energy as well as stabilise blood sugar levels so we do not overeat for dinner. This is the time when many opt for coffee and biscuit, which, in return, will only destabilise your blood sugar, making you have even more biscuits and, especially if snack is completely skipped – make you overeat for dinner. My choice will be between another protein bar, roasted soya beans, our delicious Tomato soup or some yoghurt with berries most of the time. Again, I am looking for a snack that is high in protein. Our tomato soup is my favourite if I am at home.

DINNER TIME… YEAH! If I had a shake for lunch, I will make a yummy, balanced lunch for dinner, otherwise, shake it is. And that is all there is to it. Eating fully balanced five meals a day that are packed with nutrition for high energy and great immunity. For people who wish to lose body fat, this plan helps to reduce body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle without compromising on nutrition that our bodies need on a daily basis. e personalise it for peoplewho need more calories and protein, which would be the case with men and those who have a lot of weight to lose. Recent studies show that every single peron tested had an unadequeste vitamin and mineral intake, i.e. defficiency. This plan prevents it and it starts with a healthy breakfast! Which is why this is a great way of life on so many different levels. After 12 years, it is a brilliant way to incorporate good nutrition into one’s lifestyle.

Every morning my routine consist of getting up at around 6AM, 15 -20 minutes of stretching, squats, stomach crunches, planks, push ups… nothing major. Twice a week I also run a High Intensity Interval Resistance Training – CobraFIT, which keeps me in shape, but nutrition is where majority of my effort goes in..
I hope this was useful. Here is to you and your health!

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