will smiths family health intervention

One of my clients recommended me to watch the show and I am so glad I did.

You can watch it here: S2:E11 Will Smith’s Emergency Family Meeting

This was the first time I watched their Red Table Talk, as they call it, and I thought it was a brilliant concept, and, on the other hand, issues brought up regarding their family’s health could not be more relevant to many people…

Will Smith called a family emergency meeting last week to talk about their general health. He called it “Smith’s family health intervention” and it was quite an incredible viewing. It certainly inspired me to share it.

I have been thinking about “health consciousness” for some time, especially these past couple of weeks. In particular about the difference between LOOKING healthy & truly BEING & FEELING healthy as they can mean two completely different things.

Many watching the show will be very much surprised that even one of the wealthiest with all the resources available to them can struggle with understanding of what makes them healthy or achieving wellness.

They too need education and support like everyone else.

I know how to eat to look good, but I do not know how to eat healthily“, says Will Smith.

His whole family struggles to understand nutrition, some are emotional eaters, some eat anything and deal with stomach upset because they do not know what to eat to avoid it, some skip meals to avoid dealing with painful digestion, some eat the same thing each day to avoid digestive issues.

They all suffer from poor digestion, bloating, gasses, constipation, low energy, etc.

While they admit that their doctor is more than willing to readily issue them medication “if they want it“, especially blood pressure meds that Will Smith has been on for the past decade because of the history of blood pressure in the family, Mr Smith, quite rightly, started questioning if he HAS a high blood pressure or if he is eating himself into high blood pressure?

This awareness could be quite profound and is an important question anyone on mediation should be asking themselves as well as challenging their doctors about it.

The development in nutritional science shows that heart disease and most other diseases, are mostly not genetic.

Medicine, while always advancing, also seems to have a lot of catching up to do. At least some practitioners do. Too many people are unnecessarily on medications poisoning their system because they are considered to be at risk because of their age or because their family history of disease.

Genetics are not our destiny!”, the nutritionist they brought on the show, Mona Sharma, states and I could not agree more.

The science of Epigenetics is advanced enough when it comes to the influence of food on our genes for us to continue to ignore it, especially medical practitioners.

This particular episode truly highlights important issues regarding health. They all seem very honest about how well or unwell they all feel and create safe space for each other to address these issues.

This is a very healthy approach any family can have and “safe space” is everything in any form of therapy.

One of the most important takes for me from the show is that, while they all look fit, toned, slim, healthy, they all feel pretty rotten some of the time. Most of them eat for physical appearance, but not to feel good, most of them simply do not even know how to.

We are all inspired sometimes by other people’s looks, but it can be so misleading. If FEELING great and achieving true health and wellness is our goal, achieving perfectly toned body without an adequate nutritional support and health plan can easily backfire.

Smith family has a huge influence amongst their fans and followers and this show sends a great message that “food is medicine and people will have better lives if they understand what they are putting into their bodies!”

Nutritionist on the show highlights some questions that are a path to understanding our health pattern and mindset as these two are inseparable.

Nothing out of ordinary when these questions are concerned, all are already covered in a wellness test available on my site. Feel free to complete it and get some guidelines of where you could be going wrong and where to improve and how. This could be a great start in understanding where you are right now…

Free Online Wellness Evaluation Test

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It takes only a few minutes answering some key questions in relation to your health, nutrition and lifestyle is able to give you ideas where you may be falling short in your lifestyle choices and how to improve it.

You then have an opportunity to reach out to me for support in areas where you are unable to make changes yourself…

I certainly hope you will check out the show.

What it did for me is it has given me the further validation that what I do with my clients – matters.

Because health matters and it starts from developing the right mindset and putting healthy habits into place.

Success in any area of life starts with us feeling good about ourselves, which starts with sound nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Until next time, yours in health,


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