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Healthy Hydration

Healthy Hydration

Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Hydration Solutions

The human body is 60% water, and most of the chemical reactions in the body need water: water contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of the body’s temperature and normal physical and cognitive functions.

Not drinking enough fluids can lead to negative effects in the body, so to maintain normal physical and cognitive functions – try to consume at least 2 litres of of fluids per day. Apart from water, herbal teas and fresh fruit juices count towards your daily fluid intake too.

Ensure you increase your fluid intake if exercising or when weather gets warmer, to replace what you lose through sweat.

Here are some Herbalife Nutrition product that can help you increase your fluid intake, with some additional benefits.


Instant Herbal Beverage (tea) – energy boost in a form for green tea and other botanicals


Instant Herbalife Beverage for energy boost, healthy hydration and as a Weight Management enhancer

Instant Herbal Beverage (tea)

When leading a busy or active lifestyle, do you often feel less than alert and struggle to concentrate?

With 6 kcal per serving, Instant Herbal Beverage is a low calorie refreshing drink enjoyed hot or cold, and a great way to help you reach your required fluid intake each day.

  • One cup of Instant Herbal Beverage contains 85mg of caffeine to help increase alertness and improve concentration.
  • Our green tea is water extracted to give you the full spectrum of compounds found in green tea.
  • Available in Original, Lemon, Raspberry and Peach flavours.
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold to suit your mood.
  • This unique blend of orange pekoe – a traditional black tea, and green tea, with extracts of malva flower, hibiscus flower and cardamon seed, is designed to revive and refresh.



Our hand-picked Aloe Vera leaves are carefully selected and prepared to ensure you receive a high quality product.

We go to great lengths to ensure our Aloe exceeds industry quality standards as it has been through the most rigorous tests to certify our commitment in providing you with a product of a high level of quality and purity.

  • Contains 97% Aloe Vera juice derived from the whole aloe leaf
  • Contains no colours, sweeteners or flavours
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Only 2 calories per serving
  • The Aloe juice is extracted using cold pressing, obtaining a high quality product
  • Certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC)
  • Enjoy the refreshing taste of AloeMax in the morning or throughout your day.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Drink

  • Contains 40% Aloe Vera juice which is derived from the whole Aloe Vera leaf
  • The Aloe Vera leaf is carefully picked to ensure a high level of purity
  • The aloe juice is extracted using cold pressing, achieving a high-quality aloe juice
  • Liven up your water with the refreshing taste of Herbal Aloe Concentrate to help you to achieve an optimum fluid intake of 2 – 2.5 litres per day
  • Mango flavour with no added sugars and no artificial flavours or colours



Calorie-free electrolyte drink.

  • Designed for athletes to encourage fluid consumption
  • With an osmolality of less than 270mOsmol/kg
  • Provides 100% of your NRV for vitamin C which helps reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Provides B Vitamins (B1, B2, Panthothenic Acid & B12) and Calcium and Magnesium, all contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Orange flavour


Fuel your workouts and enhance hydration

  • Delicious and refreshing carbohydrate-electrolyte drink to take during exercise
  • Proven to help sustain endurance performance
  • Enhances the absorption of water during exercise
  • Formulated with essential electrolytes: 249mg Sodium & 142mg Magnesium per portion
  • With 100% NRV vitamin B1 & B12 which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Under 100kCal per serving to help manage your calorie intake
  • No artificial sweetener
  • Acai Berry Flavour

LiftOff® Energy Drink

Low Calorie energy drink, anytime anywhere.

  • 10kCal per serving, a great replacement to sugary fizzy drinks
  • 100% of your vitamin C NRV to help alleviate tiredness and fatigue
  • 100% of your B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin) NRV for normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Contains caffeine powder and natural caffeine from Guarana plant, 75mg of caffeine per serving
  • Lemon-Lime flavour