Feel Healthier, Slimmer, Fitter & Full of Vitality: Experience the POWER of the Ideal Breakfast

Yes, You can achieve all of that if you learn and apply what it takes to start your day right…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes we have not developed a habit or there just isn’t time in the morning to make a nutritionally balanced meal.

Research also shows that what we have for breakfast plays a huge part how the rest of the day is going to work out as an unbalanced breakfast will cause unstable blood sugar levels, which makes us to crave, over eat or reach for more unhealthy carbs (read “sugar”) for quick energy, which is a bad scenario for managing weight and energy levels.

The reality is that 48% of the population skips breakfast and 47% has mainly sugary based breakfast. No wonder obesity is such a problem where over 50% of the population in the U.K. is overweight, and problem is spread worldwide.

So, how do YOU Start Your Day?

By skipping it alltogether? Or by having the same cereal each morning? Or Toast? Full English Breakfast? With a cup of coffee whilst missing breakfast as You do not have time? With breakfast that appears healthy, but is it really giving you what your body needs in the morning?

Choosing to skip breakfast or to eat a wrong type or amount at breakfast can affect you and your day in a number of ways and will affect the way you think, feel and act throughout the day!

How does YOUR BREAKFAST Make You Feel?

Craving for sugary snacks,constantly feeling of hungry,having difficulty concentrating, feeling tired and lacking energy, being forgetful, experiencing irritability and mood swings, having digestive problems? Excess weight? You may be having some or all of these issues, but might never relate it to how you start your day!

Breakfast should provide body with 25% of our daily nutrition and will affect your food choices for the rest of your day.

Our bodies have around 100 Trillion Cells and each cell requires 114 nutrients every single day for it to function. Everything that we ate yesterday that gave us energy and nutrients is used up by next day in order to restore and rejuvenate the cells.

Research suggests that skipping it or not getting it right by going for the usual suspects of toasts, cereals, juices, coffee, etc. is closely linked with you feeling irritable, experiencing cravings and lack of energy and  that longer term effects of bad breakfast choices can lead to unbalanced nutrition that, in turn, can lead to more serious health challenges like Weight-Gain (as fat is stored), Increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure / High Cholesterol, Heart Disease & other health conditions

Is YOUR breakfast preparing you for the day ahead?

It is not always easy to find TIME to prepare something that tick the box for both taste AND health! Also, it is not just about whether you eat breakfast or not – WHAT You eat and HOW much You eat is even more important to avoid fat storing and lack of energy later on…

Starting your day right, giving your body right nutrients in the right balance will have an effect on your appetite during the day, fat storing, weight gain, energy levels headache, skin health, digestion, sleep, cravings, mood, concentration and more… and our clients report improvement in all or some of the following in a very short period of time after changing their breakfast to the one we recommend.


We have created an Ideal Breakfast Programme which ensures that appetite stays under control, cravings for carbs diminish and our body uses its fat stores for energy, promoting healthy weight management.

A breakfast with the right nutritional mix sets you up for the day ahead, giving you a steady stream of energy, rather than the shorts bursts common from unbalanced, high energy breakfast options.

Our Ideal Breakfast plan fulfils ALL criteria for a Healthy Breakfast that most standard breakfast choices do not or they fulfill only one or two criteria:

  • Re-hydration – The body loses a lot of fluid at night
  • Restores Energy – and sustain it as energy is not driven from sugar, but an ideal balance of protein, fats and healthy carbs
  • Vital Nutrients – vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, allowing the body to function correctly and perform at its best with sustained energy
  • Healthy Blood-Sugar levels throughout the day without Blood-Sugar spikes and damaging insulin surges
  • Muscle Maintenance – Contributes to the maintenance of lean muscle mass

Our Ideal Breakfast Packages are ready for you to give them a go. They are available to be purchased online for the UK customers:

Instead of carb based breakfast or breakfast loaded with fat and animal protein, start with our Formula 1 Nutritional Shake that offers balance of plant protein with fibre and essential nutrients and ensures stable blood sugar levels. Basic Kit also contains our antioxidant, fat burning and energy boosting herbal beverage that is a healthy substitute to regular tea and coffee as well as Herbal Aloe, known for its health benefits. It can also be added to either tea or to water first thing in the morning to help with soothing and cleansing your digestive tract. It comes in the original or mango flavoured tub. An Advanced Breakfast Kit contains all the products of an Ideal Breakfast Kit (Formula 1, Herbal Beverage and Aloe) with an addition of a Protein Drink Mix, which can be used as a tasty, calorie controlled high protein snack, or add it to your favourite shake, for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink.

Purchase Your Ideal Breakfast Plan

For more information or if you live outside of the UK and would like to change your breakfast, contact me:

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