Vegan Nutrition

I am always excited when I hear medical professionals stepping out of the usual “disease treatment” into “disease prevention” and acknowledging the fact that nutrition plays key part in not only treating but eradicating certain, if not most, diseases.

Even doctors in the 1940s knew this and somehow mainstream medicine nowadays still decided to choose a path of treating diseases with medications without enough emphasis or effort on the prevention side.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks very passionately about it in this video in his TED Talk in Liverpool.

What excites me personally is that it is also very much aligned with my beliefs in nutrition on a cellular level and the fact that in order to be healthy we need to focus not on body just meeting recommended daily amount of nutrients that merely perhaps just prevent some diseases, but the fact that we need to take it to the next level and achieve optimum nutrition to build our immunity and give body enough ammunition to be healthy and immune to most lifestyle diseases.

Optimum nutrition consists of giving the body what it needs in the right quantity and balance too.

We are already, and by we I mean Herbalife Nutrition, and have been for some time, personalizing protein levels and there is also drive to innovate and customize all the nutrient levels in the future.

Much of our scientific endeavour is focused on areas like the micro-biome, Dr Chatterjee mentions it in this video.

You give your health a true fighting chance when nutritional levels are balanced and optimised.

I am excited to see even more mainstream doctors aligned with this message as times move on… Enjoy the video!

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