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Some mornings are just better than the others. Even for me, one that believes in getting up and greeting each day with smile and gratitude, there are mornings when I could just wish I could put a pause button… so I can freeze time and everyone around me whilst I snooze for another hour or more, then, when fully rested, I then get invigorated and energised after I first take a shower, do at least ten minutes of meditation, give my thanks, do twenty something minutes of exercise, plan the day (oh, I did that the night before, right?), make breakfast before everyone is up, … then unpause at 6:30AM and “voila” – happy days, everything is ready for the day, no morning rush and I feel like million dollars!

Well, it would be just too easy, wouldn’t it? Why is it that we always wish things are easier. In the words of late Jim Rohn: “Don’t wish it was easier, wish You were better!”. How profound. It can be applied to anything, mornings too. Luckily, I have been blessed with “Let’s go!” attitude, so, I don’t seem to dwell too much on those gloomy mornings when I just really, really wish I had more hours in the day. Because, that is life. Instead of dwelling and feeling negative, what saves me is my robotic habit of getting up, doing a face wash routine religiously (cleanse, tone, moisturise, in case you are wondering – brushing teeth too, of course), getting downstairs, doing some stretches (because my old back demands it), putting kettle on for my energy and fat burning, metabolism boosting thermo tea, making breakfast shake for the whole family as I am checking my diary and what I planned for the day…

No way I would ever not do any of this, even when on holiday. Soon enough usually, there is a sound of footsteps, of one or both boys coming down the stairs, and a big morning hug and a kiss, which just crowns the start of the morning… and, another day starts rocking and rolling whether I am ready or not. I better be and I make sure I am. Because it would be too painful not to be. So, I choose the plan with less stress.

So, how do I get out of a bad morning? Well, with a big smile, squeaky clean face, usually empty bowels too, my Formula 1 Healthy Breakfast for the past 4450 mornings (and counting), positive mental attitude… and, if bad hair is the problem… a plan to call my hairdresser as soon as they open.

What keeps me going is an understanding that I create my happiness and I run my day and not the other way around. This body is a vehicle and I need to keep it nourished so it gives me the energy I need to achieve my full potential, to which I strive for but don’t think is possible with an unhealthy body. That is why such interest in health. I got this, REALLY got it, since I was a teenager. I still have a cutting from 30 years ago that I cut and sellotaped to one of my diaries front covers as a constant reminder and it said “YOU can heal your life!” I was not even 15 at a time… it also ended up being one of my favourite books I read nearly two decades later. We are all wired in a certain way and this happens to be my way.

I believe happiness and an ability to turn things around, adversity into opportunity, feeling low into feeling great, and so on, is always an inner game, a personal choice. It is about taking personal responsibility for our life and less about comparing and competing with others or even our own present with what we would like our future to be because of what happened or what we did in the past. Past does not defines us. What does – is what we do right now.

So, we need to stay true to ourselves and finding our own light, what makes us light up, and then go and do it. Fail, get up and do some more. Waking up each day with the purpose. Re-inventing yourself, thinking big, striving higher in order to ultimately serve others. This is exactly what makes some mornings truly great, whilst healthy morning habits are there to kick-start and give aim to the rest of the days.

At some point, there was a decision what these habits need to be. Literally, a matter of choice and change in attitude. These habits ground me and help me not to go astray, especially when things get tough and I find myself lacking inspiration. Starting those habits was my decision, no one else’s. I dug deep to find my passion and then all I had to do is commit to learning and understanding the game I wanted to win and what I need to do on a daily basis to help me stay on track. I am still learning, I always will. And I believe I am winning as long as I keep learning, keep standing up after I fall and keep following my passion and staying authentic.

Whenever I do not achieve what I want, I also know that either I did not understand the game, the process of getting to my goal OR I made a decision not to play wholeheartedly, all in. I am human, I make mistakes, but I understand it is all up to me and the buck stops with me. No one can take from me what is meant for me and what I have earnt.

So, me on this picture with my morning breakfast was having one of those days when I might have felt a bit under the weather. It was not long before I was on track and it prompted me to write this. I love talking to and learning from people who are good and passionate about what they do. It inspires me to be better at what I do. My wish for all humanity is for everyone to find their passions and how they can, in their unique and authentic way, make a difference. What a wonderful world it would then be.

So, if you struggle to find motivation to get going, my wish for you is to commit to finding your unique passion that makes you come alive and gives you joy. Then go and do it and don’t forget to have lots of fun in the process. If it lights you up and excites you, you are doing great. And, please, don’t forget to tell your unique story, you never know who you might inspire.

Bad mornings might then be quite hard to find. And when they do come, and they WILL come, you will know they do not last because you have a bigger fish to fry!

“Your call to purpose isn’t necessarily about performing a specific task or being in a certain occupation. It is about sharing yourself in a creative, loving way using the skills and interests that are inherently part of you.”, Dr Wayne W. Dyer.

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