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We truly can not understand someone until we are in their shoes.

It took me personally losing my way with food (and I do not know how or when it happened) to be able to understand how tough it can be to get back on track for some of those who come to me for help;

It took me going through my own grief to understand the challenges of those who are grieving, how it impacts our choices and that patience and compassion are the key;

It took me ages to admit I needed help, to get my own coach and join the support community of others on the same mission as myself in order to be able to understand the reluctance of some of my clients who would rather do it on their own;

It took me joining the support plan that got me great results to understand my own power and to start believing that my clients have it too within them and to truly start believing in them more than they believe in themselves;

It took me getting those same great results with a laser focus that put me in the best shape of my life to realise that I was not any happier despite indeed being healthier as plan was as good as it gets;

All that focus on my newfound abs and how I looked made me realise that if I seek true health and happiness I will not find it in the mirror and neither will my clients in theirs – the answer is more than skin deep, so, we dig deep first and find ways to love ourselves as we are and define what the meaning of health is within that;

It took all those years to realise that circumstances change and doing our best will be different with the change in circumstances and that my own experience with my body will help me serve better, with true empathy, understanding and compassion.

I realised it is not the perfect body that will attract my perfect client, but the ability to be relatable, authentic and honest. Not that I wasn’t honest before, but, whenever we hold back thinking we have to be perfect to be able to inspire, we are not truly raw and authentic.

It took spending time and money getting nutrition qualifications to realise I already possess the knowledge needed to help all my clients – I do not need to know MORE – I rather needed to make things I have already been practicing for 15 years SIMPLER, do more of it, be bolder and let go of the fears that do not serve me and that prevent me from serving the world.

Our clients to not want to be impressed by us as much as they want to know they can do it and that we care about them.

I realised all that, and more, in one single year. And, after 15 years of being  a health coach, I was finally, overnight, a Health Coach…

Of course, it took hundreds of clients in the process too. That experience is irreplaceable. How else would I know about their true challenges… My experiences only helped me to finally be closer to understanding them, which is the key to making a bigger difference.


Choosing to become a health coach was no accident.

My whole life I had a healthy relationship with food as I have seen from an early age the power of great nutrition while my mum was going through her breast cancer treatment in the early 80s.

She had one single health book in our library written by the biggest name in physical education at the time, book written beginning of 20th century, now 100 years old, and she followed his remedies straight from the book.

She was armed with that one book, her understanding that food is the key and she also had her will to live & survive the beast. She had her why that made her cry. That was me. Only 8 years old at a time. She waited 15 years to have me in the first place and she was not going anywhere now. And she didn’t, for further nearly 40 years.

It wasn’t the book that did it. It was her why that gave her strength and determination to follow through.

It took losing her to see myself through her eyes, to realise how fragile life is and to feel this love towards my own children so much that it hurts. I finally understand the meaning of “why that makes you cry”.

And that experience started being reflected in my work… in more patience and more depth: digging deep until my own clients find their own reason why they would keep going through the motions long enough to see themselves getting to their goal.


So, I grew up with a very clear connection between nutrition & health. And I wanted to become a health coach so I can help others.

But, this was, at the same time, a problem in itself as majority of those seeking help are not blessed with this connection, which is one of the reasons why so many struggle.

My frustration has always been not understanding client’s lack of consistency or even taking action in the first place and it took me to personally disconnect from it myself & develop my own challenges through life circumstances to finally be able to connect and understand others!


All these insights over the past months left me feeling slightly lost, but also rather calm, knowing I will find my lane again. This time, I had a need to make a bigger impact and I knew that I needed a bigger tribe because together everyone achieves more.

I listened to my heart and it is true – when student is ready, teacher will appear. And this time it was a group of people, who I have known for years, who, while I was thinking all that, offered me to join them. It must be fate! They are all on the same mission as myself, who want to grow and who appreciate that what I and everyone else brings to the table jointly only makes us stronger.

Our joint mission is to help others achieve great health knowing that being there to challenge our participants to grow and stretch into better versions of themselves is only one part of the story, but being kind and helping them weather their storms and their winters with compassion and authenticity is how we build the community and sense of belonging and achieve goals with health & happiness in mind that should always come first.

It is a challenge I feel worthy being part of and I am excited for what is to come!

My wish for you is to find your own tribe. It is a game changer!

Stay healthy and happy, always 

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