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Yes, you’ve heard me! I have actually seen a similar recipe in one of my favourite cook books after discovering Yotam Ottolenghi. One of my best friends and clients from the United States and her friend (both called Maida) introduced me to Ottolenghi and even sent me his PLENTY, Vibrant Vegetable Recipe from London’s Ottolenghi all the way from USA as his cooking is absolutely superb. I just love the colours and ingredients he uses.

His recipe is a lot more calorific as he uses more oil and buttermilk and then even more oil, which sounds just amazing, but, for a low calories snack we need here, or for what my clients need – his just wont work. So, this recipe is third of the calories and with the same amount of deliciousness…

Roast aubergine halves for 30 minutes until they are tender… fork out the middle flesh, mix with some low-fat yoghurt (preferably drained as it has higher concentration of protein) or some cottage cheese… season as you wish with some salt and pepper, chilli flakes and any other spice of your liking (I quite like cumin) and serve with a few chopped veg. One half with 100gr of yoghurt or cottage cheese is enough for a snack per person. With over 10 grams of protein thanks to the cottage cheese/ yoghurt and aubergine being high in soluble fibre, this is a delicious snack worthy of a top restaurant starter and will also help your management efforts as it keeps you fuller for longer right up until dinner!


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  1. […] we need to eat more aubergines, I absolutely love this veg. Grilled Aubergine sandwich or a Baked Aubergine filled with cottage cheese or yoghurt is another great high protein […]

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