Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Jenni Bath UK

Jenni’s Story: Feeling better in my 50s than I did in my 30s

Jenni has been my client for 6 months now and it was one of those moments when she first came to CobraFIT initially that I felt instant connection that I usually feel with people who are just open, kind individuals.

You just have to love Jenni. Whenever there is a new participant at CobraFIT, I know Jenni will immediately try to give them some tips and advice, be kind, tell them how good the plan is working for her and make them at ease. I am so grateful to have Jenni as part of our community, such an invaluable member and now very dear friend too. Here is Jenni’s story to date…

“I met Sanela as I had signed up for her Cobrafit workout.  My journey back to health, up to that point, had been slow to get off the ground and I was looking for a weight training style of workout to compliment my other excercise.

I had been very unwell with dreadful gynecological problems and severe IBS for over 10 years. I had not been able to take the time out of my children’s lives to have the Hysterectomy I badly needed, but 2 years ago I was so ill that I had to have the op…..whether I had time for it or not!

Because of the increasing pain and the lack of energy during that time I had been slowly putting on weight and then after the op I had to recover over the period of a year or so.  Last October, I began exercise for the first time in years. I chose Zumba and I was really enjoying it but it wasn’t enough. So, as I said before, in May this year I found Sanela and her Cobrafit.

I was also at the time really struggling with my diet as I had dislocated my Jaw!! I did the first class and afterwards I spoke with Sanela and she suggested we get together to speak about nutrition. I was sceptical at first. I’m pretty clued up about nutrition and thought I wouldn’t learn anything new…

But, I had nothing to lose. I had  to admit I actually wasn’t doing so well on my own so I agreed to meet up the following day.

After some pretty stark revelations on my body composition and metabolic age I agreed to give the ‘5 day eat clean challenge’ a try. After the 5 days I was convinced and converted, had more energy and was feeling brighter and more able to tackle the challenges of life! I hadn’t really been overeating, I missed so many meals, but I was clearly doing something very wrong. 

I have struggled with food all my life. IBS has dogged me since childhood and on top of that I suffered eating disorders through my teenage years. This had seriously damaged my metabolism.

I am still struggling a little with my IBS to some degree, as I find lots of things upset me. I am working on finding the best combo. However the shakes and the Herbalife supplements are brilliant because it means I don’t have to think about food or worry that I’m getting the right balance of nutrients or what I’m going to have for breakfast and lunch,  Plus including more soya in my diet had an unexpected benefit, as my hot flushes and some of the other pre menopausal symptoms I’ve been having have miraculously stopped and I’ve been able to stop my HRT! 

I have lost quite a bit of weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes, changed shape and am getting pretty fit. More than all if that though I have found a wonderful friend in Sanela. She’s helped me work through the problems along the way and together we are gradually unpicking years of damage. She is so positive and I really value her knowledge and am so glad we met.

The group support we share is also great. It helps to be accountable to the group and also acts like a confessional if we’ve made a mess of things. I am committed to using this way of eating as a life long choice and see no reason not to continue into my late middle age and beyond. I’m 53 now and feel better than I did at 30. Thank you Sanela. Xx”

Thank you so much, Jenni, you are simply amazing and I am so grateful to have you as a part of both our Eat Clean Community as well as CobraFIT, but, above all, as a friend.

When I asked Jenni to write few words, I had to mention that we need to be careful about making any medical claims as our products do not cure anything, they are just great nutrition and body responds well when it gets what it needs, but it is all individual and no result is typical as there are many other factors at play. She did a great job at conveying that message. Thank YOU.

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