Journey to (My) Self

21 Day Reboot Challenge Results Dec 2019

I have recently read a quote “Success is never owned, it is rented and rent is due each day!” 

This can not be more true when it comes to health as for anything else in life.

While I have always, since being involved with Herbalife Nutrition, managed my weight, it was in 2018 when I got myself into truly the best shape I have ever been in through increasing my exercise efforts (nothing too drastic, just effective) and zeroing-in on my nutrition even further.

My progress inspired many of my clients to take the same journey and they were better for it.

But, nothing is ever final, we never reach a goal and are able to just keep it forever. We may reach a milestone, but we still need to do the work to stay there!

Has it ever happened to you that You got to your goal and then took your foot off the gas thinking it will last forever and it did not?

Or has life just happened?

It was the latter for me…

It is 10 months since my mum passed away as I write this and her passing has triggered emotions and thought processes that went beyond her passing as I started questioning everything in my life… and, in the process, I lost myself as well as my health focus.

It is only now that I do feel like I am taking control back, voluntarily, happily. Out of love for myself, not fear.

There is a need in me again to be the best version of me. 

I finally have a vision again how I wish to come up in the world. It is clear that I finally am able to stop myself from eating what does not serve me, what I did not manage last few months. I was hoovering everything in sight.. healthy and… not so much!

I knew that now was the time to start taking care of myself when I took this starting photo few days ago when I decided to do my 21 Day Challenge, starting on 1st Dec.

What a month to start, season of parties and events, but it was clear to me I was not prepared to do any more damage.

Although I am not ecstatic about my looks, I do have the know-how to get back there. 

What is even more important is that I am more clear on what matters in life and where I need to direct my energy for my family and myself to thrive in all areas, starting with health.  

Health & Fitness, or lack of it, is where everything else starts breaking down too. I can vouch for that as it happened this year to me.

My finances, relationships and mental health suffered as a result… God knows what else if I allowed it to go any further. 

The moment I started taking care of myself – everything else starting mending. Because I was going towards a good place again.

Energy flows where focus goes…

So, this picture of me today with excess of 10 lbs of body fat does not fill me with shame as I am clearly not looking as a good example of a health coach I ought to be, but it does represent an important journey I went through over the past 10 months. 

(And if you think something does not add up as the difference in weight is only 3 kgs, just know that I lost muscle too in the process, so the difference in body fat gain is far greater than just a difference in weight gain – power of body composition, people!)

However, whether you believe me or not, I am grateful for every bit of experience I had. Because it was an experience that taught me a lot.

Sometimes you have to break things before you are able to build something new again. Perhaps something even better.

I love Japanese art of Kintsugi. 

It is a skill of fixing broken pottery with lacquer and powdered gold. It is meant to embrace the flaws and imperfections, and to treat breakage and repair as part of the beautiful history of an object rather than something to be disguised.

It is about choosing to embrace our struggles and to repair ourselves with love as we become more beautiful for having been broken.

And being broken and hurting, then dusting yourself off and getting up again is what makes the climb to the best version of you incredibly satisfying. 

When you are inspired by the quiet voice within you to take action and use all your know-how to climb back up again and act in your own best enlightened interest is exciting. An adrenaline in itself that pushes you forward.

Everyone is looking to be motivated. The truth is, unless you are your own best motivator, everything and everyone else is just a crutch that can be taken away any moment. 

It is an illusion that someone can motivate you.

The truth is, someone CAN inspire you, but taking an inspired action comes from you, from deep within.

That is so clear to me now, in case it has not been before.

My wish for you in 2020 is to make it the best year ever and to become the best version of yourself whatever that is for you.

Because you are worth it.

Because it has a positive effect on others around you who may be in a desperate need for some inspiration.

So, world needs you! Literally!

Because you matter, you are enough and you are worth it!

Just do it!

With love & respect,


P.S. And if you are inspired to take action yourself, join our 21 Day Challenge or take a look… New 21 Day Challenge starts 1st of every month!

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