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We are all way more than the numbers on the scales, right? Well, you better believe it!

However, as much as being slim is not a guarantee of a great health, being overweight certainly isn’t.

Carrying excess weight is most probably a reflection of a poor lifestyle or unbalanced diet, which can put our health at risk.

And being a health risk can cost us. We never count the cost, but, ultimately, it can cost us our life and long before it does – it can cost us quality of life and more.

You may feel this to be true to you already. Or someone you know. And this may be the right time to do something about it!

I truly admire “body positivity” movement. Because we are finally realising that it is important to love ourselves foremost and enough to want to lovingly take care of ourselves. Because healthy, active lifestyle is an inside job.

Just imagine for a moment how your life would be different right now if you were already the healthiest version of yourself, inside out?

I can help!

When I work with clients, instead of focusing on weight alone, I love to talk about healthy mindset and healthy, active lifestyle.

Weight loss will be a guaranteed by-product of developing a health mindset.

So, creating a mindset shift and focusing on healthy lifestyle is priceless.

And that also happens to be the only way for results to have longevity.

Science Behind Weight Loss: The Importance of Balanced Nutrition & Balance of 80% Nutrition & 20% Exercise

healthy active lifestyle

Managing weight is all about managing our hormones responsible for blood sugar, satiety, hunger, cravings… eating in balance to keep our blood sugar levels stable, whilst maintaining lean muscle mass and keeping our metabolism high!

Yup, there seems to be a lot to juggle, but, actually, it is all very simple when you have the know-how.

If you wish to finally get out of a diet trap, you need to eat in such a way to reach a hormonal balance and keep your metabolism working effectively.

Skipping meals, breakfast in particular, focusing on calories alone without taking care of meal frequency, quality and balance will make us store body fat, deplete our energy levels and lower our immunity.

Putting too much focus on exercise without knowing that exercise is only 20% of the equation will do the same.

Unless nutrition is sorted, no amount of exercise will yield any results.

And, yet, that is what majority do to lose weight. So they can gain it all over again. And some more.

Any of these sound familiar?

How can I help? Why should you choose to work with me?

Because I love what I do and, after 15 years of personally health coaching over two thousand clients, there is a great deal of instinct involved when working with clients.

When experience, passion and instinct are backed by commitment to those I serve and evidence based nutritional science I offer – You can expect to see results!

You have come to the right place!

If you are at the point of readiness, I would be delighted to help you, please feel free to fill in the Contact Form below.

I personally lead a healthy, active lifestyle and I help others do the same. It usually involves making small changes, like changing their breakfast habits, improving general nutrition habits and encouraging some basic exercise habits… My aim is to empower you with knowledge and solutions that will take your health to the next level…

If still not sure, 45 minute FREE Wellness Evaluation is a great place to start. In the mean time, check out some of the testimonials and body transformations of my clients:

Herbalife Nutrition testimonials Hayley's story

Client’s Success Stories, Body Transformations & Testimonials

Since 2004 I have helped many young moms, lose weight & increase their energy levels so they can keep up with the demands of their children & family life…

I have helped professionals establish stable and more nutritious eating patterns and avoid meal and snack skipping and, in the process, get their health and shape back and increase their energy and concentration levels, etc…

I can help you too! Be our next success story of transformation!

Free Wellness Evaluation

Find out exactly why you are not getting the weight management and health results that you are after. I will help analyse your diet and find areas where you are falling short and recommend solutions.

Market value of a Wellness Evaluation is anywhere between £40 and £90, so Wellness Evaluation can be seen as my gift to you. Before making any decisions, my aim is to empower you with knowledge so you understand what changes need to happen and why in order to take your health to the next level in a healthy and balanced way…

Local clients can also enjoy the benefit of a Full Body Composition Analysis…

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