Mary's Herbaife Nutrition Success Story

Mary’s Success Story: late 60s could be our new 40s… Master healthy, active lifestyle at any age!

“I joined the WLC on the 14th September 2009 and was introduced to a totally new way of eating healthily, which has helped me to lose 5 Stones of excess weight and keep them off. 

Drinking one Herbalife Shake in the morning for my breakfast and eating two meals per day with two litres of water, two cups of Herbalife tea (which is very refreshing) and a little fruit has provided to be so easy and satisfying.     
The first week I lost approximately 4.5 lbs and have continued to lose 1.5 to 2.5 lbs per week and without any feeling of tiredness.

Drinking water is essential and although it proved a little difficult at first, I now feel that I cannot do without my two minimum litres per day.

In all diets, although I do not see this as a diet as such as I plan to take Herbalife for the rest of my life for balanced nutrition, changes need to be made and the most important is a positive mental attitude. For me this is to approach my senior years not asking to be supported by my family but to be fit enough to look after myself and my grand children and family whenever necessary.

I take several precautions regarding food and these are as below:
Always have healthy food in the fridge or cupboard that this quick to prepare so that snacking doesn’t occur. I honestly believe that my weight gain – to nearly 15 stone-was caused by arriving home from work tired and then making a cup of coffee and eating biscuits or whatever I could find that was quick and sugary.
Because the Shake keeps me hunger free for at least 3-4 hours and I take a home made salad with cooked meat or fish to work I never feel the need to snack except for some fruit or a crisp bread. My evening meal is more protein with loads of vegetables or salad and a very small amount of carbs. I sometimes have natural yogurt with honey as a pudding but I very rarely feel the need.
If I am having a meal in a restaurant, quite often I will have my morning Shake and also have another with some fruit at lunchtime.  It is easy to count up the calories and also the amount of protein and if my daily allowance is 1200 calories I have more to use up at the restaurant meal because I have been careful during the day. I also keep up the water intake.
Alcohol never featured largely in my previous diet so I do not miss drinking this also I have never smoked but I did like a cup or two of strong coffee but now I do not feel the need for caffeine.
The support that my husband and myself have received and continue to receive from Sanela has kept us healthy both physically and mentally. We have not quite reached our goal weights but over the next few weeks we feel sure we will be there. I lost 70 lbs) in 12 months and Sid 20 lbs in  just two.
I was so lucky to read the local magazine and join WLC. I cannot praise Sanela, Herbalife and all the people who attend the workshop highly enough.
Mary and Sid Woodman xx

Mary has been my client since September 2009 when she attended one of my Weight Loss Challenges. We have since become great friends and even to this date, she continues coming to visit me on weekly or two weekly basis to help with her maintenance and keeping her on track. I feel blessed to have people like Mary in my life and it is an honour each and every day to serve in this way in helping my clients with such transformations that can change their lives forever!

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