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I really wanted to do a little video to address and extend gratitude to all the people who made 2016 really special for me. Here it is…

I also hope you do not mind me adding some thoughts that did not make it into the video message…

I feel I should start by acknowledging that year 2016 has been a difficult year for many and my thoughts are with the people of Syria and the people who are suffering right now in various pockets of the world.

As a Bosnian, I feel tremendous pain that tragedy like this is allowed to happen again and feel powerless to do anything about it, as I am sure many feel right now too.

World is watching, still. I can not help wondering what can we do individually. There is almost a sense of guilt for continuing each day to live the life I do, we all do, whilst so many people are dying and have died. I turn to great thinkers of our time Dr Wayne Dyer, Ekhart Tolle and more for a perspective that I know will be different to the feelings of anger and desperation we are all currently exposed to in the media, especially social media, because I do not think those feelings will solve anything and they surely do not lead to peace.

My husband always makes an incredible point that until people live in fear, nothing will change. Nothing will change in their life, which will also contribute to nothing changing in the world thanks to them either. Bosnian war happened when neighbours took arms against their fellow friends because they were in a fear for their dear life and the life of their family either because they were threatened with persecution or even death if they did not do so or they were made to fear that their neighbours were their enemies who will kill them if they do not “defend” themselves first, which caused anger, rage and deep seeded hate to surface, which brought the very worst in people. But, it is all fear and it is similar scenario that occurs in all conflicts.

We deny ourselves reaching our potential because of a fear that pursuing our passion or a goal in life may be the end of us or something else horrible is going to happen. We have all those limiting beliefs and allow others to bestow their own limiting beliefs upon us and it stops us in our tracks in being at top health, with person of our dreams or in a dream job or pursuing our passion. All fear again.

So, whilst I have no answer for what is going on in the world, I feel deeply that it is the COURAGE, COMPASSION and LOVE for all our fellow humans that has the ultimate power to cause the shift in a collective consciousness, and it starts from us. This world needs people who have come alive, who have the courage to pursue their passion and becoming the best versions of themselves, people who are fearless and it needs those too who judge less but extend their love and compassion to those less fortunate. Once we understand this, we must do what is necessary to ourselves light up and be that change.

This brings me to my work and the message I wish to end this Year 2016 and enter a New Year 2017… I had a good year. My family is healthy, my heart is filled with love and I feel tremendously loved by my family and friends, I have a work I love doing, I have a warm and beautiful home, I enjoy abundance of nutritious food, I feel safe too… so, actually, I had nothing but a great year.

I feel nothing but gratitude to all those who contributed to this. My incredible family, my dear friends, my Herbalife family be it my clients, my team member or my colleagues. I end this year on a high and this is one way I can see myself contributing to the world – showing that we CAN follow our passion and come alive and do so through courage to allow ourselves to be who we truly are, authentic to our core values, dreams and passions, do the work we love doing, which for me personally means sharing the message of nutrition and better health with the world, constantly evolving, allowing ourselves to fall down, then learn from it, pick ourselves up and get better and having faith in what is coming next.

I also know that New Year 2017 is going to be another great year and I wish everyone in my life and all their loved ones a year filled with peace, love, joy, prosperity and greatest of health. I look forward to continuing being your friend, coach, colleague, family. Have faith and belief in the future and courage to make the change you can! If you take a leap, net just might appear and love is there behind your fear.

Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year 2017! Here is my video message to all of you!

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