Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Karine, London UK

Here is someone very dear and special to me. My friend Karine.

Karine was my very first team member when I joined the business and my very first Supervisor. Karine is kind, hard working and very intelligent. She saw what I saw, where hundreds around us didn’t. She had an incredible product result. There was a point in my business when I was made redundant when I got so low and it was Karine who, with her act of kindness, enabled me to keep myself afloat and IN the business until I sorted myself out. And I did. I have been trying to repay her ever since. I, basically, owe Karine forever. She REALLY paid it forward.

In my soul searching, this is an important thing never to forget or take for granted. Those that were there for you when you really needed it.

Business was much harder at those times. It was “Old Herbalife”, as we call it now. Company has been transformed now and there is only a handful of us that stayed to weather the change it went through. Because we believed in the company and even more in the products and science and that it always was a company of good with an intention to do good. It was just stuck in the old way business was being conducted in our profession, in our business model, so some could not see the real thing through all the weed. I always wish more stayed to see the incredible changes, New Herbalife.

We used to say that true Herbalifer is the one who even if they never made a penny from the business and moved on to other things, they would still continue to take products. Those are usually the ones who did the business for the right reasons in the first place. Who understood the science and the quality of the products, that we need that nutrition in our bodies and those who understood the role we play in making the world healthier even if it is just us and our families being healthier as a result. Those who really listened at the trainings and conferences when doctors spoke. Those are the ones who ‘bleed green when cut open’. I am one of them and Karine is too. My Cassy is too. There are others…

But, we are rare birds. Really rare. In the world that moves fast and offers so much choice, loyalty to a product and/or to an idea is rare. Everyone is searching for the next best thing, but rare are those who comitt to ONE thing. I guess that is how we know we have found our tribe, the ones who stay loyal to that very same thing. No one tries to fit in but we just belong because we believe in it, want to be in, know we are not perfect, that nothing is, but we follow our heart, stay true to those beliefs. Searching for the next best thing is not an option for us. Because we know we already have the next best thing. Our hearts have been open and we saw the vision that is greater than ourselves. And we decided to stick with it and not let go. Because we also know that bucks stops with us and us alone and that for things to get better it is only us that need to get better, everything else is already in place. Success does not depend on anything outside of us.

So, back to my friend Karine. Karine did not stay in the business, those were tough times. Karine went back to work, had a beautiful boy and has a great job. Every month, I send her her favourite products. It has been like that for years now, well over a decade. And, this week, I got the very best news ever – Karine decided to join 90 Day Challenge. I was over the moon! Karine was one of my very first clients, first team member, and, just over a decade later – first to follow me again on a journey to clean eating and improved health and shape  (Well, Cassy did too and so did my husband, but us three do not count – for us it goes without saying!)

All these years we have not worked together on Karine’s wellness results, however, she has stayed connected to our nutritional products. That was her choice. We have gone a full circle now. Karine did, I did, company did… I am so excited for her as final results will be mind blowing. I know it because Karine does not start anything she has not put a thought into it first. With this post I wish to express my gratitude to Karine for all her loyalty and belief and friendship. I am honoured to continue to be part of her journey.

My wish for everyone is to find their ONE thing and just stick with it. To find their tribe. People and community who will help them and support them, who will take them for who they are, where they will not be judged, but just inspired to be their even greater selves, people who they feel good being around. If you already have that, protect it, get rid of any doubts, do not let others influence you and tell you there is something better out there. Because, most probably there isn’t. True stuff does not come by easily and often. Some plan even might, but not the people who genuinely care. And you will feel that in your gut.

Going from flower to flower and never settling and committing to ONE thing will frustrate you and you will not have results to show for either. That is not the sign of commitment. And going alone is a recipe for disaster too… My opinion, of course. I’ve just seen it way too much to believe any different.

And when it comes to Karine… Oh, what a wonderful journey this is going to be. For Karine, it starts this coming Monday, although, in her mind, she is ready right NOW! Let’s do it, mon ami!

For anyone wishing to follow in our footsteps or check out what it is all about – contact me for more details!

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