Focus 4 Four Week Chllenge Transformations Weight Loss

This week we saw yet another challenge finish and, as usual, some of the results are off the chart. It never seems to fail to surprise me what can be achieved in a single month! However, it is not the pictures, but the stories behind them that fill my heart with joy.

“I love seeing everyone fantastic results today, brilliant. It was my first focus4 and I have loved every minute of it. The support I have had from my coach and all the other ladies has been amazing. I have lost 19lb and 93cm over the last 28 days which is mind blowing and I look so different. The massive thing for me is that I feel so different both physically and mentally. I cried tears today but not the sad dispearing tears I normally cry when it comes to my weight/body, but happy tears. I sleep better, I have so much energy, my blood pressure is better. I can’t explain what this last month has done for me. I feel so lucky to have found this amazing group of people and look forward to the next challenges thank you all!”, Karina

Then I absolutely loved Helen’s results as well as the fact that she was doing it with three of her friends. In case you have not picked up my article on Eating Patterns and Social Contagion and how who we spend time with can influence our eating behaviors and ultimately how our health shows up. Our chance of becoming obese increases by 57% if our friend is obese, but if the friendship is mutual, the obesity increases by 171%, particularly for the same-sex friendships, so, it works the other way too – by surrounding yourself with community of people who are on the same mission as yourself – even more powerful if you have your own circle of influence joining too.

“Not only my first F4 challenge but also 3 friends joined me and absolutely smashed it. Although not quite ready for personal recognition I can confirm that A.A. lost 62cm and really close to her target weight; L.R.L. lost 15lbs in weight and is getting to grips with the tape measure ready for next time; Z.A., after a really busy month, is yet to add up all totals but delighted with her losses. All of us have loved the process. I’d like to congratulate them on sticking with it and believing in me.” Helen John

“Absolutely proud of myself… I have achieved so much in a month. I’ve pushed myself everyday to get to my goal but there’s a bit more to go yet… It’s been hard going sometimes but I managed to pick myself back up… I feel so much better in myself I think I need a new wardrobe! Anyone can achieve something if they put their mind to it & only yourself can change, no one else can do it for you!”, Tam

“Hi guys, this was my first month of doing this and really happy with the way its gone. 71 cm loss. This month for me was more about getting used to eating better foods and at the right times. And having a structured plan too follow. Not much exercise was carried out, but I do intend the change that for next challenge. I can’t wait for the next challenge now!”, Liam

“If i look back at first pictures from January Focus 4 after I had a few months just before Christmas of eating way too much and not exercising as much, I piled weight on… My problem area is definitely my stomach after having 3 children and I can have trouble with bloating but the change is massive after 2 challenges so I need to give myself pat on the back really and keep going until I’m where I want to be… I want to be lean but I want muscle tone and curves”, Tanya

Absolutely over the moon with my results in just 4 weeks! Massive thank you to my coach and all the team for the support and guidance. It’s been better than I could ever have imagined. So here’s my 4 week results:

πŸ’š 25.5 inches off
πŸ’š 9lb 2oz weight down
πŸ’š Skin feels amazing and redness of Rosacea reduced HUGELY
πŸ’š Fitness levels improving
πŸ’š Confidence and self-esteem growing day by day

Loads more personal results achieved in the last 4 weeks, we’ve had some tough times in the family during this time but stuck with it and so glad to have that focus actually. Still a way to go but it’s a marathon not a sprint and I’m fully committed to doing the right thing this time rather than quick wins, faddy diets etc. You get out of your body what you put in and I feel great on these products. I can’t wait to start the next Focus4!”, Lia

“Hey guys, these are my results: I lost 21.5cm; Gained 2lb muscle; Body fat down; 1.7 Visceral fat down to 4.5; Water is up; Metabolism has increased; Metabolic age dropped 4 years; I’m happy with that as my goal was to build muscle on this challenge.”, Alicia

It has not all been weight loss as, Kirilee has been working on her body composition really hard over the past year!

Here are my results from focus 4: I’ve been bulking, filling out and growing muscle for my body building competition in July, while shredding body fat slowly using our challenges.

This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to wear a bikini for the challenge photos. As a coach, I’m super super proud of everyone involved and you have all been so amazing its so emotional”, Kirilee

Congratulations are also in order to Susannah who won our Step Challenge, Stacey who won Sleep Challenge by increasing her average sleep by 1 hour as well as to Natalina who is our Bake Off Winner!

Oh, it has been a total fun getting our competitive nature get the very best of us and Β£1600 was given away in total to all the most remarkable transformations, although, they are all winners in my heart!

While there are too many result to be able to mention them all, here is one that stands out for me. It is our coach Dee:

“Just finished my 6th Focus 4 and the smile on my face says it all. I have managed to shrink to a size 6-8 from an 18. Down to 20% body fat & getting amazing results that always leave me flabbergasted with this plan. Trust the process, set your goals & go for them!”, Dee

Dee’s transformation is remarkable on many levels. She is a customer who turned coach because it is that Transformed People Transform People. She is not in my team (I wish!), but I love the fact that we all work together, we are one team and proud of each other’s achievements. Dee shows the commitment to her progress and health and her progress is a testament of the power of the community and what “one challenge at a time” can do if you just embrace the journey and commit to long term progress! I had to personally congratulate Dee and she responded:

“Sanela, I remember my first Focus 4 watching the welcome videos being so excited. I literally could not wait because I knew how great this was going to be for me & it has truly saved my life!” (Dee).

Indeed, when opportunity presents itself, you must feel it in your gut, trust that feeling, believe in yourself and go for it!

Here are some other of our March 2021 4 Week Challenge results ad congratulations to all the participants:

Our next 4 week challenge starts 5th April 2021. If any of these testimonials and results have inspired you to join, let me know. You can also read more about 4 Week Challenge.

Until next time,

Here is to you & your health!


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