4 week challenge testimonials

Congratulations to all our 4 week challenge participants

Most people who join transformation challenges do it so they can lose weight and/or get in shape and get support doing it.

Rarely they count on a deeper transformation that is taking place and the sense of belonging to a supportive community that is making big difference, especially to those who lack support in their every day life.

When I look at the participants, most of whom I have never met before and do not know about their lives prior to the challenge, I see lot of moms, many are stay at home moms, many are nurses, teachers and everything else in between who are trying to improve their health so they can feel better and perform better at work and have more energy for their family once they get back home after work. We have many husbands who joined their wives in an effort to get healthier and in a better shape together. Many mum and daughter teams too and those are truly heart warming…

Everyone is excited when they join, with a dose of self doubt as many have not been successful at sorting their health and weight before, so it gives me and all of us coaches such a joy to see the results and testimonials coming through.

The truth is, once someone has done it once, they know they can do it again!

As one participant said: “Rolling back the 2020 Covid belly one Focus 4 challenge at a time!”

What many are not even realising is the impact their weight loss/ fat loss and eating “cleaner”, anti-inflammatory foods have on their overall health. When their energy is up, they do not even know how that energy increase is a combination of excitement, energy in the group as well as their healthier habits and the effect that has on their immune and digestive health that is sending sparks to their eyes.


Here are some of the best testimonials we received…

“I’ve really enjoyed this challenge especially the pre-recorded work out sessions as I was able to do them early in morning before my kids got up, I’ve worked really hard and the results are my reward. Lost 1st 5lbs and 47cm in total. Well done everyone your results are awesome. I’m defo in the next 1 to help push me to my target and and I’m super chuffed I can zip up my favourite jeans again”, Stephanie

“Absolutely loved this challenge 🥰 total loss 52.5cm & 10.6lb and my husband.. 34cm & 12.8lb. Loving our before and after pictures 🥰… so pleased! Well done everyone!! Xxxxx”, Katie

I still can’t believe my results! 56cm off in total! Want to say a special thank you to Lisa Lloyd Davies ⭐️ Thank you for your continued support and for always believing in me.. you really are an inspiration to everyone ⭐️ Looking forward to the next challenge already!”, Hannah

Mine and my amazing mum Julies clothes transformation photos.
I’ve tried squeezing into these jeans for the last 10 years (yes I have kept them for that long) then 28 days with the support from you guys and BOOM!!! This was my mum’s first time ever on the products and I think we can clearly say she smashed it!!! Well done Mum!!!! Huge thanks Kate Russell for putting up with my endless questions!”,
Jacqueline and Julie

“Still awaiting my comparison photos but I’m an epic 34cm smaller and have shifted my mindset massively. Hoping to get on the exercise side of things in the next challenge too. My overall eating habits are much better and now baby is settling into something that may well be a routine one day I’m making the most of cook once eat twice+ philosophy…managed to knock up 4 meal pots for myself last night (4 varieties same base ingredients so glad I won’t be eating the same stuff in a loop) and 3 for hubby. I’ve also managed to batch cook and lamb and veg soup today and feed the kids something decent too… that is most certainly a win! X”, Ce’Nedra Gayle

“Hey everyone! I’ve been seeing everyone’s pictures and it’s incredible how amazing you all look… I just want to share a little of my story and would love to hear yours!

So, 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, at 21 this was life changing for me and a bitter sweet moment! Not only have I now got a life long condition but I finally had answers after years of misery! Before I stumbled upon Focus 4, I was in constant pain everyday, not knowing if it was going to be an alright day or a bad day (never had good days), most days crippled me and was bed bound, off and on medication to try and ease the pain and symptoms. No life for a young person!

Weight always fluctuates because of the horrible steroids I have to go on and thought I can’t live like this anymore. Then I found my feet with Herbalife Nutrition.. and, with such amazing and supportive people a few challenges later… I’m fitter, healthier and most importantly in no where near as much pain as I was just a few months ago!

I never thought I would be able to get through a day without pain, but now I’m having a lot more of them! Thank you, Herbalife Nutrition and you amazing people, specially Gemma Louise Bowen, for your encouragement and a new lease of life I never thought possible!” Charlie

“As everyone else has been brave enough I may as well join in, here are my first focus4 results, 17cm off between my waist and my hips and 8lb lighter, roll on the next one!”, Rowena

“Thank you everyone, without your love and support I wouldn’t be here!!
You all make me proud! 40cm down and working on the rest now until the next challenge. No more fizzy pop just water or tea goes in my mouth! Here’s to the next one!
, Kerry

“1st Focus 4 done! Impressed with my results, 47.5cm lost and a I am amazed by the difference in photos too!”, Alfie

“Took my weight measurement on the scale. Total loss = 8.5 lbs. Took my body measurements. Total loss = 43 cm. Not bad as I couldn’t work out for the last two weeks. Boom ♡!”, Sarah

“My RESULTS are in: My Weight loss – 13.5 pounds. My CM loss – 69.5cm. My Total loss since 14th Nov 2020 (including a Christmas break). My Total Weight loss – 22pounds. My Total CM loss – 100cm. ⭐️ I.am.Absolutely.over the moon!”, ⭐️ Charlotte

“Tomorrow is my final weigh in, measure up and fabulous Herbie photo shoot. In all honesty, with a new baby in tow plus 3 kids and a man child, I’ve not been my most dedicated, but I’ve seen progress none the less. Not only do I look better but I feel better too, physically and mentally. I don’t have the time I’d like to meal prep. With a newborn I typically look at hot food and it seems to be mandatory that I eat it cold and drink cold tea. Having shakes and protein snack on hand ensures I have the nutrients I need not only to nourish myself but to feed my daughter. It means I’m not so starving I devour the contents of the kids junk cupboard. I had so much support that even my wobbles didn’t destabilise my progress. My macros were tailored to my new body and breastfeeding requirements. I learned how to turn shake into healthy yet naughty snack to itch my sweet tooth and my milk production is awesome. It took away my midnight sugar cravings, I’ve gained some awesome quick recipes for my cookbook and I already look better than I did pre-baby. Genuinely looking forward to the next challenge.”, Alley

“It’s been so inspiring to share the journey with everyone and feel the highs and lows together, rooting for each other after fantastic results and supporting each other when things didn’t go quite as we wanted to.”, Isabel

“I’m feeling very proud of myself! I’ve lost 1stone 1.8lbs (have a lot to lose) and 50cm!! I’m so so happy. Thank you all for this group and amazing support xxx”, Amy

“Loving reading all the positive results/mindset from this challenge.
It’s my first time using HL products & taking part in a challenge. I was a little hesitant, now I’ve no idea why! I have loved cooking the recipes & using the products. I too will be sticking to plan. I am buzzing with energy & to top it have lost 16” & 12 lb -it’s a no-brainer! Thank you to you all, especially Caroline Griffiths for the gentle encouragement to give it a go. Will definitely be joining the next challenge! X”
, Layla

“14 and a half inches lost which is 36.83 cm. I’ve eaten so much lovely food, i feel so healthy, my skin is nicer, i have more energy Very thankful i joined this so i can’t wait for the next one and I’m carrying on with this plan until then and until i reach my goal”, Tanya

They are amazing, aren’t they? Wait until you see actual transformations (scrawl below)

If you have been inspired by the testimonials, head over to 4 Week Challenge page to read all what you will get when you join the challenge and you could be a success story at our very next Focus 4 Challenge!

If you have Questions, I have the Answers! Contact me…

And, until next time, stay safe, healthy, nourished and energized!

Yours in Health,


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