Quorn Mince Egg Omelette

I have really enjoyed this lunch earlier today and I think you would too.

When I need something quick and delicious for lunch or dinner, if I am not planning to having a Formula 1 smoothie, I straight away turn to eggs. I love them in all kinds of ways, they are nutritious and full of protein.

I have never used quorn before until I recently tried quorn sausages, but I was disappointed with how little protein quorn sausages had compared to some other vegetarian options, however, I could see that Quorn mince has got quite a decent amount so decided to give quorn mince a try, in my seemingly never-ending efforts to find more vegetarian options in my diet.

I remember as a kid, my mum would make an egg omelette using sauteed onions, minced beef and, obviously, eggs. So, I gave that omelette a bit of a make over by using quorn mince and it was absolutely delicious.

Just add salad to it and, voila, you have a great balanced meal.

Ingredients for 2 people: 4 Eggs, 1 Onion, 200 gr quorn mince and, for salad: whatever you love, but, today, I used some spinach, rocket salad, 2 small avocados (very small) between my husband and I, and some tomatoes.

It was a meal of about 26 grams of protein and 400 calories. Not too shabby at all…

Bon Apetit!

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