Herbalife Nutrition Testimonial client Sharon Bath UK

Sharon’s Story

“I had been meaning to do something about my weight for a while but the time was never right and life got in the way, then Sophie, my youngest daughter, made some less than complementary remarks about my weight and that was the kick I needed to do something about it.  I saw the advert in the Local Look about the local Weight Loss Challenge and decided to give it a go.

My main goal was to lose weight but I also hoped to get fitter and more energetic. I had been unhappy with my weight for some time but had struggled to diet.  If I did lose weight I would put it all back on again.  I was sluggish a lot of the time and worried about my health – I knew I was overweight and unfit and I got coughs and colds all the time.

When I started on the Herbalife programme, I initially found it tricky to manage the protein and calorie count, but I found it really helpful sharing my food log with my coach regularly as this helped me to balance the protein and calories.  Once I had worked this out it became much easier to follow.  Having 5 meals a day meant I was never hungry and I was able to fit the programme into my lifestyle without too much difficulty.  I lost nearly 4 pounds in the first week and this kept me going. The shakes are quick and easy and are brilliant for giving you the protein boost you need in the morning.  Both the shakes and bars are a must for busy people.

I ended up losing 30 pounds in total and the whole journey has been brilliant for me.  I now have more energy and because I am drinking more water my brain seems to be working better!  It is wonderful to go shopping for Size 10 clothes (something I haven’t done since I left school!) and wear things I wasn’t comfortable wearing when I was heavier.  I have also noticed that my shape has improved and my health too.  I get less coughs and colds and my back problem has also improved. I couldn’t have done it without your help, Sanela, and also the support of the group was really beneficial.  When I had a bad week it was nice to know I wasn’t alone and I picked up some really useful tips chatting to other group members.

Support was truly excellent.  I have learned so much about what healthy eating really is (not just salad!) and I have also learned about which vitamins and supplements to take. I highly recommend Sanela, Herbalife & Weight Loss Challenge to anyone wanting to not only lose weight, but learn about balanced eating and how to maintain it once weight loss goal is reached.”

Sharon lost 30 lbs using Herbalife Nutrition plan
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