How to turn your meals into balanced, nutrition powerhouses, and burn fat all day long

I have been a Wellness Coach since 2004, so nearly 13 years to date. I have, in that period, conducted well over thousand wellness evaluations, judging from all the files I still keep of everyone who walked through the door or I spoke to over the phone/ Skype. Most wanted to lose weight, some just more energy and vitality, a few who actually needed to gain weight. Some already knew that something was wrong with the balance in their nutrition. There were a few of those who came absolutely sure that their diet wass healthy, so they wanted me to confirm that was the case, in order for them to perhaps seek doctor’s help and investigate if there is something more sinister going on that would explain their lack of energy and weight gain.

One thing was sure, absolutely everyone who came to see me could benefit from more nutrition and better snack/ meal balance, some with just a few tweaks, some with major changes to produce the results they were after.Once this was addressed, everyone got a result they wanted, as long as they stuck to the plan, which is another story entirely.

One thing that always stuck out was that most who came consumed in between 25% to no more than 60% of the protein they should have. This alone would be a major reason why many had difficulty with weight management, cravings, energy dips, tiredness, slower metabolism and many more issues at a deeper cellular level.

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