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My mother is a breast cancer survivor. She is the only one of 10 ladies that were treated at the same time back in 1980 in Zagreb hospital that survived. The other 9 ladies died within the same year, may they rest in peace. Actually, most of my childhood I thought my mum was going to die too. I am telling this story to celebrate her recovery and the fact that she is still alive and healthy, soon to be 77 and probably healthier than most of her age.

My mother is probably my biggest supporter in my health business, she had my back from the very start 12 years ago in 2014 as she knew herself the power of feeding your body with masses of good nutrition on a daily basis in order not just to survive but to PREVENT… prevent Disease, Ailments, Conditions, slow down the aging process too… it all comes down whether our cells get it daily what they need… or NOT… If they do not, system eventually begins to break down.

I have just come across this article on quail eggs ( and remembered after her operation 33 years ago how I was cycling across town every week to buy 180 quail eggs. They were gold dust. She was eating several of them daily raw to aid her recovery from breast cancer, in addition to the raw vegetable juices she was making daily, natural oils and supplements. We are talking 80s Bosnia & Herzegovina, 35 years ago, NOT 2016 Great Britain (and even now, in this time and age with all the nutritional advancements, there is a huge lack of awareness). Did she really know the science behind Omega 3 and its anti-inflammatory potential? Did she know about antioxidants? I really don’t think so. Certainly she did not know the science behind it and yet, she knew exactly how to give her body the nutrition and best opportunity for her body to heal. A lot of it now is just common sense.

I truly believe that my mother was way ahead of her time and it is thanks to her that I got the passion for life and nutrition; she just kept it for herself, I want to tell the world. After she fully recovered, I was probably not older than 13 and was famous (“famous” is probably too big of a word) in the neighborhood for the shakes made out of every single fruit, vegetable, herb I could find in or around the house, with added soya milk and, of course, fresh raw eggs. It was a brownish substance and I simply LOVED it, whilst everyone else played the victim by pulling funny faces and blocking their noses when drinking it. They were great sports as I know they only did it for me! I though, on the other hand, it would make me live forever! 🙂

Since I could remember, she had a local woman who kept chickens bring every morning freshly laid egg that she would make into a shake with some added milk and local raw honey. That was my start of EVERY morning. My favourite fresh juice was the one she made from grated then cold pressed carrots, apple and beetroot. With that kind of upbringing, I could not be or do anything else but what I do now.

My mum is a GREAT woman, I can tell you! She will leave a great legacy and I hope to do the same with my children! New generations must be smarter and take better care of themselves than generations before them, otherwise, we are doomed! It ALREADY seems like a doom and gloom when you listen to the media, so, we all MUST collectively aim to make a difference and start with personal responsibility, for the sake of our future generations! You may be already on the right track and some of you reading this might be lost in all the information, lot of it being contradictory, but – don’t worry – you will get there, just keep informing yourself and do the best you can for your health as it is your greatest wealth.

BIG Thanks, mum, may you live many more years to come!

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