The Six Pack Revolution – First two weeks

I have been coaching clients into a better health since 2004, however, despite all the trainings and education, I have never had a health coach myself to guide me and make me accountable for the choices I make in order to achieve my wellness goals. Despite my own best efforts, while I was in what is considered a pretty GOOD shape, I have felt for a while that I needed to take it up a notch and get to the next level so I can inspire more people that we can all be fit at forty, fifty and beyond. Of course, I wanted this for myself too.

I became aware of The Six Pack Revolution in September 2017 through some of the Herbalife colleague health coaches. The level of commitment they portrayed that one had to have on the SPR plan did not exactly attract me initially to it. When December came and, with it, their results of 90 days of hard work, blood & sweat, it was them having the last laugh. I was so inspired with so many stories and transformations, it became apparent that The Six Pack Revolution was not entirely about the actual six-pack (although many DID get it, whilst plan caters for people of all shapes and sizes and many were there who still would not reach a “six-pack” for a year at least considering how much body fat they initially had – but I know now that they WILL reach it), but it was more about mental strength, developing disciplines needed to improve your health and shape and certainly support & accountability needed to get to the next level. It was just what I needed.

I signed up in December 2017 for the next January 2018 SPR Wave and have inspired my husband to join me too. Once January came, boy I was happy that I took that step as Christmas holidays have added some fluff I definitely did not want or need. Two weeks in, I have never been more excited or, shall I say – WE have never been more excited. We are eating cleaner and leaner than ever. No added salt or  sugar, limited caffeine; my husband even stopped smoking, so it must be even harder for him, but, we are both loving it. Recipes are delicious especially if you are prepared to experiment with spices and herbs; it took our food planning and organisation to the next level. Our energy is through the roof, after initially feeling not so good first few days, so, we obviously needed this cleanse.

We have opted for Herbalife plan (of course) that includes two a day Formula 1 shakes in a special combination with other Herbalife products and supplements for the best balance of micro and macro nutrients together with 4 other meals planned for us for each day of the week. What is not in the plan – we can not eat! Simple! I am enjoying the cooking and, two weeks in and, in my husband’s words, “we have not had one bad meal yet!” We were concerned how we will do around social events, but, we are managing fine. Today, as I write this, is my husbands 47th birthday and I will make him a Weekend Pancake recipe that is allowed on the plan and stick a candle on top of it! Happy Birthday, my love! In his words again: “This is how we should eat all the time!” Please, understand, we already had a GOOD diet, we KNEW what we were doing, but, this took us on that GREAT new level!

Exercises consist of daily workouts that increase each week, abs challenges on alternate days and a couple of weekly challenges that are 20-40 minutes long. Despite my two weekly CobraFIT workout, I found I was not as fit as I wanted to be and I can feel that challenges are making me stronger and fitter day by day. I even started running, which is quite unusual for me as I did not think I enjoyed it as much. I AM, however, in a continual slight body ache as body is adjusting to the new exercise routine.

Two week progress My body is changing, slowly. I have made some progress even before 15th Jan Challenge start date as I cut sugar and starchy carbs after the holidays. I am in no rush, there are 11 more weeks to go and I want to enjoy the journey and I know there is already a lot I learnt in terms of how to serve my own clients better and make things a lot simpler for them. But, mainly, I want to be an inspiration and inspire more to join me in the next wave in May.

The Six Pack Revolution team consists of experts in health, fitness and nutrition, nutritionist and a doctor on board, and, after they got a support from my upline mentors and Herbalife itself, the deal was sealed for me. Please note that, apart from a Herbalife plan (all food or vegetarian), they also cater for those who wish to use other supplements or no supplements, it is open to all, there is also a vegan plan and plans are different depending whether one wishes to lose body fat, gain muscle or maintain their shape. In the next wave, my husband and I would love to go vegetarian, this will be our push in the direction we have been contemplating for a while now. What I love about it – there is no counting of calories – you only use your hand to dermine the portion that is right for you. Genious! My clients will love this!

My experience is that level of support is second to none. My husband had a few questions and he had a phone call on a Saturday, two minutes after sending a text that he would love to talk to someone and run some questions by them. He was called by the owner of SPR himself and got reassured and handled brilliantly. It is a kind of service I give and I admire it in others too.

Here is my take on the first two weeks on The Six Pack Revolution:

  • Being part of the community of people who share the same interest and goals with you together with professional support within the group is the KEY to success. Going alone – not so much!
  • Personal Development is encouraged by the SPR with plugging into it daily.  Everything that we achieve or create starts in the mind first, so the mind must be a starting point and something I ought to encourage more with my own clients. If you would like to start somewhere – The Secret or You Are The Placebo are two things I highly recommend to understand the power of our mind and emotions. Second book is especially for those who are sceptics on the first book – if you think first is a lot of mambo jumbo – science will talk to you then through the second book (or audio).
  • The greatest enemy of GREAT is GOOD. Many people do not know how BETTER they could feel! Don’t settle, go all the way! The success lies outside of the comfort zone!
  • Success also consists of small disciplines repeated daily over a period of time. Discipline makes us stronger. It does get easier saying NO to things that do not serve us. But, every YES to what it DOES serve us increases our integrity and self-respect. I am having lots of it these days.
  • We are given one body in this life, to serve our purpose and feel the joy and happiness. Hard to do it when health & energy are compromised!
  • Love life, love yourself & always give your best! That is how we best serve & inspire!

Until next time, stay healthy and happy, always! 🙂


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