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For change, here is a burger with a difference… 500gr of turkey mince and 300gr or mushrooms finely chopped up with an onion and the whole clove of garlic and spices (salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, turmeric, steak spice).

10 burgers per mix with 32 grams of protein and 200 calories per 2 burgers. Kids adore them as they are soft, juicy and absolutely delicious! Add vegetables/ salad and enjoy this meal under 350 calories and enough protein and fibre for sustained energy, no fat storing!

As a family with children who are not that much into meat (unless it is a well disguised fish or chicken) and would not look at red meat, and ourselves trying to meet our protein needs through plants and lean proteins – turkey is a lot better option than a traditional beef mince. However, this is not always the case.

Turkey mince can come in all kinds of nutritional values, depending where the mince is from: lean breast will have a lot less fat than meat coming from the meat off the bone, which can have more saturated fat than certain cuts of beef. So, make sure you pick turkey breast mince. You can also invest in the meat grinder, as my super 76-year-old healthy mum did, she loves to be in control of the quality of her food and chicken or turkey breast is easier to inspect than mince meat itself. For the rest of us mortals – reading the label can be just good enough.

Whenever we can, we get the meat, poultry mainly, from the local farm, knowing that they have been raised in good conditions and were happier, grass-fed birds, ensuring that meat will be less toxic and will have more nutrients too. (Although, when I put it in writing like this, I can not escape thinking I would always rather see live birds roaming around than eating them).

Furthermore, regarding the burger itself, breast meat mince can be a bit dry, but adding mushroom mince (whizzed in the processor but not too finely) adds juice to your healthy burger.

Enjoy! Bon Apetit!

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