You can only pour from a full cup

I sent this as a newsletter last week and it has all the merits to be recycled as a blog post.

Because it has been also months since I last wrote any article and I hope you are glad to hear from me.

Both my articles and newsletters used to be regular like a clockwork – every Monday Morning, for years, a decade to be exact!

Years ago I was even told by a person on the street how she looks forward to my Monday newsletters. It taught me that people love consistency, so I kept going.

This year, I messed up. But for all the right reasons…

You see, sometimes, when our own cup is not full, we must do everything in our power to fill it back up before we are able to support people around us.

And that is what I did.

I got into some terrible habits during pandemic like going to bed too late, eating stuff I know do not serve me and my body…

Sounds familiar?

Has it ever happened to you that you completely lost your identity and you knew who you wanted to be, but you kept delaying getting back on track because, quite frankly, you had no idea how to get back on track as there were just too many things you had to put right?

Pandemic did not help. Losing my mum, in my case, did not help either as grief is a terrible thing and has no expiration date, you just hope it fades with time, which it did, but it never disappears entirely. I know that many went through financial stress, which can really take its toll eventually and y family was no stranger to that either.

So, I decided to retrieve, reassess, so I can re-emerge stronger and with a clearer purpose.

First thing I had to address was my sleep quality.

I now leave my phone downstairs before going to bed and I go to bed earlier than ever as I am an early riser, so if I wanted to get my 7-8 hours of sleep every single night – going to bed early was the only way.

I used to live on 5 hours of sleep for years, but it got bad during pandemic with some nights with less than 5 hours by going to bed very late (or early, if you look at the time I actually ended in bed), whilst still waking up before 6 am.

Damage that lack of sleep does to our brains will only be felt later on in life, whilst energy levels are felt throughout the day.

Also, did you know that only one single night of less than optimal sleep puts our blood sugar levels and hormones at a level of a diabetic and we can eat up to 500 calories more the next day?

So, no more sacrificing sleep for Netflix!

Feels good at a time, but, boy, it backfires!

Just this little hack helped me tremendously with putting other puzzle pieces together – because I simply had more clarity the next day. And my hormones were not so messed up.

Oh, another thing, I am peri-menopausal. This is definitely playing against me, but I have equipped myself with some amazing sources of new science on peri menopause and how to hack through it without losing your mind.

Ladies, yup, this is possible too! Actually, it is essential as our choices during this second puberty in every women’s life is crucial to our health once we reach menopause. And beyond! Almost all clings to this phase!

More about this later, but if you would like me to point you out to some resources that literally BLEW MY MIND – let me know!

God, I have so much to share, I have spend last whole year doing nothing but self reflecting and learning… to the point of information overload… Good job I am good at organisation as it is a handy task storing this logically in my brain’s filing cabinet.

I really thought long and hard about my identity and how last 18 months have shifted it for worse, so, I am claiming it back! One step at a time.

This has more to do with boundaries I have now set with myself that we all need to have in order to have the health and life we want.

Knowing what we want and how to get there and having these clear boundaries so that we make our promise to ourselves stick.

Then there are boundaries with others.

Building that congruence muscle.

Doing in public what we promised ourselves we want to do privately (and vice versa, which is called integrity).

Because it is important others around you know how to support you.

Finally realising that boundaries are an expression of self-love and self-care.

How are you with your boundaries?

Do you ever say Yes to others even if it means saying No to yourself? Sounds good at a time and then you end up beating yourself about it?

What are YOUR non-negotiables? Things you know and want to get back to knowing they make you feel and look better?

For me, as for many of you who are my clients, those are our breakfast F1 smoothies, having protein in every meal starting with breakfast, drinking water, eating regularly, but, somehow, these are not enough if there are other things in play.

By “other things” I mean habits that do not support our physical, mental and spiritual well being.

So, what needs to stay for you? What needs to go?

Because getting those right leads to more freedom, not less, which is a topic for another day as many mistakenly mean that discipline leads to loss of restriction, when it is completely the opposite.

But, another time about this.

I just wanted to get some of these ideas out and rather than procrastinate getting back to the work I love (that I never left despite being on the quiet side), publishing anything sounds better than one big fat 0. I owe it to myself and even if it is a one single person who will find it of value.

Baby steps forward, but steps forward nevertheless.

Oh, and if you don’t heck know who I am, an introduction may be appropriate, even if it is at the end of this piece:

Hello! I’m Sanela and I am a health & mindset coach and nutrition educator who helps women struggling with their health & weight transform their overwhelm into clarity with my unique wellness coaching method and plan so they can become the best versions of themselves and and have the energy and freedom to live their best life!

Nice to meet you!

If in doubt or struggling with overwhelm, I am here for you to help you figure it out.

I may sound like I am new to all this, but, no, I am not. I know my stuff, but I am also just human, also on a journey, like yourself.

Next 4 Week Challenge starts 13th September, so, if you are up for it, to clear up your diet and start some exercise habits, check it out. You will find that setting goals, committing to plan, establishing accountability and support are all part of the challenge if you decide to dive fully in.

Some only dip in and out and it still works if they just need a few prompts. But those who need more help – I advise you to dive deep in as DIY is a trap! I will talk about this too in one of my next articles!

In the meantime, stay well, my friend and, until next time

Yours in Wellness 4 Life,


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