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Hello. I am Sanela.

I am a health & mindset coach who helps women struggling with their health & weight transform their overwhelm into clarity with my step-by-step coaching method and plan so they can become the best versions of themselves and have the energy and freedom to live their best life!

Sanela, Independent Herbalife Nutrition Member & Nutritional Therapist, Bath

Are You ready to create the best health of your life and build a Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

With nearly two decades of experience helping clients reach their wellness goals – I can help you reach yours too because you are worth to feel your best every, single day! If you have a burning desire to develop a healthy, active lifestyle and are ready to take steps towards developing the best version of yourself with a healthy, proven plan – You are at the right place!

Your health isn’t about eating one healthy, or unhealthy, meal, but it is a culmination of small things that you do every single day over long periods of time. My mission is to help people like you fall in love with healthy eating and nutrition that support your long-term health.

I can teach you how to find your path back to health & happiness and regain confidence to live your best life!

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Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life

It is my mission and passion to help you achieve a life of vibrant health and wellbeing!

Client Love

“My swollen ankles disappeared, I have lost 33 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, 5 and half inches off my hips, 1 and half inches off top of arms and 2 inches off the top of my legs. I don’t feel hungry and I feel so much better in myself. People are very complimentary (I do wonder what they thought before!) It is now a pleasure to shop for clothes as a new wardrobe has been needed!”


“I have lost quite a bit of weight and dropped a couple of dress sizes, changed shape and am getting pretty fit. More than all if that though I have found a wonderful friend in Sanela. She’s helped me work through the problems along the way and together we are gradually unpicking years of damage. She is so positive and I really value her knowledge and am so glad we met!”


“I thought it would be a good opportunity to lose a few pounds, but I was impressed with nutritional knowledge received, how to feed myself as well as my family, it changed my whole approach to food and drink intake. Very clear, professional, friendly & fun. Thank you!”