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Becoming the best version of ourselves starts with having a great mindset and taking great care of our nutritional habits first and foremost.

Whether you would like to lose weight or just shed some belly fat – it is the nutrition that plays the major part. It can do what exercise alone never could.

On the other hand, our health is so much more than just a number on the scales.

What is always required to achieve great health – is a know-how and development of sustainable healthy habits that improve our energy levels, our shape, make us age slower, have more stamina to face daily challenges, improve concentration and focus, eliminate hunger and cravings by balancing the hormones and so much more… And that is where I come in

My name is Sanela and I am a Nutritional Therapist and Herbalife Nutrition Coach, helping clients with their weight management goals and making nutrition simple since 2004…

Free Wellness Evaluation

Find out exactly why you are not getting the weight management and health results that you are after. I will help analyse your diet and find areas where you are falling short and recommend solutions. Local clients can also enjoy the benefit of a Full Body Composition Analysis… My aim is to empower you with knowledge to take your health to the next level…

Herbalife Nutrition testimonials Hayley's story

Client’s Success Stories, Body Transformations & Testimonials

I have worked with over two thousand clients since 2004.

I have helped many young moms, lose weight & increase their energy levels so they can keep up with the demands of their children & family life…

I have helped professionals establish stable and more nutritious eating patterns and avoid meal and snack skipping and, in the process, get their health and shape back and increase their energy and concentration levels, etc…

I can help you too! Be our next success story of transformation!

Reboot 30 Days, Get in your best shape for life

30 Day Reboot

If you work better in a group environment with people on the same mission as yourself to improve their health and reach their weight management goals – 30 Day Reboot may be just for you!

Reboot your energy, shape up and lose weight with easy to follow, balanced meal plans, simple and tasty recipes, group support, home workouts for all levels of fitness, award winning nutrition products, cash prizes and more…

Health Blog

Health Blog

As much as I enjoy working with my clients and helping them get into the best shape of their life, I also enjoy writing and sharing my views about life and health with my subscribers and followers.

Visit my health & nutrition blog and view the latest articles I was inspired to bring the life. Some are educational and many are just answers to what my soul was calling me to share…

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