Hello, I am Sanela

With almost two decades of experience, I’ve helped thousands of people exactly like you – smart, ambitious, put together – figure out the one thing that eludes them: their ideal weight and life with more energy & vitality.

I am here to show you how simple it can be adopting healthy habits that lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle and achieving your wellness goals and this is my story about how I personally overcame the same issues at some point in my life that now enable me to help and serve others on the same mission.

My own Nutritional Journey

I am a 47-year-old mum of two teenage boys & have been a Health Coach since 2004.

It has been nothing but a privilege to help literally thousands reach their optimum health and weight management goals ever since.

Nutrition has been my passion since I was a young girl, right at the time when my mum was going through her breast cancer treatment. During her treatment she was simultaneously using the power of plants and natural foods to help her body gain strength, heal and rejuvenate, which all played a tremendous part in her healing.

She involved me in making home made remedies, oils, fermented foods and food potions made from raw vegetables, herbs and nuts and I simply fell in love with the process…

It was exactly thanks to this experience that health and nutrition started playing such big part in my life, which stayed with me throughout my teens and early adulthood, until today. Video at the bottom of this page explains in more details that part of my journey.

Fast forward couple of decades, after my first pregnancy in 2003, I was overweight, out of shape and energy for the very first time in my life. I was 29. And I simply could not find my “way back home” – to a healthy, fit body.

For the first time I was faced with the need to lose weight and it was not an easy task. I was faced with low energy, cravings, low self esteem and body image and I could just not have a break and find my way to lose weight. I did not know what I was supposed to do. And having a small baby – I did not seem to have energy either.

It wasn’t until I found Herbalife Nutrition in 2004 that I finally started losing weight and, more importantly – feeling fantastic with much gained energy and vitality.

Whilst I remained open minded to the idea of meal replacement shakes that I could understand were an intelligent way to minimise calories without compromising on the nutrition and to get more overall nutrition in my body – my family, except my mum (surprise, surprise), was less enthusiastic. However, I followed what my gut was telling me and started the plan.

The plan was simple and involved starting my day with a balanced, nutritious Formula 1 breakfast and supplements, which made all the difference to my energy levels during the morning and it also influenced health choices I made for the rest of the day. Suddenly, I did have energy to also take care of myself rather than looking for any spare moment to take a nap.

I replaced two of my meals with Formula 1 shake, took supplements, switched to green tea, enjoyed two balanced snacks during the day and one main cooked meal.

I learnt what to eat, when to eat it and in what balance in order to stabilize my hormones responsible for blood sugar and hunger control. My body also started consistently getting optimal nutrition on a daily basis, I lost all my pregnancy weight, but still continued with the same routine, which is how I maintained my weight, shape and energy levels to this day, over 15 years later.

I have had a second child since, however, gaining back my pre-pregnancy shape has been simple as I continue to apply all the principles I now knew that they worked!

Now, all four of us, as a family, live this way every day.

Get Healthy With Sanela: Nutritional Therapist & an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

I feel to be in a better shape and energy in my mid forties than I was in my twenties and I am dedicated to helping others feel the same!

Sorting my weight and health out has been a catalyst in deciding to change my career and help others achieve the same by becoming a Health Coach and then a Nutritional Therapist, leaving the corporate world behind for good.

With the personal experience, knowledge I gained and our science backed solutions I was now able to help anyone whether they want to lose weight or improve their energy levels and add more nutrition and balance into their diet!

And I have helped many achieve just that!

My goal is to continue inspiring and educating others to live healthier, more active lifestyles as well as to be a role model for my own children in the importance of taking care of their health, the same way my mother has inspired me.

2200+ happy clients since 2004

16 years of experience

Passion for nutrition since I was a teenager

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

Thank you for reading about my journey back to wellness  and if you would like to reach out and connect with me, please do, I would love to hear from you and, ultimately, help you achieve your wellness goals!

Health is our greatest wealth and it would be my priviledge to help you with your wellness goals!

Please feel free to use a completely free tool that I created Online “How Healthy Is Your Diet?” Test and get back feedback on your current lifestyle and recommendations on what changes to make in order to reach you goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in health,


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