Change Your Breakfast - Change Your Life

Your Health & Wellness Journey starts with an Ideal Breakfast

Breakfast is universally regarded as the most important meal of the day, so it makes sense to start your journey to Health & Wellness from improving your breakfast.

How you start your day will impact your energy levels for the rest of the day as well as your overall health and ability to manage your weight efficiently.

Starting your day with an Ideal Breakfast will lead to:

  • A more balanced overall diet
  • Less risk of developing health problems
  • Increased vitamin & mineral intake
  • More likely meeting the 5-a-day requirement
  • More effective Weight Management
  • Increased energy, focus & concentration
  • Reduced cravings & hunger

Why Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Check out some Breakfast facts

Our bodis have around 100 Trillion Cells

Each cell requires 114 nutrients every single day for it to function

Therefore, Breakfast should provide body with 25 % of our daily nutrition

But, when 48 % of the population skips breakfast failing to give body nourishment to function optimally

and further 47 % has mainly sugary based breakfast that is known to be responsible for fat storing & cravings

No wonder that over 65 of the population in the U.K. is overweight, and problem is spread worldwide.

That is why - to change your health, you must start with breakfast first and we have just the right solution for you!

Welcome to Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast

Everything that we ate yesterday that gave us energy and nutrients is used up by next day in order to restore and rejuvenate the cells. Sometimes we have not developed a habit or there just isn’t time in the morning to make a nutritionally balanced meal and one that is able to set us right for the day ahead, however, having the right kind of breakfast will affect your food choices for the rest of your day. Do not be part of the above statistics!

Any of our Breakfast Start Up options will provide your body with...

  • NUTRITION: It provides body with minimum 25% all the nutrition your body needs on a daily basis: plant protein, fibre, vitamins & minerals...
  • HYDRATION: Your body uses up up to 1 litre of water during the night through sweating and perspiration, so the right kind of hydration is paramount.
  • ENERGY: Most breakfast choices will leave you hungry, craving, storing fat and with low energy. Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast was designed to give body all it needs to avoid the pitfalls of starting your day on the wrong foot...

Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast provides vital nutrients – protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, allowing the body to function correctly and perform at its best with sustained energy. It also contributes to the maintenance of lean muscle mass, essential for an effective weight management & it can be tailored to you…

Why Choose Herbalife Nutrition?

Formula 1 is Number 1 Meal Replacement Shake in the world

It is used in over 95 countries worldwide and a breakfast choice of over 4 million people

4 Million People worldwide wake up to Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 every day

… in order to meet their nutritional needs or manage their weight in a healthy and sustainable way

Each of our PhDs, Nobel Laureates, Scientists & Nutritionists

… is at the top of their field to bring cutting edge nutrition to our customers

Ingredients with purpose & made with care

Herbalife Nutrition is invested in responsible farming & advanced production methods using the best sources of ingredients to ensure products meet or exceed industry quality standards.

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