Why Herbalife Nutrition?

Here are 7 reasons why…

I am often asked by my clients why I choose Herbalife Nutrition. Some are surprised that my whole family, including children, consume it on a daily basis, every single day.

Most misunderstand the concept it represents and that it even has anything to do with something far greater than weight management and I completely understand it as, to an outsider, it can look just like any other diet.

So, if you are one of those wondering the same or one of those who enjoys it from time to time when you are trying to hit some goal, here are a few reasons why Herbalife Nutrition has been a part of my lifestyle every single day since 2004:


OK, yes, it has something to do with weight management, of course it does.

Becoming the best version of you is so much more than just a number on the scales, however, reaching and then maintaining healthy weight in a healthy way can be life changing on many levels.

Herbalife Nutrition has helped me lose my pregnancy weight in a healthy and balanced way without me ever needed to compromise on nutrition, and made me feel great in the process.

It has simply become a way of life for me and my family… Read my story

Also, independent clinical trials do show that “Herbalife’s Formula 1 is more effective for weight management than conventional diet.”

what our body needs


Busy lifestyle, lack of nutritional knowledge and/ or inferior supermarket food quality can prevent us from fueling our bodies optimally on a daily basis.

Our around-the-clock Herbalife Nutrition programme helps bridge the nutritional gap that modern diet has created and helps achieve Optimum Nutrition where body can actually thrive.

This is where it goes beyond weight management. Something I am the most passionate about.

Many believe that eating regular food is a way better way to achieve health and I couldn’t agree more – in an ideal world.

However, research is proving year after year that our soil and therefore plants we eat are nutrient deficient and it is reflected in nutrient deficiencies of every single human trial we are aware of.

Quality supplementation, in addition to healthy eating and exercise, has its role in ensuring we achieve Optimum Nutrition so we can stand a chance in preventing disease and slowing down the ageing process.

I just love the idea of Nutrition Density and that is what our Formula 1 meal and other products provide. All the nutrition body needs condensed and delivered through a low calorie delicious meal for me and my family.

Herbalife Nutrition’s other quality targeted & science based nutritional solutions are also instrumental in supporting me on a daily basis or when I need effective support in those areas.

Read about nutritional deficiencies present in the modern world.


Breakfast is my favourite part of enjoying Herbalife Nutrition. Kick starting my day right! Because breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!

Breakfast should provide 25% of daily nutrient requirements and research shows that majority either skips it or chooses carb based breakfast that is nutrient deficient.

Healthy, balanced breakfast contributes to more effective weight management, stable blood sugar levels, stable energy levels, elimination of cravings and hunger, etc.

Our Ideal Breakfast Programme offers a balanced and nutrient dense breakfast solution that makes it easier to reach our vitamin & mineral, fibre and protein daily goals.

It as been my family’s staple since 2004… and it is a breakfast non-negotiable even when we go away – it comes with us!

My children love Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1


When it comes to my children, they have had their Formula 1 as a healthy breakfast with some wholesome cereal or brown toast and fruit since they were very young. As soon as they were off breast milk and could eat solid foods, that is.

They also love having their shake before bed time.

I believe it teaches them great habits as well as fuels them for the day. And throughout night.

Sugary breakfast cereals are a bad news on many levels and yet they are staple of today’s diet in children as well as adults.

quick and easy Formula 1


One of the reasons why many opt for unhealthy snacks or meals is a lack of time.

Best reason of all is that or Formula 1 is not only a nourishing and balanced meal for adults and children alike, but also so easy & quick to make and very versatile.

It is a great solution for any of us on the go as a not only breakfast, but also any meal or as a recovery after a workout.


My husband is a professional chauffeur who spends much time with high profile clients on the go.

His words are often: “Thanks goodness for Herbalife, otherwise I would be eating junk!”

And that is exactly what most busy professionals do, ending up with health problems down the line.

With less than two years short of his 50th birthday, he feels and looks great for his age! What can I say, I am a happy wife!

And happy wife equals happy life! 😉



If you want to build muscle, you need to ensure that you give your body the proper nutrition before, during and after any intense activity.

Top athletes around the world use our sports nutrition range to help them reach their health and fitness goals, however, our sports nutrition is not just for the professional athletes.

Our cutting edge fitness range can help anyone fuel, recover & train like an athlete.

Incorporating Formula 1 as a recovery after exercise has aided my recovery after a workout and it has helped improve my body composition.

Sometimes, I think I only workout so I can earn my Rebuild Strength shake! 😉

So, these happen to be my reasons why my family & I love having Herbalife Nutrition as part of my healthy and active lifestyle! And there are even more reasons why being part of Herbalife Nutrition family feels really good!

Every day, around the clock, each of these elements help me and my family achieve my best energy and here are some of my client stories too…

Free Wellness Evaluation

If you are not getting the weight management and health results that you are after, Wellness Evaluation can help analyse your diet and find areas where you may be falling short and recommend solutions.

It will help you understand what changes need to happen and why in order to take your health to the next level in a healthy and balanced way…

Local clients can also enjoy the benefit of a Full Body Composition Analysis…

Formula 1 Award Winning Nutrition 2019


As a Herbalife Nutrition Health Coach, working with me involves balancing your overall diet as well as using our Award Winning Herbalife Nutrition Products that, combined with clean eating, will help you optimise your nutrition.

This combination helps my clients get to the place where body is getting all the nutrients it needs to reach the point of Optimum Nutrition at which we age slower, minimise inflammation in the body and have the energy to face our daily challenges as well as achieve weight loss through calorie deficit without compromising on nutrition.

Wellness Evaluation would determine the best plan for you and, if you are an existing Herbalife Nutrition Client or someone who used it before, feel free to contact me or visit my Herbalife Nutrition Store below…