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Imagine Your Life as a Health Coach?

Be a coach, mentor and friend. Help customers break old habits, improve their nutrition, and live healthier and more active lives. The unique aspect of the Herbalife Nutrition Opportunity is the value customers place on their coach and Distributor.

Join our community today and make a difference.

This opportunity is perfect for everyone and anyone, if you are a busy Mum or even work full time this will suit you. As soon as you start noticing the difference in your body – you will realise the value that change in nutrition could bring to others.

And, as soon as other people start noticing the difference in your energy levels and in your body too – you will already be off to a flying start.

Research shows that 76% of adults would like to
own their own business and main TWO motivations are:

Following their PASSION


Benefits of becoming Herbalife Nutrition Member

Improve Your Own Health

Many members start as customers who, after improving their own health, develop a passion for wellness and naturally want to learn more and be in a position where they can help others.

Be your own boss or earn additional income for your family!

Decide your hours and work from anywhere you choose for more work-life balance. Build your team and build a business that fits around your lifestyle.

Help people live healthier, active lives

The world needs your help with wellness. Make a difference. Be a coach, mentor and friend. Help customers break old habits, improve their nutrition, and live healthier and more active lives.

Travel the world

This is also a dynamic and exciting opportunity to see the world, hear from renowned International Speakers, Doctors & Scientists & have fun along the way with colleagues on the same mission as yourself!

Work from home, the beach…wherever!

In today’s time, it is easy to spread your message across without being tied down to a location. Share your journey & passion with millions who are looking for a solution you have to offer & create a ripple effect of health & happiness.

Be part of the bigger community

Benefit from expert training, support, and access to products that have been developed by leading nutritional scientists & only available through Independent Members.

One of the biggest benefits is being part of something greater than yourself, people you meet on the way & friendships you make!

You must be...

Open to learning

Learn & adopt new healthy habits in your own lifestyle, so you can become a true ambassador of health & wellness in your community.

Open to coaching

Stay open to learning new skills & being guided on your journey to becoming a successful Herbalife Nutrition Coach, so you can make an impact in your community

Honest & Caring

We are in a relationship business, stay honest with your coach and clients, work with integrity & authenticity – and the rest will all come together with the right action plan built around your lifestyle & time you can give to your business.

Interested and wanting to know more?

Thank you for your interest in Joining Herbalife Nutrition Team & becoming a Personal Nutrition Coach. Please fill in the details below and I will be in touch. Your information is safe with me.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much time will I have to spend?
You decide how much time and effort to invest into the Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity. Whether you want to dedicate 40 or 4 hours a week – or no time at all – it is entirely up to you.

Q: How much will I make?
That’s up to you… but always set realistic expectations. Whether you choose to work part time or full time, the amount of hours, energy and dedication you put into your business will decide your results.

Q: What are the main benefits?
1. Flexibility
Decide your hours and work from wherever you choose – a business opportunity that fits around your life.
2. Quality
We offer you the best products underpinned by science and used by millions of customers every single day.
3. Community
When you join the Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity you join an established global community – get support and advice and be a part of the Herbalife Nutrition family.
4. Rewards
Get free access to our Members hub. You’ll find deals and discounts, and all the latest education and training materials to help support your product and nutrition knowledge.

Q: How can I learn about nutrition?
When you become a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor you will receive access to comprehensive education and training tools to help you learn about nutrition, wellbeing, sales techniques and much more.

Q: Can I cancel if I don’t like it?
Run your business your way with a low start-up cost – it’s all part of our Gold Standard commitment to Distributors. If the Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity is not for you, you can cancel your Membership within the first 12 months.

Q: Why should I join?
Learn More
Get access to a hub of knowledge and exclusive events to support your education and training around our products and general nutrition.

Earn More
Fit work around your life, help others and do something you love. Enjoy great first or second income opportunities with one of the world’s leading direct selling brands.

Q: Can I sell online?
With GoHerbalife you can have your own website without the hassle and cost of creating your own. It’s easy to build and it helps support your business and customer needs.

Q: How can I start?
1. Complete the online form above.
2. I will be in touch to talk you through it.
3. Fill out and sign the online contract.
4. Congratulations! You are now a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Start your own Journey to Wellness & helping others achieve the same