Healthy Weight, Happy Life

Healthy Weight, Happy Life

Healthy Weight Management

When it comes to weight loss, one thing is clear – diets do not work because true wellness is about achieving lifestyle changes that do not leave you deprived, frustrated, lacking energy and with a Yo-Yo body, but ones that you enjoy knowing they make you feel good and fit into your lifestyle.

Most people try achieving weight loss by counting calories or controlling their portion sizes. While that can make some impact, many fall short of achieving results long term.

Reasons for that could be multiple, anything from skipping meals hoping to reduce calories, not eating the correct balance and quantity of foods in the right frequency, lack of regular exercise (or even exercising too much) and body not receiving the correct vitamins & minerals – these all could contribute to the lack of progress!

And it does not have to be that way!

Is this You?

Main Reasons behind weight gain or lack of weight loss results

Lack of knowledge

Knowing what to eat and when and in what frequency in order to keep the blood sugar levels stable and hormones responsible for weight management in balance is paramount. Most lack this knowledge

Lack of Motivation

Lack of results to show for is frustrating at best and depressing at worst. To have someone to hold your hand and show you the way when going gets tough is priceless.

Lack of Support

Science shows that you are three times more likely to succeed with a support of an expert or a support group (or both, ideally) compared to those who decide to do it themselves.

There is a better way... Start Your wellness journey with health routine & plan that works with the support you need

Each Weight Management Plan includes:

Unlimited Sanela

My 1-2-1 Coaching Support & ...

  • Free Meal Plan
  • Free Shopping List
  • Free Recipe Guide
  • Free Nutrition Education
  • Free 1-2-1 Support & Follow Up
  • Access to the Support Group
  • Free Workout Guide
  • Invitation to 4 Week Challenge
  • ... You will never walk alone...

Client Success Stories

Each client is given a personalised nutrition meal plan that comes with a full manual featuring healthy meal and snacking recipes, daily eating routine, tips on meal planning, shopping list and everything one needs in order to build long lasting health habits.

Katerine's Story

Herbalife Nutrition Independent Herbalife Member, Bath UK

Katherine is a busy professional and has been my client since she joined my Weight Loss Challenge in 2009 and initially lost 18 lbs, but after losing touch, Kath came back in 2016 and using Basic Weight Loss Plan and my 1-2-1 support, Kath lost 33 lbs.

Hayley's Story

Herbalife Nutrition success stories and testimonials

Hayley, mum of 2 young girls, gained her health, energy & confidence back after losing 22 lbs by working with me on a 1-2-1 basis with weekly follow up sessions and by incorporating our Ideal Weight Loss Plan and replacing 2 meals a day with our Formula 1 Healthy Meal. Now her husband is following the same programme.

Sebila's Story

Sebila 70 lbs weight loss with Herbalife Nutrition

Sebila is a working mum of two from Washington DC, USA, who used Advanced Weight Loss Programme to lose 70 lbs with my personal support as well as a support of an online support group of ladies on the same mission as her!

Whichever plan you choose, you will avoid common dieting pitfalls:

Lack of Energy

due to inadequate nutrient intake, characteristics of many diets

Loss of Muscle

due to inadequate protein intake that leads to yo-yo dieting

Slower Metabolism

due to inadequate nutrient and energy intake

Being Stuck in Dieting Mode

Never adopting long term Healthy, Active Lifestyle

I promise - there is a better way and my clients can vouch for that!

Ready & Excited to get Started?

Book a Free Discovery Call with me by filling in a FREE Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire below so I understand your goals and current challenges & can match you with the right plan!

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6Heart Health
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11Contact Information

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Your Goals

My Promise to you:


I will help you understand why you have gained weight or have challenges with digestion, energy levels, etc. I will empower you with knowledge needed to move forward and improve your health.

Healthy Habits

I will help you establish Healthy Habits that are safer and better for your body, one day at a time. You will be given a Personalised Meal Plan to follow that will help with establishing those new healthy habits.

Personalised Support

I will be with you every step of the way on the road to a better health & wellness. Just stay accountable & honest with yourself and there is no obstacle we will not be able to overcome, together.

Respect For Your Journey

I work from the place of Love & Abundance and will always respect that this is your journey. There will never be any judgement nor I will ever force you into anything that does not serve you or is not your decision.