Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your consultations and support?

Wellness Evaluation is completely free of charge as well as further support and coaching as long as you purchase and continue to consume Herbalife Nutrition products that I help personalise based on your current challenges and wellness goals.

So, you may say that my coaching is already included in Herbalife Nutrition plans.

If you would like me to support you without Herbalife Nutrition included, I charge £50 per hour for consultations and support and a further £250 for a Personalised Meal Plan. Otherwise, all those are free to Herbalife Nutrition clients.

Why do I need to use meal replacements?

There are many clinical studies done on meal replacements and specifically Formula 1 (independent clinical studies) that show that using Formula 1 meal replacement as part of the weight management programme is MORE effective than all-food diet. That is the reason why it is included in all my meal plans, in conjunctions with 3-4 other nutritionally balanced meals.

Formula 1 is perfectly balanced like any other regular meal could be, however, it is more nutrient dense and combined with its low-calorie delivery – is an effective way to lose, gain and maintain healthy weight and is suitable for all ages. It is classified as a full meal replacement.

The LOOK Ahead Study showed that Protein-Rich Shakes used with a healthy diet and exercise led to an average 4.7 % weight loss at 4 years compared to a 1.1% weight loss in subjects trying to diet using typical foods in a Western Diet. In the study those using more shakes, increasing their physical activity, and keeping a diet and lifestyle record.

Shakes work by effectively cutting calories for each meal where they replace a high fat/high sugar meal. As calories are cut the body burns calories from fat stores. Shakes make planning meals easier and they help establish the habit of regular eating patterns beginning with a breakfast shake and a Protein-Rich Shake after exercise.

Formula 1 shake is a staple in my family’s diet, as a healthy breakfast and any other top up or meal replacement when in a hurry. My boys also love it as a before bed time drink…

Why supplements?

All research points that our food supply is not as nutrient rich as it used to be 50+ years ago due to many factors, from agriculture to environment to mass production, long transportation, etc. If soil is deficient, so will be the plants and this will affect how much we are able to consume through diet.

This is confirmed by at least two experiments we are aware of that confirmed that 100% subject participants in each of the studies from all walks of life, demographics, activity levels have shown deficiency in vitamins and minerals.

Supplementing with high quality, pharmaceutical supplements is a way to ensure nutrient levels are reached in combination with a healthy diet. Supplements are not a substitute, but an addition to a healthy diet. A health insurance! And that is why it is part of our meal plan – to ensure you are reaching Optimum Nutrition,

Why Herbalife Nutrition?

It is a world’s leading Nutritional and Weight Loss company with leading nutritional experts and doctors leading the research and providing training to its independent health & nutrition coaches.

Its Global Nutrition Philosophy is based on Balanced & Optimum Nutrition concept that combines high quality supplements with clean eating that ensures high level nourishment & support in helping us achieve healthy, active lifestyle.

I personally want the best for my clients and I believe Herbalife Nutrition supplies it. My family and I have been using it since 2004, including my children, and we believe to be healthier thanks to it.

Where can I get the products?

If you decide to work with me, there are three ways you can get your products:


  • You can get them from me as I hold a small stock in the office for all my face to face clients that I see regularly.
  • You can purchase a plan online from my Herbalife Nutrition Online Store,
  • Loyal clients that have been with me for a period of time or those that have recommended some other clients to me – I rewards with Wholesale Membership. That is always on the cards, so, just ask me for more details.

Do I HAVE TO exercise?

All the research points that your nutrition is 80% of your health and weight management. Exercise is 20%, however, benefits of exercise far surpass its benefits for weight management alone.

My work with my clients is mainly focused around healthy and balanced eating, however, we do have an online group challenges created so that you build from a very minimum to mximum amount of exercise into your daily/ weekly routine and remember that your ageing and health is dependent on it. Instead of resisting it – embrace it and start at your own pace.

If we are working on a 1-2-1 basis, I do encourage you to exercise at least twice each week. Alternatively, I am able to suggest daily and weekly exercises you can do at home.

You are not competing against anyone, but yourself. Do not focus on what you can not do, but instead on a positive – on what you can and anything is better than nothing. If your health prevents you from exercising, just remain as active as you can be and follow the meal plan 100%. Results will follow. You will be so proud of yourself along the line!

The greatest challenge in starting a new exercise program is to BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES! Lot of times, you may not feel like going to the gym, but once you go you have a great workout. Knowing that, you need to commit to a weekly plan of exercising three times per week and doing something active every day.

Visualize your personal transformation by finding someone’s testimonial photos that resembles your body shape. Then be realistic and pick an initial body goal that makes sense for your body type.

Once you have your vision in mind, create a specific list of exercise for different parts of your body and get to work! Set a day to get started and most importantly – Never give up!

Can I have some alcohol on your plan?

If we agree to a period during which you would put conscientious effort to get great results, then alcohol is not part of it.

Alcohol contains sugar and/or starch. Even small serving of a spirit like double vodka is 130-200 calories – equivalent of a small doughnut or 4 biscuits. It is empty calories that are feeding the fat cells in your body and working against what we are trying to achieve It will decrease your body’s fat burn in the belly and can set you back for 2-3 days before efficient metabolic activity is again restored.

It is because it unbalances hormones responsible for fat burn and metabolism such as cortisol and insulin. Hormones are also responsible for rejuvenating hair, nails, whites of eyes, etc.

Alcohol is a poison and a drug, so focus on a healthy, active lifestyle and fueling your body with the best nutrition. “Just one drink” WILL hurt you and your results! Read more about alcohol and its effects on your health and weight.

Once we reach our goal, how do we maintain?

Our Formula 1, Formula 2, Fibre supplement, Herbal Beverage tea and HerbalifelineMax Omega 3 tablets are a brilliant programme for keeping feeding your body with an ideal breakfast and all the supplements one needs to reach Optimum Nutrition on top of 4-5 extra clean and balanced meals each day.

You can decide to replace just breakfast or both breakfast and lunch OR dinner (every day or sometimes). No other all-food plan would achieve the same. My free support is included in the maintenance plan too as long as you continue to consume Herbalife Nutrition.

I am vegetarian/ vegan – can you help?

Absolutely. All our Formula 1 meal replacements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

On top, I can suggest vegan meals and snacks to help you stay on track of your goals.

I have some supplements and proteins from another company, can I use this first?

After the initial consultation, I will tailor a nutrition plan that best suits your lifestyle and goals.

After you commit to working with me, I would design a meal plan and provide instructions on meals and snacks and how best to reach your goals, then follow you up weekly. I do not charge for my support, but only for the Herbalife Nutrition foods that are part of your plan (that you will be using to replace some of your other meals and snacks).

So, what you pay me is usually not the extra cost necessarily.

The programme has not been designed by any other company or a high street shop and it will not be them supporting you and coaching you either. So, in return for my time and efforts, as you will be working with me – you need to use nutritional package that we agree on together and one that I personally know, trust and provide.

Aren't Herbalife Nutrition products expensive?

The basic starter plan is around £3 per day and it includes our time, support and expertise, available to you daily. It also includes two meal replacements (two fully balanced meals), 100% recommended amount of nutrients your body needs from fibre, plant protein, vitamins and minerals. For most advanced plans, cost goes up to £8 per day.

One sandwich in town is around £3-4. Office of National Statistics say that an average person spends £7.80 on their snacks and lunch at work. You still think £3-£8 is too much for nutritionally sound food and my full support & coaching included that would give you the results?

How much do you think you spend on the food that is not necessarily feeding you well or contributing to your health?

Also, what is the cost of ill health?

Sometimes it is important to see value rather than just the cost.

I am not a fan of shakes, can I just have a regular food?

Our Formula 1 meal replacement Mix can be used in yogurts or porridge or even cooking to add more protein and nutrition to our meals and there is also a Formula 1 Savoury Soup, so, if you do not like the shakes, there are ways we can incorporate them into your lifestyle and get you the results to reach your wellness and weight management goals.

Alternatively, I charge £50 per session and £250 to design a meal plan for you. All those costs are waived when purchasing a Herbalife Nutrition plan.

Is Soy safe?

Yes. SOY IS SAFE. The false notion that Soy protein acts like an estrogen is simply not true. First, there is no estrogen in soy. Soy isoflavones are healthy antioxidant phytonutrients.

In test tube studies with breast cancer cells they act like anti-estrogens in the presence of estrogen you would find in the blood of any man or woman at any age. Women and men produce estrogens from body fat, so too much body fat leads to love handles and man boobs – not soy protein.

However, in many lab studies, it is clear that many phytonutrients including soy isoflavones bind very weakly (1/1000th as well as estrogen) to an estrogen receptor protein involved in estrogen’s effects in cells – but only when there is zero estrogen around.

This never happens in humans. You can create these conditions in a mouse by removing the ovaries and these experiments created a lot of confusion for women with regard to breast cancer and for male athletes afraid of growing male breast tissue. Overweight and obesity as well as testosterone supplements and gels which can be converted to estrogen can cause breast enlargement in men.

Soy is the highest quality protein in the plant world and is a vital tool in fighting the global epidemic of obesity. That is why it is included in our Formula 1 meal replacements.

Soy is widely available and 2/3 of the world’s population is lactose-intolerant and cannot drink cow’s milk or eat dairy products. Combinations of other proteins like quinoa, pea protein, and flaxseed among others can imitate the quality of soy but at greater cost. Women concerned about breast cancer have no reason to avoid soy, research even shows that soy can protect us from breast cancer.

These days, perception is reality. So if you want to avoid soy, you have other choices, but forget about soy being an estrogen.

How long will it take me to lose weight?

It all depends from your own commitment to the plan, from communicating your challenges with me so that I can support you through tough times, etc.

Each body is different and we put emphasis on healthy eating and body composition, so weight itself becomes irrelevant. I would teach you these concepts as part of our work together.

What happens when I reach my goal and stop the plan?

During our time working together, my aim is to empower you with nutrition knowledge, especially some basic fundamentals that will help you lose and maintain weight for the rest of your life.

I personally do not understand why anyone would stop being on the plan (having our Formula 1 as part of the heathy breakfast habit), I certainly would not be able to maintain my weight and energy levels for the past 15 years without it.

So, if you decide to stop the plan after you reach your goals and especially if you go back to old eating patterns – of course you will gain weight again. Many decide to do just that and that is OK. That in itself is another learning curve too. Maintenance requires serious work!

Let’s hope you will end up realising this is a great plan to not only lose weight, but also to maintain weight as well as fill any nutritional gaps in a diet, reach your daily protein, fibre and micro nutrient targets and maintain energy levels, strong immune system and vitality.

Only you can decide what is right for you.

If I start the plan and do not like it – can I return the products?

Yes, we have a 30 Day Money Back guarantee policy. I have only had one refund in 15 years, so, it is not very common, however, it is no problem if it comes to that.

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