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How healthy & balanced is your diet? Find out today!

If you often wish: “I want to eat better and live healthier?”, “I wish I had more energy” or “I want to lose weight!” wanting to look as well as feel different so you can perform better in all aspects of your life – then this quick & free online evaluation is for you!

This valuable free service is my gift to you, analysis is not done by a computer programme but by me personally. Assessing your current food & lifestyle choices & habits can help you gain insights where you may be falling short and how you can improve it in order to reach your wellness goals.

Wellness Evaluation will help you understand:

  • Your Body Mass Index as a guide how healthy your lifestyle is
  • Daily Protein Factor based on your body composition, if you are achieving it and why it is important you do!
  • What nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, if you are currently getting them and what happens when you don't
  • How to achieve balanced nutrition for better weight management, digestive health, immune health, skin health and more.
  • Link between your current lifestyle and challenges you are currently experiencing
  • How to overcome challenges such as sugar cravings, low energy levels, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance etc.
  • What you need to eliminate from your diet and why
  • What nutrition plan is ideal for your current challenges and goals you wish to reach

Free Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire

1Your Goals
2Body Composition
3Your Nutrition & Lifestyle (Part 1)
4Your Nutrition & Lifestyle (Part 2)
5Digestve Health
6Heart Health
7Immune Health
8Skin Health
9Other Lifestyle Habits
10Your relationship with food
11Contact Information

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