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You have to nourish to flourish!

I can help you make your Goals a Reality!

Your road to wellness starts with Personalised Nutrition & Support

I will help you choose a plan that is enabling hundreds of thousands of other women slim down & achieve incredible results!

Each plan is personalised to you and made easy to follow. You will know exactly what to eat and do & when to do it! And, as your coach, I will be with you every step of the way helping you get your confidence back and feeling incredible in not time at all!

Main reasons many struggle to reach their wellness goals are...

Lack of knowledge

I find that most lack the knowledge of how to correctly incorporate a healthy & balanced diet into their lifestyle. Knowing what to eat and when and in what frequency in order to keep the hormones responsible for weight management in balance is paramount.

Lack of motivation

Lack of results to show for is frustrating at best and depressing at worst. To have someone to hold your hand and show you the way when going gets tough is priceless.

This is the reason many give up way too soon. You no longer have to!

Lack of Support

Science shows that you are three times more likely to succeed with a support of an expert or a support group (or both, ideally) compared to those who decide to do it themselves.

Everyone thrives when there is support.

Building healthy habits and daily routine is key to long term weight management

There is a better way...

Start Your wellness journey with health routine & plan that works with the support you need:

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  • Mindset Work
  • ... You will never walk alone...

4 Simple Plans Available from only £3 per day:

Weight Loss Plan

Want to lose weight in a healthy & sustainable way and establish a Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

I will design an ideal weight loss plan for your unique body composition and lifestyle needs. I will also empower you with a full daily meal plan that fits your lifestyle with exciting recipes that whole family can enjoy.

Energy & Vitality Plan

Want to improve your energy levels, get leaner or kick start your Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

This is an ideal plan for those starting on their wellness journey. The concept is very simple: start your day, the right way. With my support, you will implement healthy habits that will help you reach new level of energy & vitality.

Fit & Active Plan

Ultimate goal a lean and toned physique? To optimise your diet before, during & after exercise?

Obtain the body that you desire, you need to consider carefully how you are going to fuel that ambition. This is an ideal plan I recommend for those who are already active, but need a nutrition that will support them in gaining muscle, improving their shape or fueling their workouts.

Targeted Health Plan

Are you looking to improve your Digestive Health, Immune Health, Skin Health or Heart Health?

This plan is ideal for those who need to zoom into their nutrition needs and this plan can be combined with any of the previous plans. With my support, nutritional solutions available and change in lifestyle habits – you will never look back!

To design the best plan for YOU - Book a Free Discovery Call with me by filling in a FREE Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire below so I understand your goals and current challenges!

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3Your Nutrition & Lifestyle (Part 1)
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5Digestve Health
6Heart Health
7Immune Health
8Skin Health
9Other Lifestyle Habits
10Your relationship with food
11Contact Information

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Your Goals

My Promise to You


I will help you understand why you have gained weight or have challenges with digestion, energy levels, etc. I will empower you with knowledge needed to move forward and improve your health.

Healthy Habits

I will help you establish Healthy Habits that are safer and better for your body, one day at a time. You will be given a Personalised Meal Plan to follow that will help with establishing those new healthy habits.

Personalised Support

I will be with you every step of the way on the road to a better health & wellness. Just stay accountable & honest with yourself and there is no obstacle we will not be able to overcome, together.

Respect For Your Journey

I work from the place of Love & Abundance and will always respect that this is your journey. There will never be any judgement nor I will ever force you into anything that does not serve you or is not your decision.

Your Healthy, Active Lifestyle Routine will be an absolute key to reaching your goals:

Build in Fitness

20% of your result

I will teach you how to build quick & effective workout into your morning routine that you can do from home. It does not need to take more than 10 minutes or require any equipment. My manual will provide more exercise ideas to implement 2-4 times a week on top of morning routine, unless you have your own preferred workouts already.

Optimised Nutrition

80% of your result

  • 5-6 Healthy Meals Per Day
  • 3-4 Litres of Water
  • Optimum Vitamin & Mineral Intake
  • Optimum Balance of Lean Protein, Healthy Fats & Healthy Carbohydrates
  • I will teach you how to eat healthy for life!

Healthy Breakfast

Change Your Breakfast - Change Your Life

Replace your usual sugary, calorie loaded & unbalanced breakfast (or no breakfast) with our with our nutritious and fully balanced wellness shake, number 1 meal replacement shake in the world that millions of people wake up to each day! Lifesaver for busy mums & professionals. Plant based & suitable for vegans.

Healthy Snacking

Take control of cravings

Build in healthy & balanced snacks high in protein and low in calories mid morning and mid afternoon. They are a perfect balance of protein, health carbohydrates and healthy fats and are loved by the whole family.

Your meal plan will have many delicious snack & meal ideas, you will be spoiled for choice.

Balanced Lunch

No hunger allowed

As our time can be very limited during the day if you are a busy parent or professional, my meal plan provides many lunch ideas such as salads, soups, wraps or even another wellness shake for best weight management results.

Healthy Dinner

Nutritious & Balanced

Whether you have time for cooking or not, you will just LOVE my recipes that are delicious, nutritious and perfectly balanced to to keep the whole family healthy and are easy to prepare, many suitable for cooking in bulk. It is always a combination of lean protein, healthy carbohydrates & healthy fats.

Diana's Testimonial

Client Love

“I have known Sanela for many years. However hard I try to describe Sanela, I do not think any words would do her justice.

Sanela is great. She is not just a nutritional therapist. She is an amazing human being who has invested her life into in-depth study of human character, meaning of life… And this, combined with her expert knowledge of nutrition, the mechanics of weight loss, and physiology of the human body makes her approach very unique to addressing the issue of weight.

Because it is not actually about weight. It is about health in its entirety. Both physical health and mental health. This cannot be separated in fact.

Sanela’s holistic approach to health enables her clients to embark on a journey where losing weight is not a drag and living healthy becomes a way of life. Not because one has to but because he/she wants to.

Being mindful of what is good for our bodies and choosing healthy options is a powerful way of self-care.

Sanela’s message “Get excited about choosing health & living healthy” is key to a changed mindset which will ultimately lead to weight loss which will be sustained.

I highly recommend Sanela to anyone trying to lose weight or improve their health. I really think she is the best in her field as I continue to work with her on my own journey to wellness.

Diana, Bath (Health Care Professional, Bath)

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