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Personalised Nutrition & Support

With almost two decades of experience, I’ve helped thousands of people exactly like you – smart, ambitious, put together – figure out the one thing that eludes them: their ideal weight and how to find their way back to health & happiness!

Nutrition is My Passion

Why choose to work with me?

If you’re like lots of people I help, you avoid pictures like the plague, have a closet full of clothes you can’t wear, feel tired a lot, have tried working out, have tried cutting calories, have tried literally everything.

I am here to show you how simple it can be adopting healthy habits that lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle and achieving your wellness goals.

I look at eating, exercise, food & wellness not just as calories and weight loss, but also on Mental, Physical & Spiritual terms.

16+ Years of Experience

2200+ Happy Clients

Free ongoing Personalised Support & Follow Up

Benefit from World's Leading Nutrition

Every client gets a Free Meal Plan with Recipes & Exercise Routine

Access to the Group Support Challenges

My Promise to you


I will help you understand why you have gained weight or have challenges with digestion, energy levels, etc. I will empower you with knowledge needed to move forward and improve your health.

Healthy Habits

I will help you establish Healthy Habits that are safer and better for your body, one day at a time. You will be given a Personalised Meal Plan to follow that will help with establishing those new healthy habits.

Personalised Support

I will be with you every step of the way on the road to a better health & wellness. Just stay accountable & honest with yourself and there is no obstacle we will not be able to overcome, together.


Respect For Your Journey

I work from the place of Love & Abundance and will always respect that this is your journey. There will never be any judgement nor I will ever force you into anything that does not serve you or is not your decision.

Choose from 4 available plans, each tailored to your goals & challenges, start from only £4 per day!

Manage Weight Plan

Want to lose weight in a healthy & sustainable way and establish a Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

Energy & Vitality Plan

Want to improve your energy levels, get leaner or kick start your Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

Fit & Active Plan

Ultimate goal a lean and toned physique? To optimise your diet before, during & after exercise?

Targeted Nutrition Plan

Are you looking to improve your Digestive Health, Immune Health, Skin Health or Heart Health?

Thrive in a Group Environment?

Choose from a 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge – ideal if you are starting on your journey, or from a 4 Week Challenge if you are ready to take your results to the next level!

4 Week challenge is a science backed programme that helps you achieve visible results in under a month following a healthy and balanced nutritional programme, exercise and with a support of the coaches and other participants on the same mission as yourself!

Next 4 Week Challenge starts in...

Book a Free Discovery Call with me by filling in a FREE Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire below so I understand your goals and current challenges. I will be able to match you with the right plan!

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2Your Nutrition & Lifestyle (Part 1)
3Your Nutrition & Lifestyle (Part 2)
4Digestve Health
5Heart Health
6Immune Health
7Skin Health
8Other Lifestyle Habits
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Your Goals

Please fill in the basic information below so that your Body Composition Requirements can be established: BMI, Daily Protein Factor & Optimum Energy Intake

Client Stories & Results

Herbalife Nutrition success stories and testimonials

Little bit of inspiration goes a long way...

We all dream of being in the best shape and health of our lives, however, it is easier said than done as there are many factors that need to align for that to happen in a healthy, sustainable way.

Knowledge, time, ongoing support, motivation, balanced meal plan that fits your body & lifestyle and one that works with your unique body composition – are just some that come to mind, which is why lack of any of the above may leave you deprived, frustrated, lacking energy and long term results to show for.

Which is why my clients have such great success as I am able to offer them a support plan that ticks all the boxes: World’s leading nutrition combined with winning meal plans that feature amazing recipes, fully balanced and made to fit into any lifestyle – together with an ongoing support, inspiration and education!

Do You Live Locally? (Bath, UK)

Benefit from a FREE 1-2-1 Wellness Evaluation in person

Wellness Evaluation in person is a great way to get to know one another. It involves going through your current lifestyle and challenges and identifying solutions and changes in habits that will help you reach your wellness goals. It takes around 45 minutes.

It can also take place over the phone.

Once Your Wellness Evaluation is completed, we can then both decide if can work together and help you achieve your weight management and general health and wellness goals.

I would be able to recommend a course of action to help you achieve your best health, shape and fitness and it is up to you to decide if you are ready to take the next step and make a real commitment to your improved wellness.

Free Body Composition Analysis

Local Wellness Evaluation also includes Full Body Composition Analysis.

The system I use is medically graded scanner that is noninvasive and allows us to regularly monitor your progress in less than 20 seconds.

During Wellness Evaluation would discuss:

  • Your Daily Food & Drink intake on an average day
  • Current challenges (such as cravings, energy levels, addictions, etc.)
  • Your weight management and general health goals

Body Composition Analysis would be also able to shed more light on:

  • How your current lifestyle choices and habits affect your current physical condition in terms of your body metrics: body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your metabolic age.
  • How balanced your diet is, how fast it is ageing you & associated risks to your health

World needs more Health Coaches

Have you ever considered a career in Wellness?

Whether you would like to earn an extra income or start a whole new career, becoming a Herbalife Nutrition Wellness Coach offers flexibility and potential for both (and everything else in between).

Many join our community as a customer in order to improve their own health or to lose weight and their results turn into a passion for wellness & healthy, active lifestyle that inspires them to make a difference themselves in their own community.

This opportunity is perfect for everyone and anyone, if you are a busy Mum or even work full time this will suit you.

What is most important is that you will not be by yourself as we have a system to help you every step of the way…