“Death sits in the bowels. Bad digestion is the root of all evil!” (Hippocrates, 400 BC)

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Keeping our digestive tract healthy is paramount to good, overall health.

Digestive Health Nutrition

Our digestive health is our second brain and what goes on in the gut is responsible for 80% of our immunity. Small Intestine is where the majority of digestion and absorption of nutrients takes place. The gut microbiome is the bacteria found in your intestines that influences your overall health, especially your skin health. Healthy gut also plays a role in an effective weight management.

Digestive Health Statistics

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the importance of digestive health for our overall wellbeing, latest research shows that many do not pay attention to it and even ignore the symptoms of serious digestive disorders until it is potentially too late.

86 % of all the UK adults have suffered some form of digestive health issues

10 %+ of all the GP consultations are related to digestive issues

24 % of people never think of looking after their digestive health

41 % of people who experience digestive issues have never visited a doctor about it

87 % of GP recommendations are ``Change in Diet`` related

5 th most common cancer worldwide is the cancer of the digestive tract

Steps to improve your digestive health...


Research shows that people with digestive issues could benefit from the following:

  • Regular exercise
  • Eating Smaller Meals
  • Increasing Hydration
  • Eating Probiotics & Prebiotics
  • Increasing Plant Foods & Protein coming from Plant Sources
  • Eliminating processed foods from their diet
  • Eliminating toxins from their diet such as Smoking & Alcohol
  • Reducing Sugar intake
  • Reducing Animal Protein
  • Reducing intake of Saturated Fats

Did You Know

Optimal Fibre & Water Intake are essential for a healthy function of our digestive system

Did You Know?

Minimum daily requirement of fibre intake is 25-30 grams each day for healthy digestion.

Did You Know?

Average daily intake of Fibre is less than 14 grams, which is less than half of the daily recommended amount for a healthy functioning digestive system

Optimise Your Digestive Health

Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Digestion Solutions

Whether you need more fibre in your diet (without adding the calories), more plant protein, healthier hydration alternatives or generally to feel better – Herbalife Nutrition has a range of products that can support your healthy digestion and elimination, and help relieve occasional indigestion, helping to ensure your internal system runs smoothly every day together with overall positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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