Targeted Nutrition Solutions

Proper nutrition is important at any age for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Targeted Nutrition solutions helps you to zoom in and support your specific health needs.

Whether you’re looking to support heart health, digestion, immunity, vitality, or the specific challenges that men and women face, Herbalife Nutrition’s Targeted Nutrition products give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Your Starting Point

Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast

Whatever area of your lifestyle needs improving, Herbalife Nutrition Ideal Breakfast is a perfect starting point. In contrast to regular breakfast solutions, it offers balanced nutrition that will help you fuel properly from the moment you wake up and get ready for the day ahead!

  • Helps you manage weight
  • Improves hormonal balance
  • Stabilises blood sugar levels
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces cravings
  • Stops hunger
  • Improves mood & concentration
  • Reduces need to overeat on the next meal

What area of your lifestyle needs special attention?

Herbalife Nutrition Targeted Nutrition Solutions

Whether it is your skin, digestive health, immune health or cardiovascular health that need improving, have a look at the targeted nutrition solutions that Herbalife Nutrition offers. It all starts with a healthy breakfast solution and then add some other products and plans on top to zoom in to your specific needs…

Skin is our largest and, after the brain, the most complex organ in the body. It is durable, flexible, but also very sensitive. We have to keep our skin healthy as it is the first barrier against diseases, pollution, viruses… So, as much your body needs proper inner nutrition for long-term health, your skin and hair also require the right nourishment and protection to keep you looking your best

Everything we consume on a daily basis, our nutritional intake, has a direct effect on the health of our Immune System as well as our general health. Immune system is activated when body is “under attack” from toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens. One of the ways our body uses immune system is as a defense mechanism to fight & eliminate these “foreign invaders” and disease and nutrition plays a key part.

Heart disease is a lifestyle disease and, as such, preventable and even reversible with the change in lifestyle, which could mean, for many, longer, quality life without prescription drugs, enjoying long, quality life with loved ones. See how you can look after your heart…

Maintaining your gastrointestinal health is important as 80% of our Immune Health is situated in our gut as it helps extract and absorb nutrients from food for the body to use for energy, growth and cell repair. Here is how Herbalife Nutrition can help you improve your digestive health…

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