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My name is Sanela and, as a Health Coach and qualified Nutritional Therapist, I help men and women to manage their weight, gain more energy, eat more balanced & nutritionally dense foods and get into possibly the best shape of their life through a sustained lifestyle change, so they can have more confidence, feel amazing and have much more energy to cope with the pressures and demands of everyday life…

The first step is arranging a Free Wellness Evaluation so we can both see if we can work together and it is a first step to help personalise your nutrition plan. For those who are not local to me, great starting point is completing a Free Online Wellness Evaluation Questionnaire that offers insights into your current lifestyle, health risks and areas where you could improve as well as offers recommendations on how to go about it.

Everything I do is about working to help make our community healthier and more active and we achieve it using our Four Pillars Approach that is unique to us and consists of:

  • Education: We find that people often make poor dietary and exercise decisions simply because they do not realise the impact, do not have the right knowledge or are unaware of the smarter way. We help educate and empower them with the right knowledge.
  • Nutrition: We personalise scientifically formulated meal plans for each client to keep their body in a fat burning zone all day long while supporting their lean muscle and nutritional needs of the body.
  • Community: We have a community support structure that we help new client build around themselves or join existing one. Building a community ensures better support through accountability and education and, with that, better results too..
  • Exercise: We support exercise as an important part of a lifestyle change and integral part of a Healthy, Active Lifestyle. Clients are encouraged to find the workout they like and we are able to suggest simple, but highly effective, fat burning HIIT workouts that can be done at home.

If you are looking for the solutions to health and/ or weight management, you have come to the right place and I look forward to hearing from you. All Wellness Evaluation Appointments & Work With Me Interviews need to be booked in advance and take place at the following address: 103 Baytree Road, Bath, BA1 6NF.

To book your Wellness Evaluation or Work With Me interview, please use the form below to book your appointment or feel free to call me on 07794976209.



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