Join “Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks” Challenge

Do you desire to live a healthier lifestyle, have more energy, manage your weight more effectively knowing that you are not taking good care of yourself?

You no longer feel comfortable in your clothes and feel your eating is out of control? Are you struggling to stick to healthy eating and stay in shape?

Fed up of feeling and looking unhealthy? Craving sugar or carbs?

Do you need to get in shape in time for a special occasion?


I am 45-year-old mum of two children and, after personally discovering a programme that got me into shape and back to my pre-pregnancy weight 15 years ago, I have spent almost a decade and a half helping others achieve the same. I struggled with my own results all up until I learnt how to best use nutrition to not only lose and then maintain weight for the past 15 years, but also to consistently feed my body with optimum nutrition on a daily basis, have high energy levels, eliminate sugar cravings and balance my hormones, keeping my metabolism high. Knowledge is power and I feel privileged each day to share my knowledge and expertise in supporting others getting to their wellness goals.

Becoming the best version of you is so much more than just a number on the scales and it is different for everyone – be it your health, happiness, energy, confidence or fitness level! What is required is a lifestyle change and development of sustainable healthy habits that will help you achieve an increased metabolism, slower rate of ageing and better shape & energy.

Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks is a challenge that can help YOU achieve better health and fitness in just under one month and, more importantly – gain knowledge and tools that can help you continue your journey to becoming the best version of yourself for life.

It is NOT A DIET, but an around the clock complete nutrition and support system that ensures you reach your goals. My aim is to empower you with knowledge and scientifically proven nutritional solutions that will take your health to the next level.

The truth is, most people do not eat enough in order to lose weight and get their health under control. You heard me – not enough! Not enough in terms of nutrient dense foods delivered in the right balance and frequency. Our plan has been designed to help you reach Optimum Nutrition whilst also helping you get your weight management under control. Most people struggle to eat as much as we want them to. That is a good news, right? It certainly means you will not be hungry and out of energy! It will teach you how to eat optimally for the rest of your life. And how your family should eat too. It truly is a lifestyle change programme and it works for everyone who is committed to their result and is perfect for even busy people and professionals.

Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks Challenge combines clean, healthy eating with high-quality, science-based, world’s leading nutritional products that deliver nutrients to your body so you can thrive on a daily basis.  Our aim is to help re-wire your brain for weight management success:

  • You will learn how to create conditions in the brain that eliminate cravings and hunger;
  • How to get fully organised with your meals so that your will power is less vulnerable – delicious recipes and meal plans-to-go;
  • It will create more time for you as you will not be spending time thinking what you should be having or not – your job is to prepare & follow the plan!
  • Support is there for any challenges as you learn how to eat healthy for life with committed coaches with over 20 years of experience and over 2000 clients between them;
  • Cravings and hunger will slowly start diminishing – Brain fog will disappear as you eliminate added sugar and flour from your diet and with that, you will be more effective and productive as you gain more focus and concentration too;
  • Delicious recipes are there too for some yummy and quick meals that are perfectly balanced, although, we will teach you to balance your plate without fancy recipes or calorie counting, wherever you are;
  • It will help you develop habits that will become automatic, like brushing teeth is;
  • It will help your body reach Optimum Nutrition and we will teach you how to do it and why it is important!
  • There will be some optional exercises, but main focus will be your nutrition and just getting you more active even if that means starting with walking more

What will you get:

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Manual with 4 weeks of meal planning, delicious recipes, nutrition education, coaching & support so that you can learn the skill of balanced, healthy eating;
  • Membership of a private Facebook Group with people who are all on the same journey as yourself, which will help you stay on track;
  • Daily motivation from dedicated coaches and an introduction to building an exercise routine, with some effective, but non fancy workouts that can be done at home;
  • You can take part from anywhere in the world, all you need is access to Facebook;
  • You will have a chance to win a cash prize, as an added motivation, for the best result!

4 weeks is a great amount of time to commit to a plan and see how better you can feel in one single month whether you want to curb your cravings for sugar, feel more energetic, lose weight by dropping body fat, improve your strength, etc.

During the programme, you will:

Focus on optimum hydration each day and eliminating beverages that hinder your general health & wellness,
Learn what constitutes an ideal breakfast based on what our bodies need in the morning,
Fuel in the right frequency so the body learns that food is coming to avoid any being stored as fat,
Fuel in the right balance of all the macro and micro nutrients so that body is properly nourished,
Learn how to balance your meals and snacks for continual fat burn & metabolic boost,
Learn best Meal Prep practices: learning to plan is preparing for success,
Learn how to shop and stock up your fridge for success and more…

” I have been sleeping very light for years, however, after one week on the plan, I feel well and have been sleeping so soundly. I have no sugar cravings at all, just the salt cravings occasionally, but it is not going to beat me. I’m actually loving eating like this. My digestion is so much better. I can’t see any benefit of eating differently! Thank you very much to Sanela and Cassy for devising this programme. Also, thank you to other members of the group for the loving support throughout the challenge. I feel I am back in control of my body. My IBS is so much better and I’ve lost weight, and my tummy flab. I have so much more energy and plan to continue with the plan long term”, Jenni, Bath

“Just over a week into 4 week challenge and I am feeling great! I am going stronger every day, even though I miss my Cappuccino, which is hard, but it is worth it. I do not even worry about scales, because I know the weight will come off. What truly impresses me is how strong my mind has become…. 4 weeks after, I have more energy, stronger mindset and weight loss. I would recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight, preparing for a big life event, anyone trying to gain some control over making bad food choices”, MD, Washington, USA

“My name is Kelly & I am a foodaholic. Yesterday I said NO to a piece of chocolate fudge cake (vegan and low sugar) despite my colleagues trying to reel me in. I felt to proud. After learning about the hormones on the challenge, it was easy to say NO as I now understand cravings. I feel so empowered to fight the beast within! I used to have cravings and not eat regularly, feel bloated, lethargic and unwell. During the 4 week challenge, I felt positive and in control of making better more conscious food choices. I valued the education I received daily and having more energy. Looking forward to continue with the programme”, Kelly, Bath (Type 1 Diabetic)

“I have surprised myself. I don’t usually drink water and I only used to eat once a day. Now I eat 5-6 times a day and drink lots of water. I feel 100% better within myself! Before the challenge, I was constantly tired and putting on more and more weight. Thanks to the constant support from our coaches and moral support from the whole group, I can see a difference in my body shape and energy levels. Thank you Coach Cassy and Coach Sanela and everyone else in the support group for their encouragement that I needed so much at a time! I really appreciate the education and knowledge I gained and I would recommend the challenge to anyone.”, Edna, Bristol

“Before I joined the challenge, I struggled with staying on track with my Herbalife Nutrition plan, I felt I needed more guidance and support. What I liked the most is trying various recipes on the plan. It felt great that I managed to achieve most of my daily plan. I gained energy and feeling good about myself. It helped having excellent coaches to support me and seeing results in weight loss. I wish to thank my coaches Cassy and Sanela for their professionalism and support throughout the four weeks and I will continue to eat healthily to feel even better about myself on the inside as well as outside. A big thumbs up and I highly recommend it as it is a healthy, safe eating plan and not a diet: it is just great to educate people of how to eat properly and get positive results.!”, Sherma, Bath

I am ready, where do I start?

In addition to clean eating, the plan includes our high quality supplements and nutritional meal replacements provided by Herbalife Nutrition. Together, they ensure you reach Optimum Nutrition. You can start from a Basic Programme or you can opt in for an Optimal Plan, it is your choice. What is best for you will depend on what your goals are and what yuur current challenges are, which we can discuss, use the form below to contact me for more details.

Our meal replacements are clinically proven to manage weight and help with metabolic syndromes of obesity better than all-food-diet (See Formula 1 Clinical Trial). While they are great for weight management, our Formula 1 meal replacement is currently Number 1 Meal Replacement shake in the world with over 4 million consumed each day. My family and I have been taking them for over 15 years for general nutrition and wellbeing every single day. If you have any questions relating to the plan or challenge, please use the form below to contact me or give me a call, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

In addition to your personalised Herbalife Nutrition programme, it only costs a symbolic £5 to join the programme, which goes into a prize fund for the three top winners who achieve best overall results in 4 weeks! You can join the challenge by sending £5 via PayPal, it is safer, more secure and you do not need to have a PayPal account, just follow the instruction.

So, are you ready to feel healthier, more energetic, slimmer, fitter, stronger in 4 weeks?

Next Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks Challenge starts 7th January 2019!

If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to ask me using the contact form below (or contact me directly to speak to me!)

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