What Are Your Wellness Goals?

HEALTHY WEIGHT: To manage your weight, be it to lose or gain?
HEALTH & WELLNESS: Improve your nutrition & adopt healthier lifestyle?
FITNESS & HEALTH: Achieve more toned physique & fuel your body right before, during and after exercise?

Research shows that 85% of the population wish they would like to live a healthier lifestyle, had more energy, managed their weight better! Is this you too?

Becoming the best version of you is so much more than just a number on the scales and it is different for everyone, be it your health, happiness, energy, confidence or fitness level! What is required is a lifestyle change and development of sustainable healthy habits that will help you achieve an increased metabolism, slower rate of ageing and better shape & energy. Because everyone can benefit from good nutrition and a healthier, more active lifestyle, including You!

A healthy and active lifestyle is fuelled by good nutrition. The way you nurture your body reflects your general wellness and daily stamina. For optimum wellbeing – adopt a balanced nutrition plan and fitness regime that suits your needs and complements your lifestyle, no matter how busy you may be.

As a Herbalife Nutrition Coach, on top of world’s leading personalised Herbalife Nutrition products – my coaching & support, education on what to eat and when, together with a supportive community – will help you achieve your healthy, active lifestyle and, ultimately, help you get results and reach your wellness goals whilst achieving Optimum Nutrition. In return, you will feel energised and with more vitality, rather than loss of energy that many feel when attempting to lose weight.

Most people do not eat enough in order to lose weight. Or do not pay enough attention to nutrition when trying to gain weight. Good news is – you will almost struggle to eat all the delicious meals and snacks required on our plan.

Whatever your goals, we have 3 nutrition plans that can help you achieve them:

1. You can start from our Ideal Breakfast Programme to achieve Health & Wellness:

“I am happy with my weight, but would like to have a quick & nutritious breakfast that will help me with my mid-morning energy levels and cravings”

“I would like more energy, stop being hungry & to shift little bit of body fat!”

The lifestyle change starts with changing your Breakfast habits.

Many think they have an idea what a healthy breakfast should look like, however, research shows that over 90% of the population fails to nourish their body in the morning with all that body needs: water, protein, fibre, healthy fats, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals – and all that in the right balance. Nearly half of the population skips breakfast, whilst the other half has an unbalanced breakfast that causes hunger & cravings later on, over-eating, low energy levels and, ultimately, causes weight issues.

That is why we start with an Ideal Breakfast and have developed a simple programme that helps nourish the body right in the morning.

Ideal Breakfast Programme contains everything that you need to fuel your start of the day that, together with advice on other meals and snacks – will help you increase your energy levels, eliminate cravings and even improve your body shape as your macro nutrients will be perfectly balanced to avoid any fat storing, blood sugar dips or loss of lean muscle. It contains a world’s Number 1 Meal Replacement Formula 1 that can be enjoyed as an ideal breakfast that contains all the nutrients in perfect balance. With this plan, you would also enjoy cleansing Aloe each morning and a cup of energy, fat burning, antioxidant herbal beverage. You would get advice on healthy snacks and balanced lunch and dinner.

Start from an IDEAL Ideal Breakfast Plan

Start from a BASIC Ideal Breakfast Plan

Start from OPTIMAL Ideal Breakfast Plan

Start from an Ideal Breakfast WELLNESS UPGRADE

2. You can start from a personalised Weight Management Programme to achieve Healthy Weight:

“I have little weight to lose and would like more energy, stop being hungry & to shift some body fat!”

“I have been overweight for a while and need to shift considerate amount of weight, improve my overall health and energy levels. I also need more support in achieving that!”

If you have weight management goals, achieving those can completely change your lifestyle and, while it does require a little bit of willpower, you can still enjoy the flavours you love for your ideal breakfast. We have tools and support to help you reach your goals, stay motivated, develop healthy habits and reap the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise. Our weight management programmes work great regardless whether you wish to lose or gain weight – we would advise you how best to eat during the day and how best to use the products to get best possible results.

We can work on a 1-2-1 basis or you can choose to join our “Healthier and Fitter in 4 Weeks” Challenge and, using the same Weight Management Programme, you will also learn more about nutrition, get daily group support, motivation and encouragement to help you stay on track of your wellness and weight management goals!

Are you are ready to feel healthier, more energetic, slimmer, fitter, stronger?

Start from an IDEAL Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Start from a BASIC Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Start from an OPTIMAL Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Start from a WELLNESS UPGRADE Healthy Weight Loss Plan

3. You can start from our Health & Fitness Programme:

“I would like to build muscle, reduce body fat & get leaner”

We have Health & Fitness plans that are specially formulated to help you improve your physique and performance. Top athletes around the world use Herbalife Nutrition fitness range to help them reach their fitness goals, you can too! Depending on your goals and current physique, there are three plans to choose from:

Start from an IDEAL Sports & Fitness Plan

Start from a BASIC Sports & Fitness Plan

Start from an OPTIMAL Sports & Fitness Plan

Start from a WELLNESS UPGRADE Sprots & Fitness Plan

What will you get with each Nutrition Programme:

  • Your Personalised Herbalife Nutrition Pack, depending on your goals;
  • Comprehensive bespoke Nutrition Manual that includes Full Meal Plan to follow with delicious recipes & meal ideas;
  • Shopping List, Best Practices & Food Combining Guide;
  • Complete Support: 1-to-1 support & access to Coaching & Support Group on Facebook;
  • Nutritional Education: Tips, Advice, Guidance & Motivation
  • Introduction to building an exercise routine, with some effective, but non fancy workouts that can be done at home;

Use contact form below to contact me to get you started and arrange your Wellness Evaluation so we can discuss your current challenges and health & weight management goals so we can see what programme best suits your needs!

Lose WeightGain WeightReduce Body FatIncrease Lean MuscleIncrease Energy LevelsFeel HealthierLook BetterFeel More ConfidentUnderstand Nutrition BetterDrop a SizeGain Control of your lifestyleReduce cravingsImprove digestive healthAdopt Healthier Lifestyle


“Herbalife really works. I have lost 33 lbs in 6 months and couldn’t be prouder. Sanela keeps me on track and I am so grateful for her loving support. I am totally committed to keeping on going and keeping it off. Despite looking different I feel so much better in every way – mentally and physically. It is truly life changing”, Katherine

“I have lost a total of 1 stone on Herbalife Program and several centimetres all over. The program is very easy to follow and I really enjoyed the shakes! I was not tired of the taste that was very nice and I found shakes to be very satisfying! Sanela is wonderful. A very positive motivator! I have spent 10 years trying to regain my post-baby weight. Herbalife has managed to fulfill my dream in a matter of weeks”, Liz

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to lose a few pounds, but I was impressed with nutritional knowledge received, how to feed myself as well as my family, it changed my whole approach to food and drink intake. Very clear, professional, friendly & fun. Thank you!”, Anna

“Herbalife helped me change my approach and attitude to eating and gave me a disciplined plan to lose weight. I lost 45 lbs and I have maintained this weight since. Herbalife works for me because there are immediate results, which in turn motivated me to follow the plan and get back to the gym on a regular basis. My whole attitude to food has changed.”, Roger


“I have lost over 2 Stones in weight, my muscles have toned and I now wear 34 inch waist jeans for the first time since I was in my early 20s. Program is very easy to follow. Shakes are satisfying and, because of the choice, you never get bored. I have tried other diets but never managed to stick to them. This is more now a lifestyle as shakes are very easy to make and filling. service is excellent, the regular weigh ins are important and any problems – Sanela was there to talk to. Herbalife is a great set up – great advice, great products and everyone I see who needs help I would certainly advise them to think about Herbalife as an option to start changing their overall lifestyle.”, James

“Even though I have studied food and nutrition, I have learnt so much more about nutrition. Sanela is a wonderful coach, friendly & helpful, who really knows how to motivate and encourage.”, Karen

“I found myself at a weight that I thought that could be dangerous and realised I needed to do something about it. Changing lifestyle was hard at first, but it helped that I talked to Sanela about what I eat, what was healthy or not. I realised that I ate quite a lot and not necessarily it was as healthy as I thought it was; now I pay a lot more attention to the foods I eat. I did not look forward to the shakes, but I got used to them quickly and now love them as part of my healthy breakfast routine, and I also love the protein bars as my healthy snack. It helped that it was not just the shakes diet, I was looking forward to the balanced healthy meal I could enjoy with my family in the evening. I have so far lost 16 kgs (35 lbs) and I can highly recommend Sanela and Herbalife to anyone who wishes to not only lose weight, but improve also their relationship with food and learn about healthy eating.”, Louisa

“I found Sanela and Herbalife via the Internet about a year ago (in 2014). On the run up to my daughter’s wedding I needed to lose some weight. I have been visiting Sanela once a week ever since and I have found her to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise. She has become a firm friend to me and a highly positive influence in my life. I also love the Herbalife products.”, Suzie

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