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Becoming the best version of you is so much more than just a number on the scales and it is different for everyone, but what is always required to achieve it is – a lifestyle change and development of sustainable healthy habits that will help you achieve an increased metabolism, slower rate of ageing and better shape & energy. And everyone can benefit from good nutrition and a healthier, more active lifestyle, including You! And that is where I come in…

I offer around the clock complete nutrition and support system that ensures you reach your goals – be it your health, happiness, energy, confidence or fitness level! My aim is to empower you with knowledge and solutions that will take your health to the next level.

There are different ways in which you can engage with me:

– FREE Online Wellness Evaluation test
– FREE 1 Hour Wellness Consultation (1-2-1 Wellness Evaluation in person or over the phone)
– Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks 1-2-1 Programme (work with me on a 1-2-1 basis, regardless where you are)
– Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks Online Challenge (work with me AND get an online group support)


It is a valuable free service that, within 5 minutes of answering some key questions in relation to your health, nutrition and lifestyle is able to give you ideas where you may be falling short in your lifestyle choices and how to improve it. It also gives you an opportunity to reach out to me for support in areas where you are unable to make changes yourself.

Take a free test today and see how healthy you are.


Depending whether you are local to me (Bath, UK) or living somewhere else in the UK or world, we can arrange a free consultation called Wellness Evaluation.

Wellness Evaluation that will help you find answers to the following:


  • Why you can not lose weight or why you keep gaining weight?
  • Why you are constantly experiencing lack of energy and focus?
  • Why you are having digestive or skin problems?
  • Why you might crave sugars and carbohydrates in general?
  • Why you experience tiredness & hunger?
  • Why you have headaches and mood swings?, etc.

For those living locally to me, part of the Wellness Evaluation will include Full Body Composition Analysis. The system we use is FDA approved and considered accurate enough for medical professionals. It is noninvasive and allows us to regularly monitor your progress in less than 20 seconds. We would discuss:

  • Your Daily Food & Drink intake on an average day
  • Current challenges (such as cravings, energy levels, addictions, etc.)
  • Your weight management and general health goals
  • How your current lifestyle choices and habits affect your current physical condition in terms of your body metrics:
    • body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your metabolic age.
  • How balanced your diet is, how fast it is ageing you & associated risks to your health.

For those who are not local to me, we would discuss all that, just without the Body Composition information, we would base our conversation around your current challenges, goals and lifestyle changes needed to reach them. Once Your Wellness Evaluation is completed, we can then both decide if can work together and help you achieve your weight management and general health and wellness goals. I would be able to recommend a course of action to help you achieve your best health, shape and fitness and it is up to you to decide if you are ready to take the next step and make a real commitment to your improved wellness.

Please use Contact Form below to request your Free Wellness Evaluation.

“I walked out of the Wellness Evaluation feeling empowered with knowledge about my health & nutrition, re-energised and inspired to finally get the results I want with insights into my health and current diet that can help me finally move forward! Thank You, Sanela!”, Sharon, Bath


After completing your Wellness Evaluation, if you would prefer to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis – I suggest we start from a 4 Week Plan. It will give you an idea of the support I offer and how we would work together should you decide to continue after 4 weeks. While my time and support are always free of charge, your nutrition plan would be personalised to include Herbalife Nutrition programme and you would also be given a comprehensive Manual that would include Meal Plan with Recipes and shopping and food preparation best practises as well as much more. We would catch up regularly and, for local clients, have at least one session per week to ensure you are on the right track to achieve your goals.

Please use Contact Form below to request your Free Wellness Evaluation.


After completing your Wellness Evaluation and deciding to start on your nutrition plan, you also have a chance to join our Online Support System. It runs for 4 weeks ad starts on specific dates. You would benefit from not only my support, but also a community support. Many people thrive better in a group and, if you are one of them, this added accountability and education system really works well for many.

You can find out more about it at Healthier & Fitter in 4 Weeks Challenge

” I have been sleeping very light for years, however, after one week on the plan, I feel well and have been sleeping so soundly. I have no sugar cravings at all, just the salt cravings occasionally, but it is not going to beat me. I’m actually loving eating like this. My digestion is so much better. I can’t see any benefit of eating differently!”, Jenni, Bath


“Just over a week into 4 week challenge and I am feeling great! I am going stronger every day, even though I miss my Cappuccino, which is hard, but it is worth it. I do not even worry about scales, because I know the weight will come off. What truly impresses me is how strong my mind has become.”, MD, Washington, USA


“My name is Kelly & I am a foodaholic. Yesterday I said NO to a piece of chocolate fudge cake (vegan and low sugar) despite my colleagues trying to reel me in. I felt to proud. After learning about the hormones on the challenge, it was easy to say NO as I now understand cravings. I feel so empowered to fight the beast within!”, Kelly, Bath (Type 1 Diabetic)


“I have surprised myself. I don’t usually drink water and I only used to eat once a day. Now I eat 5-6 times a day and drink lots of water. I feel 100% better within myself! I am confident that I will soon start seeing difference in my shape too. Thank you Coach Cassy and Coach Sanela and everyone else in the support group for their encouragement that I needed so much at a time!”, Edna, Bristol


Maintaining Wellness is a constant challenge to all of us. It is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. Ancient Greeks defined it as an optimum combination of health and happiness and we believe it consists of 4 pillars in a balance: Physical health & vitality, Community & family achievement, Career & financial success, Spiritual happiness.

With Wellness Evaluation, we focus on addressing balance within the area of physical health and vitality, as without it, maximising your potential in other areas of your life becomes an impossibility.

Our program is all about helping you take the control of your health outcomes through sound nutrition and exercise (optional) thereby enabling you to not only impact your own wellness, but also potentially the wellness of your family, friends and community.

To book your Wellness Evaluation, please use the form below to contact me:

“Do something today that future self will thank you for”

If you know anyone else who may benefit from it, please help me spread the message by informing others interested in leading a Healthy Active Lifestyle of this valuable free service. Thank you!

Please feel free to visit our Results & Testimonials page and here are some of our success stories:


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