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Becoming the best version of you is so much more than just a number on the scales and it is different for everyone, but what is always required to achieve it is – a lifestyle change and development of sustainable healthy habits that will help you achieve an increased metabolism, slower rate of ageing and better shape & energy. And everyone can benefit from good nutrition and a healthier, more active lifestyle, including You! And that is where I come in…

I offer around the clock complete and evidence based nutrition plans and support system that ensures you reach your goals and achieve transformation you desire – be it your health, happiness, energy, confidence or fitness level! My aim is to empower you with knowledge and solutions that will take your health to the next level.

There are different ways in which you can engage with me:

HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR DIET? Take a FREE Online Wellness Test

It takes only a few minutes answering some key questions in relation to your health, nutrition and lifestyle is able to give you ideas where you may be falling short in your lifestyle choices and how to improve it. You then have an opportunity to reach out to me for support in areas where you are unable to make changes yourself…


Depending whether you are local to me (Bath, UK) or living somewhere else in the UK or abroad, we can arrange a free consultation called Wellness Evaluation.

Wellness Evaluation that will help you find answers to the following:

  • Why you may be finding it difficult to lose weight?
  • Why you keep gaining weight?
  • Why you are constantly experiencing lack of energy and focus?
  • Why you are having digestive or skin problems?
  • Why you might crave sugars and carbohydrates in general?
  • Why you experience tiredness & hunger?
  • Why you have headaches and mood swings?, etc.

It involves going through your current lifestyle and challenges and identifying solutions and change in habits that will help you reach your wellness goals.


Local Wellness Evaluation also includes Full Body Composition Analysis. The system we use is medically graded scanner that is noninvasive and allows us to regularly monitor your progress in less than 20 seconds. We would discuss:

  • Your Daily Food & Drink intake on an average day
  • Current challenges (such as cravings, energy levels, addictions, etc.)
  • Your weight management and general health goals
  • How your current lifestyle choices and habits affect your current physical condition in terms of your body metrics: body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your metabolic age.
  • How balanced your diet is, how fast it is ageing you & associated risks to your health

Once Your Wellness Evaluation is completed, we can then both decide if can work together and help you achieve your weight management and general health and wellness goals. I would be able to recommend a course of action to help you achieve your best health, shape and fitness and it is up to you to decide if you are ready to take the next step and make a real commitment to your improved wellness. … Contact me to book your Wellness Evaluation or use the form below…

“After feeling stuck for years, I walked out of the Wellness Evaluation feeling empowered with solutions and insights into my current diet and health. I finally understand how to move forward! Thank You, Sanela!”

Sharon, Bath


Having been a Health Coach since 2004, I have worked with just over a couple of thousand people in my career and here are some of their stories…


Our goal is to help you Reboot your energy & form great new habits to set you up for a permanent lifestyle change!

  • Follow the FREE Exercise Programme that can be done at home
  • Follow the FREE Eating Plan/Recipes that will reboot your metabolism, balance your hormones and eliminate hunger & cravings
  • Follow a 6 Steps to Success Plan that will educate you how to shift your mindset & develop healthy, active lifestyle habits
  • Use the Award Winning Herbalife Nutrition Products that, combined with clean eating, will help you optimise your nutrition
  • Enjoy world class support and daily motivation from dedicated coaches in a safe and supportive environment of a secret Facebook group with people on the same mission as you;
  • Get amazing results from the comfort of your home…



As a Herbalife Nutrition Health Coach, working with me involves balancing your overall diet as well as using our Award Winning Herbalife Nutrition Products that, combined with clean eating, will help you optimise your nutrition.

This combination helps my clients get to the place where body is getting all the nutrients it needs to reach the point of Optimum Nutrition at which we age slower, minimise inflammation in the body and have the energy to face our daily challenges.



Our Coaching Team is a group of like-minded people who love helping people with their energy,  nutrition & well-being.

Not only has Herbalife Nutrition membership helped many of us achieve our fitness goals, we have also made friends for life as we work and travel together. 

People have joined the team for many reasons, to simply just earn an extra couple of hundred pounds income or to eventually sack the boss and work from home.

This business is open to everyone and anyone, if you are a busy stay at home Mum/Dad or work full time, this opportunity can suit you.

Our The 30 Day Reboot is a perfect place for you to enjoy support and education to get to your own wellness goals and, as soon as people start noticing the difference from the Herbalife Nutrition products and your results from following the Challenge – you can invite them to join the challenge too and you are off to a flying start!

After getting great results yourself – nothing feels better than helping others achieve the same.

Interested and want to know more?  Simply click on Contact Me button or fill in the form bellow or and I will be in touch.

Lose WeightReduce Body FatIncrease Lean Muscle MassControl StressBoost Self EsteemIncrease Energy LevelsFeel HealthierLook BetterSleep BetterEliminate Sugar CravingsBalance my HormonesImprove My Digestive HealthReduce the signs of Ageing

I am interested, but I have more questionsI am very serious in reaching my goals and ready to book a FREE Wellness EvaluationI love what you do and I would like to discuss an opportunity of becoming a Health Coach

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