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Maintaining Wellness is a constant challenge to all of us. It is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. Ancient Greeks defined it as an optimum combination of health and happiness and we believe it consists of 4 pillars in a balance:

  • Physical health & vitality
  • Community & family achievement
  • Career & financial success
  • Spiritual happiness

With Wellness Evaluation, we focus on addressing balance within the area of physical health and vitality, as without it, maximising your potential in other areas of your life becomes an impossibility.

Our program is all about helping you take the control of your health outcomes through sound nutrition and exercise thereby enabling you to not only impact your own wellness, but also potentially the wellness of your family, friends and community.


There is a huge demand in the marketplace for information on living healthier lives and most health practitioners charge at least £40 for the initial consultation, however, because of how our business model is set up, I am delighted to be able to offer Wellness Evaluations & Body Compositions for FREE as a gift of my time & expertise so more people can understand the risks of their current lifestyle and can learn how it can be changed. Wellness Evaluation goes beyond the typical information available by providing individualized body composition analyses and nutritional and lifestyle evaluations as well as customized solutions to help you achieve your wellness goals.


The truth is, we send our car to the MOT each year, however, we usually give ourselves less than a partial MOT only when something is wrong, by going to the doctors. The actual disease takes years and decades before it starts manifesting itself and at least 75% of it will be directly related to our lifestyle, according to the World Health Organisation. Wouldn’t you want to find out what you may be doing wrong with your diet a lot sooner? Correct it before it is too late?

You may even think you know what you are doing wrong, but if you are storing excess weight and/ or lacking energy or else – you most probably don’t. Many clients initially think they “already eat healthily” and can’t understand why they have low energy, are constantly hungry, have digestive problems, keep gaining weight, etc. Most are surprised with the findings at the end of the evaluation and majority have an “A-HA!” moment! I love when that happens. Because it means there is one more person that is clearer on at least the few fundamentals they need to do in order to turn their health around and reach their wellness goals.

You could be making poor choices through not continuously educating yourself about nutrition and exercise and your education starts with a Wellness Evaluation that will help you find answers to at least one of the following:

  • Why you can not lose weight or why you keep gaining weight?
  • Why you are constantly experiencing lack of energy and focus?
  • Why you are having digestive or skin problems?
  • Why you might crave sugars and carbohydrates in general?
  • Why you experience tiredness & hunger?
  • Why you have headaches and mood swings?, etc.


Consultation takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the individual needs, questions, etc. We start out by taking a set of your own personal measurements in order to ascertain some idea of your current physical condition. The system we use is FDA approved and considered accurate enough for medical professionals. It is noninvasive and allows us to regularly monitor your progress in less than 20 seconds. Then we would discuss:

  • Your Daily Food & Drink intake on an average day
  • Current challenges (such as cravings, energy levels, addictions, etc.)
  • Your weight management and general health goals
  • How your current lifestyle choices and habits effect your current physical condition in terms of your body metrics:
    • body fat, muscle mass, hydration level, bone mass, visceral fat as well as your metabolic age.
  • How balanced your diet is, how fast it is ageing you & associated risks to your health.

Once Your Wellness Evaluation is completed, we can then both decide if can work together and help you achieve your weight management and general health and wellness goals. I would be able to recommend a course of action to help you achieve your best health, shape and fitness and it is up to you to decide if you are ready to take the next step and make a real commitment to your improved wellness.

To book your Wellness Evaluation, please use the form below to contact me:

“Do something today that future self will thank you for”

If you know anyone else who may benefit from it, please help me spread the message by informing others interested in leading a Healthy Active Lifestyle of this valuable free service. Thank you!

You are also welcome to fill in an Online Wellness Questionnaire below to help me prepare for our Appointment and advise the best course of action as well as save time! If not done online, it will be completed at the time of an appointment.


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